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-4 neglected Church• Yard.

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"'I-- 'The following elegant Translation of Doctor ■•Johnson's Ode was written by the learned Miss Riiight., and presented by her to Mrs. Thrale, who was happy in an opportunity of giving (his small specimen of her very extensive attaiumcuts and abilities. O'er stony lands, where naked rocks, The marks of Nature's fearful shocks In misty clouds appear; (I;s.iiiil whose barren soil Derides the swain's laborious toil, My wandering steps I bear. .Through nations -wild, a hardy race, V/htire life no aultivated-grace, No elegance can know But shrinks ab»sh'« from1 human eyes, And in the si.noaky hovel lies, Through scenes like these I go. Amidst unknown and barbarous speech While waud'ring o'er this distant beach, In an my y,;aCry way, How ihink'st. fhosijof thy absent friend r How dost thou ? whither dost thou tend ? Mj gentle Thralia, say ? If, pious wife, thy husband's cares Than softly sooth-; or infant heirs Watch o'er as mother kind ■Or,mid the charms of letter"(1 love add'st new treasures to thy-store. And feed thy active mind .Remember me, thy friendship guard., Dr cünstanr friendship due reward, However on distant ground4 Ah let thy faith he still the same, And jn.,fJy'Thra,!ia's pleasing name Shall Skua's shorfs resound.

J VLI CS fl.

JdmiraJlij-OJJice, Feb. 13.

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