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A "v- Kr. MflD'ti DAT; .'V j rr HE ANNIVERSARY of St. David will b. celebrated at Tan y Bwlch iun, on Thurs- day the 1st of March next, "hell the President j hopes to he favored with the Company of th« Friends of the Meeting-. JOlIN LLOYD, President Dinner 011 the Table at three o'clock. Cefnfaes.. j .Fob; Hi, 1810.. Tlii-i Dity is v n 1 IN TWO VOLUMES 8VO. PRICK 2iS. BOARDS, nriHE UNPUBLISHED CORRESPOND -i JL I)F.NCEOF MADAME DU OEFFANJ), with D Ale-mhert, Montesquieu, the President I Renault, the Duchess du Maine, Mesdanies d« Stael, de Choiseul, the Marquis [)' Ar<"ells thtJ Chevalier D Aydie, &c. followed hv the letter* of Voltaire to Madame du DefFamil Translate^ from the original French, BY MRS. MEEKE. l&r a Character of this Work, see the Apoemli* to Monthly Review, jaunary, 1810. Printed for A. K."Newman and Co. Leadenhalt Street, London. r „ Where zr.ny he had, °ll€ ^o.tpne 8vo. price'7s. Boards, with as engraved Title Void Frontispiece* THE it KSTf V ALS AND FASTS OF THE CIIORCH OF F.NGLAN D, ahridierf from til Wiks of tr,e excellent and pious Mr. Nelson, interspersed with Dialogue adapted lo the Cap*- i City of i oulh, 1 I 15 Y ELIZABETH BELSOX. I, m Montraiizo, cr tHe Navice of Carpus 'Domtiit" ? 4 vol. F-IN-B ARTS. This Day Is published,in Svo. Part T. price 5s. of the New Kdition of the ARTIST'S REPOSITORY; OR, ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE FINE ARTS. | rfflHE well-known and unrivalled Charac- j A fer of this Work supersedes the Ne- cessity of furtner enlargement on its Merits t it exhibits the Priuciptes, and explains the Prac- tice of tile FINil iu all their various Branches, including tI pwanh of THREE U U N DRED pro- gressive Lessons.—It contains the Principles of delineating the ffuman Figure, &c. the Method j of preparing ami using alt kinds of Colors: In- stnietions for painting- in Oils, Water Colors, Ciayons, xdiniature, &c.; Engraving in Strokes, Chalk, Aquatinta, Mczzotluto, oil Wood, &c,— L A Diclionary of the Terms used iu (heArts, with their peculiar Signification—A. History of the f ■Origin and Progress of the Arts—Interesting Bi- ographical Accounts of the most celebrated Ar- lists—Complete Treatises on Sculpture, Perspee- tive, Architecture, and Landscape :-witit a vast variety of valuable and necessary Information connected with the Arts, illustrated by superior. and very numerous Engravings. Many persons r having been disappointed by this Work being out of Print, the admirers and professors of the Arts are informed, that it is now lcpriWd, and any Part or Number may be had of the Booksellers. Those who have incomplete Sets are advised to complete thein speedily. It is completed in leu Parts, at 5s. each also iu Fifty Numbers, ut"Is. each.. Any i'art or J Number may be had separate!}. Tliosewho wist* f to possess good Impressions, will please to glfIJ immediate orders to their Booksellers. LoMdon; Puhiished by Charles Taylor, 108, liattoti (-,ardeii, sol(1 by Sherwood, JNeely, and Jones, 20, Paternoster-row, and by all the Hook- setters. I I BIBLICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA on, COMPHNHIUMOC JTECESSiltY INKORMA- TIOJl CONNECTED WITH THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. I'JRT I, price Five S'iillin^, fi7ie Paper in QuarlOi Also Number 1. price t s. common Paper. THE THIRD EDITION. Calmet's Diclionary of the HOLY BIBLE i EEXPLAINING the names, histories, &e. JUA of persons, places, and natural production* mentioned in scripture; antiquities, buildings, coins-habits, laws, customs, peculiarities of the Jews, &e, wi r h chj"onological tables, calendar, &c. &c. to which are added entirely new illustra- tions of scripture incidents and expressions, selected from accounts of the most authentic historians, travellers, &e. containing inaiiy occur- rences and observations extremely interesting, ati.,l ii:i,, -taiiiiii, iiiiistr I lIy 0; H and highly entertaining.- illustrated by ONJ'< HUNDRED aud FOURTEEN PLATES of views, maps, plans, dresses, &c. Complete ill twenty-five parts one or more may he had at a time. Also in seventy-six shilling numbers. The continued popularity this dictionary of Sacred Learning has constantly enjoyed, renderS any appeal to the very numerous testimonies ill its favor, unnecessary its authority has been appealed to by most respectable writers and critics among us. The clergy and ministers of every denomination, will find this work of incal- culable utility in the studies requisite to the due discharge of their important: duties. Part I. price 5i. in Quarto, with many Platet of SCRIPTURE ILLUSTRATED, especially on subjects of natural philosophy# geology, natural history, botanyi &c. illustrated by sixty-four engravings, with a syateruati* arrangement of the mosaic system of natural history. Complete in eight-parts, Our subscriber* are particularly reqvtsitct to ordtr Taylor's scripture illustrated, as mcinN persons have been disappointed bij receiving a wirk the same in title, though dissimilar ill its contentsj published since the above. SACRED GEOGRAPHY, Parti, price five, shitling, oa fine paper, i< quarto. Complete in six-parts, or eighteen- hhilling numbers, containing fofty-foflr plates* Pocket size. This work is comprised in two djvisions 1' Following: the oi-tier of the sacred hooks, on thf. priuciptes of Dr. Welli,p,.ol-rected: 2. Distiiic| discussions relative to the most interestipg Bibi" ical subjects. If This series of works, containing two hundred .and twenty-four plates, soroe of them iu'ge wh"Jo sheets, has been TWELVE YEARS in a of publication, and is pow happily completed contains the united labours of nearly fifty years ? fias cost, many thousands of pounds, and longcoti-* tinued studies. It forms a complete BIBLtC Am LIBRARY. A London Printed for C. I a. v tos, I OS, Garden, 11 olborn may hb had of ail the seUew am! Stationers* Garden, Hotborn may hb had of All the làeUcciu1 Stationers*