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LIVERPOOL. Further particulars of the dreadful accident which happened on Sunday morning last. _Thc"n«mbcr in the Church, owing to the 11 accident taking place near ten minutes pre- viously to the usual time of opening the ser- vice, was smalL but awfully lar^e "m the con- of humanity. Not more perhaps than from 151020 grown persons were in the church at the and of these the g-reater part 'escaped but the children of the Moor- field Charity School, who are regularly march- ed in procession from the school to tliechurch, somewhat earlier tlmi the time of service, had partly entered. The boys following last, ail escaped; but of the girls, who were either entering the porch or proceeding up the aisle, a great number were instantly overwhelmed beueatb, tJie falling pile. The,whole number of bodies taken out from the ruins is twenty- seven. Of these twenty-two were either dead or died almost immediately after their remov- aI. five were taken to the infirmary, and one of these is since dead. The hideous crash of the steeple, and the piercing shrieks which immediately issued from those who escaped in the church, or were witnesses of the catas- trophe in the church-yard, immediately brought a large concourse of people to the spot. The scene was, throughout the whole of the forenoon, deeply affecting. The parents 4 of the children in the school, and a number of others, hurrying from place to place, in- quiring the fate of their children or relatives, in the utmost agitation, heightened in many cases by a long and awful suspense, and ter- minating, in the extremes of joy or sorrow, as they found the objects of their search in safety or among the sufferers. Accidents of this kind usually give rise to many hair breadth and surprising escapes, and the following remarkable instances have been collected The ringers, though apparently exposed to the greatest danger, were all fortunate enough lo escape, with the exception of one, who was caught in the ruins, along with ahoy of I 14 years of age, who was in the steeple at the tame time. They were, however, both im- ttiediately extricated by the exertions of the j other ■ ringers. The man was but slightly wounded, but the boy i« since dead. The alan, it appears, was cgivento the fingers by the falling of a stone upon the fifth bell, which prevented its swing, upon which they immediately ran out. <A moment did not elapse before the bells, beams, and the upper floors fell to the bottom of the tower, and their escape would have been impossible bad iia4 the belfry been upon the ground floor. The Hevcreml L. Puglie, the officiating minister for the day, crit?-»ed tfe church-yard at ninetceu minutes past ten, ■hnviug hUixtelf noticed the c.t iv upon his entrance. He pro ceeded immediately to the great south door, and was in the net of entering it, when he was stopped for a few seconds by the children of ¡ the Moorfields School, who were pressing i into the church at the sallie time. Upon his J appearance,|a.young, woman, a teacher iu the school, and one of the unfortunate sufferers, began to separate the children on each side to afford hiiu a passage, when he heard a person exclaim* for God's sake, Air. i'ughe, turn back." He stepped hack, and looking up, perceived thespire sinking do wn towaids lire east. Immediately the whole fdlill, The Hev. H. Kougbseiige, the Rector, was j at'that time turning the north west corner of tie tower, and proceeding to the vestry, j wliich is also at the wesl cud of the church. I His J.ady was aheasiy in the vestry, as were also Mr. Coventry the clerk, and the sexton. The worthy Rector appears to have owed his safty to the circuuKUauce ot his taking Uie way en the outside of th,c church to the ves fry, in preference to the more direct ufic I through the south door and the west'aisle. Mr. Ivnowfes, one of the Chutchwardeus, was passing from the vestry to the south door, and iv within a few paces of being iinricd under the ruins. i A of name of Martin experien- t ced an escape abhost miraculous. The pews around him were broken to atoms, and heap- ed with si ones, but that in which he sat sus- tained but little injury, and he himseli got out of iiie unhurt. He returned thanks to Aheif.hH Goi for his astonishing'delive- rance, at St. Peicr's Church, in the afternoon of the same day very properly ackuowfedg- ing a superintending Providence, equally conspicuous in the most apparent contingent events, as in directing the smooth and regular current of luriruiu affairs. John Ijrai dreth, one of the singers, was the only person in the gajiery, which is pl",i-. i c-J in the P'ij;iti1.wc;f corner of the chinch, immediately joining the -inside of Uie t<?.wer. The nrgail and front of Iht3 gallery were brought t!aw ii and dashed to pieces, ar/i Bnm- (hfth was burned in the wreck. The incum- bent weight was, however, suslaiived by the timber which surrounded him in cross direc- tions, and he was dog out with no other hurt than a slight cut in his forehead. These are the most remarkable cases whid) have hitherto reached us.