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To the Editors of the North Wales Gazette, GENTLEMEN, FREQUENT and lamentable have been the instances of persons dying-by having swallow- ed pins. 1 have enclosed for the information of some of your readers, who possibly may profit by the communication of Doctor Trun- buli. In April 1111, a young woman, who had swallowed a pin, which stticktast in that part of the aesophagus which enters into the thorax, was brought to the hospital at Barü- borough castle, Northumberland. As I then had the principal management of that hospi- tai, I was sent for, and found the patient in very great pain. Having for some time before considered the nature of this accident, and concluded, that if any thing could be given that would pass easily, and, when in the sto much, coagulate into a gialry iiiass, it might prohalby bring up any thing lodged in the pas- sage 1 immediately gave her four grains of tartar emetic, dissolved in warm water, and then made her swallow the whites of sis eggs, and in about three minutes she brought up the coagulated mass, with the pin, and was ef- fectually relieved. The same method was at- tended with similar success, in the instance of a maid servant of the Hon. Mr Baillie, of Millerstain, in Scotland, who went to bed with 24 pins in her mouth which the same process effectually.cured, by discharging the whole number of pins, which are now pre- served by the family as a curiosity The sane method has been successful in discharging fish-bones, or other sharp botu-s." The fatal effects of swallowing pins has been-exemplifi- ed in many instances for upon dissecting the patients, who appeared, from the symptoms, to have died of the iliac passion, cholic, &c. they have been found to have been killed by pins. BENEVOLUS. -t'-

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