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By Order of the Honourable CommtMtMM of His Majesty's Customs. On Monday, February 19th, 1810, at 12 o'clock at noon, WILL BE EXPOSED TO PUBLIC SALE, AT THE I custom-house in beaumaris, ABOUT 12 TONS OF DAMAGED TOBACCO. tar The Tobacco above mentioned, cannot be I sold below the Diities. MARBLE ROOMS, "Browlow Hill, Liverpool and Piccadilly, Manchester. S. AND T. FRAXCEYS, h ESPECTFULL Y inform the Nobiiity and C. Gentry in the Principality of Wales. that they have constantly on sale, an extensive assort- ment of sculptured and plain MARBLE CHIM- ^EY PIECES, of pure statuary and variety of larbles. From the advantage of importing their arbles from Leghorn and other parts, they are nablecl to sell at low prices, some of which on "spect)oc, will be found as cheap as stone. Monuments, Tombs, Tables, &c. &c.—Figures or supporting Lamps, Sun Dials, in Bronze of "Official Stone, warranted to stand the weather. Dry Hair, in packs for Plasterers Iuse. Holyhead Association, y FOR THE PROSECUTION of FELONS -41arch 1, isle. \HEREAS divers Burglaries, Felonies, T and Larcenies have been committed in the parish of Holyhead, and its neighbourhood, |n the county of Anglesey, and the offenders have 00 often escaped Justice for want of immediate j^suit and effectual prosecution. Therefore we hose names are hereunto subscribed, in order to Pfevent, and suppress any kind of Felony and greeny, (so far as in us lies), have agreed to *ISe and maintain a Fund for the prosecution of W such Offences as may be committed against* ilur respective properties. We therefore, the better to suppress all such offences as aforesaid, Do hereby offer the following Rewards to the person or persons who shall first give such infor- mation, as shall lead to the direovery of the 'folen property, and apprehension of (he respec- offenders, in the undermentioned cases, to J~ Paid on (he conviction of such otJ'cndi r i>y 'lu> •"easurer. And for managfng the affairs of ihis gSs,ociation, the following Gentlefuen, or any of them, are appointed a Committee, (viz.) » « Jones, N. M. Goddard, Jared Jackson, M H. H. Jones, Esquires, Rev. W illiam Lloyd, Tev- David Williams, Thomas Spenc&r, John w°fes, John Bates, Lewis Owen, Ed-svuid llo- and John Price. REWARDS. s. d. ^he felonious breaking and entenkig aby House 5 si0 The felonious stealing, killing, maiip- J?S> or wounding auy Horse, Mare, or re'<H«g, 3 3 0 4 like of any Bull, Ox, Cow, t^er, Calf, Sheep, Lamb, or Hog, 2 2 0 *> *he stealing of any Goose, or other 10 6 other Grand or Petit Larceny, 1 10 Stealing any Gate, Pale, or Rail, #r jny IronWork, or other thingbelong- thereto; or breaking, cutt ing down,' °r destroying the same, or any Hedge, Or other Fence, 10 6 Stealing, cutting down, breaking, de- Joying, or damaging any Trees, Sap- uigs, Poles, or Underwood, 10 • Robbing any Orchards or Gardens, ^stealing, or maliciously pulling up, J" destroying any Turnips, Potatoes, llarsnips., Carrots, Cabbages, Peas or eaiis, growing in any inclosed ground, 10 6 lltealing any Corn or Grain, Grass or 8y, growing or standing in cocks, 1 10 in r discovering any person trespass- by making bye-paths or roads over ny Land or Ground, 10 6 ofAnd for Information against, or apprehension.; a »»y persons committing any other offences, or j^a,«st the property of any < f the Members, such Wtf^rd as shall be directed by tiie said ^om" Mr. Lzwts OvrzN, SeerCt,ary & Treasurer. Messrs. J ACKSOHT & PnidE, Solicitors. Lady Stanley N. M. Goddard, Esq. Colin Jones, Esq. .Tared Jackson, Esq. H. H. Jones, Esq. Rev. William Lloyd rRev. David Williams Mr. Thomas Spencer Mrs. Vickers Mr. William Jones, grocer Mr. 4ohn Jones, druggist Mrs. Mary Parry Mr. Lewis Owen Mr. John Price Mr. John Anwyl Mr. Robert Roberts Mr. William Williams Mr. Griffith Owen Mr. Edward Roberts Mr. Benjamin Nott Mr. William Owen a Mr. John Bates Mr. Edmund Roberts Mr. John Braillard Mr. Jobn Gething Mr. John Ellis „ Mr. William Walthew Mr. Richard Jones, jun. Mr. Richara Jones, sen. on!»e ^nnuaI Meeting will be h$!d on the 1st day rch 1810, at Mrs. Parry's, King's Head, iji,esre^e atteodacpe of every Member is re-. IPO BE LET* dyid entered upon the 1st of May next. A DWELLING-HOUSE, in the Tows of Llanrwst, consisting of a parlour, kitchen, back-kitchen, cellars, three bed-rooms, yard, and garden adjoining. Apply to Mr. Griffith, Attorney, Llanrwst. (This advertisement will not be continued.) Capital Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the House of J atIN ROBERTS, called, Peny- bout, in Llanystindwy, on Saturday,, the 3d day of March next, between the hours of two and four in the afternoon, in the following Lots, marked and nitmbered:- IOT 1. 'Y. .5ASH, 19 SYCAMORE, 6 ALDERS, and I ASPEN. LOT ■ 59 ASH, 15 SYCAMORE, 9 ALDER; and t.A,SIPEN. • LOT 3. 69 ASH, 5 SYCAMORE, and I ASPEN. I.OT 4. 57 OAK, and 6 CYPHERS. All standing upon the Demesne of Tynewydd. in the parish of Llanystindwy, in the county of Carnarvon. The abort ThllbeT, lIr withhí tialf H Mile of the navigable River D WY FOR, and arc wet! worth the attention of Ship-huilders:- EVAN ELLIS, of Henfelin, will shew the same, and give further particulars.

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