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LONDON, 4/H ETS. CORN EXCHÂNGE; FEBRXJAIlY If There was a liberal supply of-Enrlish Wheat this morning, which hemg r.,V l)u> st an ordinary quality, caused 'he ,am'>!eS to sell at last Monday's prices.—Pr.tK „am'p|es of Foreign Wheat supported their price but the coarse was unsaleable. fine. Maltine Barley" advance'1 shilling j^r ^quar/e, —Tick were dearer—Boiiiug Pease 1 mam.-=.•,«,! <t,eir former price—Grey were cheaper—t h. Sk-r'offfew Trra,s *>•• which wS takt n off at last week s price.-Raoeseed and Ljnseed Was-without variation. General Currency' a.$under Wheat,s 76s 92s Grey Pea « 16s 0d Fine. —s 94s 105s J Srn^JlI Be od' R)e- 49s50s Ticks; ,-s -s -d barley .32s 47s Oats .93, 26s Od .Malt 65s 80s Poliu'ifls, ,26s 34s f>d White 1 eas_—s45s 80s Rape Seed.48s 52s Od AVERAGE PR{Ct"i OF CORN, By the Quarter of Eight W ifir-lhester Hushed. Wheat Rye. L Barley Oats. 4 s' d. s. d, a. d.' Anglesey,J 44 0 22 Carnarv/msh. 97. 4 r t n o4 n nenbighshire. 106 S g4 9 g6 ■{ F-lintshi-re, IIS 7 5^ •, Merionethsh. WS 2 68 0 ao 0 29 4 Montgomery. 105 10 60 ejg | Chester, 96 lt j^ ) 62 4 J g8 Q l PRICE OF LEATHER AT, LEAOENHALL 8utts, 50 to 561b. each.ia Ditto 56 10 fv,51b JJ' Z. Merchants IS to 21 Hressuig Hides 18 to 24 1'me Coach Hides 20 to 21 Crop Hides, for cutting, 35 to it}' 18 to 20' Fiat Ordinary, 45 to 17 to 22 Calf Skins, 30 to 401b. per dozen.. 27 fo 30 Ditto, 50 to 651b. -per dozen. 36 to 'iS Ditto, 30 to 90lb 32 to 36 Small Seals-, (Greenland) 3^ to 31 Large ditto, per dozen.too, to 150 Tanned Iforse Hides, 20 to 23

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