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I WEDNESDour o'clock.j


I WEDNESDour o'clock. WE hear, with much pleasure, that Lord Minto, on an examination into the origin and progress of the late alarming insubordination in the Indian army, has found himself war- J wanted ia extending pardon to aU the officers and others implicated in that affair, with the exception only of four, who have been dis- missed the service, and are to be' sent- 4lotpe for further trial, should Government think proper to institute any against theitiv Letters of the 17th of last month have been received from Lord Wellington's ariijy. At that date the troops in the field, were uncom- (nonly healthy, and had been joined by above 1000 of those who were in the hospitals. Be- tween four and 5000 more, were reported 16 be in a state of convalcscence, and were expect- ed to take the field in a few days. Lisbon papers to the 29th January have been received. The French are preparing to force the passage of the Sierra, and to carry the war into the Southern Proviuces. Thev have, it seems, been repulsed in some attacks- upon the principal passes. The Spaniards promise a determined resistance.. Whilst Bonaparte is gratifying his thirst of territory in one part of Europe, he is grrflify- ing his thirst of blood in another. The brave Tyrotese have been given up to military exe- cution. Bands, of assassins are hunting (hem down in every quarter, biirrting the it houses, and butchering ihem in the cruellest manner, Thiis early and faithfully does Bonaparte ful- fil the stipulations ot the treaty with Austria, in which he promised, to intercede ,with the King of Bavaria hi favour of this brave peo ple. A letter from Paris of the 1st inst. received tia. Holland, states, that it was at length as- certained that, one of the Grand Duchesses of Russia was to he the futute Empressot France; and that Caulincourt, a relative of the Frencli- Ambassador at St. Pete-rsbtir-ii, had left Paris a few days before, for the purpose of escort- ing her to that city, where the marriage ce- remony was to he celebrated. Bonaparte has decreed the union of Zea- land with the French empire while the poor inhabitants are mocked with congratulation upon the pretended advantages of this union, lhe real nature of the measure, and the real feelings it is calculated to excite are unequi- vocally disclosed by the introduction of 40,000 men to carry the arrangement into effect, by y "I p 1. declaring all the fortified places in a state of siege, and by the formation of a special army for the defence, that is, for the subjugation of the province. Though Bonaparte begins with taking only Zealand, there U no room to doubt that he will soon grasp the whole of the Dutch territory. It appears by the precau- tions we have described, that a desperalc re- sistance is reckoned upon. f


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