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ACCIDENTS, OFFENCES, ffc. Portsmouth, Feb. 6.—Yesterday and this day a Court-martial was held on board the Gladiator, on the Hon. Capt. Lake,, of H. M. ship Ulysses, for charges of cruelty and op- pression, in having put one of the crew of the recruit brir;, which he commanded, oil shore on an uninhabited island, in the West- Indics, about two years since, because he had been guilty of theft. The unfortunate .rhan was providentially taken off the island by an American ship, which Providence directed that way and on the return of the ship to America, the circumstance was made known, published in the American papers, and much dwelt upon as a proof of our tyranny on the seas. It was this circumstance that brought the guilty transaction to light in England. The Court agreed, that the charges had been fully proved, and did sentence the Hon. Capt. Lake to be dismissedfrom his Majesty's service. An elopement has taken place, which will inake a very considerable noise. The elegant Miss Elwes, daughter of George Elwes, Esq. eloped with a young clergyman of Ox ford, of the name of Duffield, who was as- sisted in the plot by two other Gentlemen of the cloth, on Wednesday morning last. Mr. Elwes, is, perhaps, the richest ready-monicd commoner in England. He is heir to the peculiar, virtues of his economical father, and is estimated to be worth near a million of floating disrtoseable cash, and she is his only child. She is under age, but was not made a Ward of Chancery. The plan devised by the three clerical Gentlemen was we!! concerted; One of them, under pretence of paying liilf addresses to a Lady on a visit to Mrs. Elwes, contrived to be received into the family in the character of her lover, where he was treated with the utmost respect; and this gave hitn opportunities of arranging the matter for hi* friend Mr. Duffield. On Wednesday morning he prevail eo on Mrs. Elwes to accompany bis own intended wife a shopping and ill their absence he handed, with the utmost openness* Miss Elwes to the door, near which a chaise aiv-d four was ,drawn up. He met Mr. Elwes in the hall, who asked them where they were going she was without a hat. or bonnet, and said she was ollly going to her mamma, who Was waiting for her. The He\. Gentleman proceeded with her, placed herMil the chaise, by the side ot her gallant, aud returned to the house with the ntinostunconcern. Mr. Elwes had inquired iii the mean time, how long Mrs. Elwes had been out, and seeing her conductor return, inquired where his daughter was ? The cler,y-y ii)an, w it It perfect sangfroid, told hfm he in 116 had delivered her to the mandesti-ned to make her happy; and that she was off to Gretna Green, where he advised him to follow, and assist in the ceremony. T hedist.ressf Mr. Elwes, and still- iliore of Mrs- Elwes, on her return, rÎJay becoliceiv-ed. h< y both set off in a post-chaise nud four, on the North road but we believe they 'proceeded no fart heir than St. Alban's, where not having heard the least account of their route, they resolved to re- turn and yesterday no tidings had beeu re- ceived of the happy pair. A very alarming riot took place at Grave- send on Thursday, which was renewed on the following day. The following particulars have lJeen "e,cei,vcd, bllt we Dope the slate. r ment will prove to be all exaggeration of the facts A party of artillery drivers, about 12 or 14 in-number, from the barracks at Northfleet, came into the town late$t night, armed, some1 with bludgeons, and others with swords, headed by two or three corporals, and paraded aholtt in amosl riotous manuer. They first attacked a feeble old man, whose office it i-It to ring the tide-hell, and beat him so dread- fully that his life is at present considered 1ft danger. ThcJ-lhcn proceeded to comhut ali sorts of violence in every part of the town through which they passed, striking at every person they met. The alarm having become- general, many of the inhabitants, headed by a set of watermen belonging to the place, at- tacked and drove their opponents out of the town. The remainder of the night passed without any disturbance. On Friday morn- ing six or seven of the offenders were brough before the Mayor at the Town-hall, and are now in safe custody. One of them, a corpo- ral, appeared to have been the ring-leader, ivfrd to have stimlllatcd thc others to acts of vio- lence, the extent of which is not yet ascer- tained. On Friday evening a party of soldier* entered the town, nsselllhlcd round the cage where they were confined, and threatened to rescue them. A remonstrance from one of the inhabitants was answered by a torrent of oaths and curses. At this time the market bell rung, an alarm was raised, and the people flew tu the spot like lightning; one soldier was seized, and the others immediately took to flight. But they were pursued by the III- habitants, who knowing the shortest way to* wards Northfleet, intercepted the fugitives their route, and brought back about 12 or 1* of them iritriurnph to Gravesend, and deliver- ed them into the hands of the civil I)oiver.- They are nIl now guarded by about 20 special constables, who were sworn in for the pur- pose; and on Friday night, at ten o'clock, a party of the Cobham Yeomanry, assisted, by the artillery of the town, hadformcd a guard, and » ntered on duty. M. Mndreoliand Mr. Brioschi ascended, short time since, in a balloon at Padua. Wliell the fnercury had fallen to 15 inches, about the height of three miles and a half, the latter began to fecl.all extraordinary palpitation Of the heart, without any painful sensation 111 breathing. When the mercury was down to twelve, four miles and a half, he was over- powered with a nleasinp' sleen. thai snr.n be- f n came a real lethargy. The balloon ascending, and when the mercury was about nine inches, neaT six miles, M. Andreoli per, ceived himself swollen all over, and could u°j move his left hand. When the mercury fallen to 8, about six miles and a quarter, th*j balloon burst with a loud explosion, began to descend rapidly with much tioisco which awoke M. Brioschi. It fell about 12 miles from Padua, without any injury to the travellers. On Buonaparte's first entrance into his ca, pital, after ""the conclusion of the last treaty with Austria, the Hotel de rille of Paris gave him a most magnificent entertainment, at which all the vassal King's and Queens wef naturally invited. The following are 801116 particulars of the singular exhibition kind of ampitheatre, acommodating abo11' three thousand persons, had beqn for the good people of Paris, who were,, ho^ ever, separated from the Imperial aud Roy3' guests by a strong party of guards. 1he tables were disposed in the forrii of a I)Ofg f shoe, according to the ancient etiquette public court dinners in France. At the of the table sat Buonaparte, alonej in all arril chair, and with his hat on, which^ie kept ring the whole dinner. OI his ight, rna; shalled in due order, were the Kings of own making,, on stools, and barc-headt'd', °I'' posite them, in the same order, their wort"" consorts. At the desert,however, Bouonapaft^ in order to shew the Parisians tluit his apl'fl rent want of common manners arose sole'* from (conscious superiority, and that he notwithstanding, a true Frenchman in hi'P^ lite attention to the Ladies, stood up, u°c j vered, with a tolerable grace, and went roU'j whispering some nonsense to each of august females. This done, he again ¡nIt ug his hat, returned to his arm-chair, wherCtlt stretched and yawned, as if in a tete-a-leie \II Josephice; and remained musing musing silence during the reat of the eutertal ment. of A sow, little more than 12 months the surprising weight of36 score, wassla'j? lered by JOI)LI ltll()(ty and sot( mere market,, Salop, last week; It inches thickness of solid fat Oil the chine* (- was bred by Mr. Bradshaw of Newlofi