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r TBItRSUANT to an Oi-der of tlic High Mr Co rt of Chancery, made in aCause JoftES AGAINST KEMBLE, whereby it is referred to: JOHN POETT'I Esquire, one of the Masters of the $aid Court, to inquire who is the Heir at Law of ItOBBBT JONES, the testator in the pleadings Petitioned, Therefore, any person or perns, ,tiaiiniiig to be the Heir or Heir. at Law of the 1aul ROBERT JONES, late of St. Mary Hill, in the city of London. Brandy merchant, deceased, bodied on or about the 29th June, 1808, (and "&°t on the Sth July, lWa, as ins.>» ted in an ad- Ilertisement in this paper OR the JS h day of Ja- nuary, 1810) are forthwith to come in before the Jomu CAMPBELL, Esq. at his Otfice In Buildings, Chancery Lane, London, and make out their Descent, or in default there- they will be peremptorily excluded the beue- 9f the said Order. —— in 1 nil In l¡. in »' CARNA R FONliHtRS, TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. Notice is hereby Given, THAT the Toll# arising at the Bedcl-clert Bridge Toll Gate, in the cotint)- of Carnar- Iron, WILL BE LET "fey AUCTION TOTHE HIGHEST BIDDER, At the Housc of Mr. GEORGE BETTI&S, known by the name of the Sportsman inn, In the town of Carnarvon, in tiie county of Carnarvon, on Satur- day the 17 th day of February next, at the hour Of twelve o'clock at noon of the same day. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must 'it the same time give security "ith suffioient Oliretic-s to the satisfaction of the Trustees, tor Je Paymeet of the rent agreed for, and at such as they shall appoint. Wm. C-LYNNE GRIFFITH, Clerk and Treasurer to the Trustees. Carnarvon, !9tft Ian. 1810. CYMDEITHAS FANGOR, Mawrth I, JS10. \T gym main I: a bod torri Tat, lladratl, a vn n Throseddiadau craill, wedi eu gwnemhttr ,?1 "hlwyfydd Bangor, Ltande.gai, a LlanllecJUt!, ■ ^jddGiiernafooi!, a dxrfod i'r Troseddwyr Yn>ch ddiangc rhag cyfiawn Gospedigaefh, •o A !rw> orm°d Tywerwch, neu o eisiau dig»>n Arian i ddwyn y cyfrjw Ddrwg-wcithredwyr i ^erbyo Bam y Gyfraith. ,RHYBUDD YW,IIWN. rnF"1 n!' Enwf« y rhaHydd yn canlyn, Tri '<hiihr y wWU'Sfedi i gorati** agau dawyn Pr Gcmp a haedd- ein i01* c*fryw ra' a wnelont '-unrhyw Ladrad ar ■iad Beu a fyddont»yn euog o'r Trosedd- aenwir yma. Ac, fel y gwnelem hyn yn « b ,u' °* gyttuno'talu y cyfryw Wobrau-ac f «*odir rhagllaw, I unrhyw un a ddalio, neo a "o yn achos o ddal ac o gospi Dynion euog o'r roseddiadau sydd yn canlyu £ s. d. AmdorriTy, s -2 0 Am yspeilio ar ben ffordd fawf, 3 S 0 Am iadratta Ceffyl neu Gaseg, 2 2 0 Am iadratta neu anafu Buwch, Lid, Dafad, ncu anifail aratl. 1 I 0 12. dorri i, neu Iadratta, 'Da, neu I)f Qdodrefn, o unrhyw D^ aUan 0 10 6 dorri Coed, Canghenau, àPlanhjg J,01* Coed, buw mewn Cloddia ar a*h troseddiadau. r. -1 1 0 ^Iadratta neu wneuthur niwaid-t **nti, Trol, Aradr neu unrhyw Ger Hwsmonaetli arall, 0 10 6 Iadratta Mocbyn nea Adcryn dofj 0 10 6 Am dorri Perllan neu Ardd, 0 40 ;6 Ant tadratta Y d, Grawn., Gwellt Ileu Wair yn tyfu neu wedi eu casglu Jn^hyd, Potatws neu Faip,». 0,lt) 6 Am dorri neu Iadratta Llidiert, Cled- ren, Post, neu unrhyw Waith haiam yn perthyn iddo, 0 5 0 unrhyw Drosedd nea Ladrad na phen- ° r b'aen> y Wobrag a dyfeio y rhan *°ddi ° ae'0C*iiU r Gy>"deithas yn gymmwys ei PLWYF BANGOR. Y ffwfr Barchedig Esgob Bangor, Parchedig Dean Bangor, Y Parchedig Mr. Jones, Archdeacon, Parchedig Mr. KyOin, Parchedig Thomas Ellis, Y Parchedig H. Owen, D. D. ? Parchedig Mr. Rice, Parcbedig Mr. Williams, ■y Parchedig Mr, R. Davies, i,KParchedig Mr. N. Owen, hog. parry Jones, Esq. ljohn*JoGes, Esq. Bangor, R. Parry Mealey, Esq. Yr" Hall, Admiral Crawley, TrCborth^ John Roberts, Esq. D. R. Captain Taylor, 1Jr. Hugh Jones, Surgeon, «r. Roberts, Surgeon, ~r. Pring, Organist, Idir. Rasbrook, Post Offices Jackson, Bangor Ferry, ?Jr- Coleman, Perfedd-goed, l*Jr« James Hutchins, Jones, Bryntirion, editors of North Wales Gazette. LLANDEGAI. Gwir Anrhydeddus Arglwyddes Penrhyn, ?enjamin W yatt, Esq. Lime Grove, Greenfield, r51"- lidw. Parry, Tyddyncanol, v^muel Worthington, and Co. ST"* W. Williams, Llaodegai, »!r- J. Defford, W. Pierce, Rhose. LLANLLECHID. Parchedig Mr. Roberts, r Thomas Jonts, Farmer, b ABER. < ParGhodig H. W. Jopes. ^-kso^^e^ rerquestedtomeet at Mr. ftlarp.s> Bangor Ferry, on Thursday t&e 1st Diuuer at Three o'clock. I II .L rd ANGLES? ;Y TURN PIKE ROAD. Vatfee is hereby..Given% THAT a Meeting of the TrtiSlws of tlie Anglesey Turnpike Road, wilt bo h*-M at Llangefni, on Wednesday the 14th day of Fobru- acy next, fclt the purpose of jpassiu^ the frea- surers accounts, &c^ Pencraig, W» P. POOLF., Jan. 29th, 1810. .< Clerk aafl tuurff. CARNARVON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Saturday the ilth day of February 1810, at the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, between the hours of three and five of the clock in the afternoon, in snetl Lots and sub- ject to such conditions as shall then be agreed upon:- ALL that Freehold Messuage of Dwelling Housfe, with the Plot piece or parcel of Land or Ground belonging and adjoining thereto, situate in Castle-street, in the town of Carnarvon j aforesaid, and now in the occupation of WILLIAM i WILLIAMS, Victualler. The above Dwelling House is contiguous to the Market Place, Carnarvon, and well adapted for the public line, and the Ground adjacent thereto may be divided into advantageous allot- ments for the purpose of building upon. The tenant will shew the premises, and for further particulars apply at the Office of Mr. H. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. Llanelidan Incldsurc. I THE undersigaed Commi?sioner, ap « pointed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 49fh Year ofthe reign of his present Majesty, entitled, 11 an Act for inclosing lands in the town- sliips of Lia-n, Trewyn, Bodlowydd and Bryn- cymine, in the Manor of Llanelidan, in the parish of Liasielidan, in the county of Denbigh." DO HEREBf GIVE NOTICE, That I have set out and appointed the following public carriage roads and highways, tlwonghand over the Lands and Grounds intended to be inclos- ed, by Virtue of the said Act. viz. NO. I. One public carriage road and highway, leading from a farm called IMiCwIt'eleu, in the 8¿1 hl-parish of Llanelidan, to the Cefnlfordd, near i place called Fly na iu G.ritiaiv iu sane parish, NO. I I. One pi he* pvNic arringe retd And highway, ieadiric from a farm c.med Ccin .thlidd, in the said parish of Llanelidan, into thef)arish oft-hi))- fair Dyffryn Olwyd, towards Wrexham, in the said (tounty of Denbigh; and I the said Com- missioner, have caused the said roads to be accu- rately laid down and described in a map, signed by myself, which is deposited at the office of Mr. Jones, of RhOs, near Utithin, for the inspection of all persons concerned. Ad I give further notice, That twill attend fttthe White Lion Inn., iin Ruthin, on Saturday the 17th February next, at II o'clock in the forenoon, when any person or persons having objections to make ro either of the said roads set out, or any road omitted to be set out, are desired to attend Ito state the same. And all persons who mean to attenfl the said meeting, for any of the purposes aforesaid, arc requested to give notice to Mr. Jones of such intention, and with the nature of their object ions, six days previous to the day of meeting. AI RICHARD JEBB. Freehold Elates, in Wales. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Unicorn Inn, in the town of Machynlleth, on Saturday the 24th day of February, 1810. IN THE COUNTY OE MERIONETH. Annual rent. :11. s. d. LOT l. a N ESTATE called Ton-) JCJL fanney, in the Parish of^ OJynn, in the occupation of Mr. :> JOHN VAUGHAN J XOT 2. Bonyraer and CwynyguJe, in the parish of Pennal, in the 40 0 0 v occupation of ROBT. JONES. ) LOT 3. Penypinner, in the said parish ) of Pennal, in the occupation of> 18 0 0 SIMON THOMAS. LOT 2, and 3. Are within a mile and aa half of the town of Machynlleth. IN THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY* LOT 4. Tynyrwttra, Rhosciliwch, and Felix Turner, in the parish of £ 0 Trefeylwys, in the occupation^ y NICHOL AS BENNET. "LOT B., White Lion, and U nyseynnio, 1 in the town and parish of Machynlleth, the farm i*» the 90 0 0 occupation of CATHERINE J LEWIS, widow. J N. B. A Fee Farm rent of 6s. Sd., is payable to tJhe owner of this estate. LOT 6. A house ia the town of Mach-) ynlleth, in the occupation off g q ROBERT LUMLEY, & JOHSR LEWIS.) CARDIGAN. CARDIGAN. XOT 7. Llwyncrwn, in the parish of) Llanfihangel, in the occupa-> 9 0 0 tion of JOHN THOMAS .) tion of JOHN THOMAI On several of the: lots there are coppices of thriving young Oak, which will ia time become very valuable. V The estatesare- let at very moderate rents, and are capable of great improvement. The respective tenants will shew the premises. For further particulars, enquire of the Rev. Robert DAVIES, Towyn, near Machyniletti ard of Messrs. GRAHAM, KINPERLEY, and DOM- VILLS} Liacolns Inn, London. (One PTtlperty.) .t )'L I' 1..4 Ji vtn* it ,■ HAY. | TO DE SOLD BY AUCTION", IN SEVEN LOTS', At Ynysfawr, in the p; rish of Llanfrothen, in the-county of Merioneth, on. Saturday tetftrtl 4y, of February, 1SI0-, at eleven in the fore- U' lOll J— 1 SEVEN Stack# of encn Méadow Hay, k of the growth of 1808. For a view of the I Hay, apply to Mr. WiLiLIAN DAVIID, of Tyn- liwyd, near Yr.ysfawr. BRITISH WIJYES. SUN RAtSIJf MALAGA. FRONTINIAC ORANGE .1 I LEMON RASPBERRY COWSLIP ELDER TENT SHERRY C VLCAVEf.LA RED CURRANT WHITE CURRANTS BIRCH MUSCATELS [GINGER FOREIGN SPIRITS. COGNAG BANDY 'I Old JAMAl CA RUM HOLLANDS GENEVA BRITISH SPIRITS. BRANDY and GENEVA. APPLY TO R. EDWARDS, 11 -1 DCE-STRELT, Chester. FOR GOUT, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, INDIGESTION, &c. Oxley^s Concentrated Essence of Jamaica Ginger. 1 THIS useful Medicine is recommended by A severai eminent Medical men, and is in constant use with many Persons of the highest rank and respectability. It relieves and shortens the duration of Fit of the Gout, confining them to the extremities and mitigating the paroxysms; it removcs those unpleasant: symptoms arising from weakness""&f the Stomach awl Bowels, viz. Flatulency, Indigestion, and Oppression after eating; in Nervous Complaints it warms and invigorates I he Stomach, creates Aupeiife, a,i;J assists Digestion,' ami thereby strengthens the whole system.. • Prepared by the Inventor and Proprietor, Samuel Oxlev, His Majesty's Ch)mist, and sold by -Ti(i Coriij)aity., 27, Haymarket, m ..d ahø by r «• Hsmsror, R. Lioyd, Beaumaris, and W{t!<attt<, Carnarvon 5 a-wd others the United Kingdom in bottles, at I os fid —■4s 6—and 2s 9d each. w Ob- serve each label is signed 44 Samuel Oxley." PAID ON DEMAND, 2,61 g £ '-20,009 j -lSS ^10,000 10,294 SO,000 «,83l 5,000' 18,544 20,000 I 8,71G .5,000 19,544 20,000 19,570 5,000 j 17,127 4,000 Besides Prizes of X2,000, -C- I,OA, £500, &c. grand list of Capital Prizes were sold in, Siva re*, in the laitt and three preceding 1,6tteries, at the old established State Lottery OflTices, 26, Cornhill, and St. Margaret's hill, Borough, of HORNSH Y and Co. who were also tbe first to HO TIN SHY a:ul "Co. respeciTiVlly solicit the favor Of their Country Correspondents in the New State Lottery, which abounds with Capital Chances they also beg-leave to assure their friends, that they will use their hest endea- vours to procure Prizes worthy their possessing, —Tickets and Shares ate selling at the lowest prices, -and all Orders by Post or Carrier execu- ted to any part of the globe, oa the same terms as if present. Also at Mr. T. POOLE, Bookseller, Chester. To be drawn in one day, the 14th February next.—-2, 3, and 4 Tickets oT the same Number may b e I)ad, so that £ 40,000, j £ 6o,<K)0, or 80,000, aad be obtained by one adventure. S,PYRING& lVIARSDN'g PUllK LEJHOJf ACID, So Mtrcn ADMIItED rod PUNCH, LEMOJSL ADE, NEGUS, SHRDB, JELLIES, SA U C Ks And wary Purpose in Ctokery. rpHIS valuable Acid is extremely conveni- r ent, as it suits every domestic purpose where the Lemon is necessary s prevents trouble is perfectly dry and portable possesses all the grateful fiavour of the Fruit; and retains its vir- tues in every climate :-thc approbation it has re. ceivedfrom many Eminent Practitioners is a suf- ficieutproof of its puie and wholesome proper- ties. ForBaTlg and Asseniblies it is particularly de. sirablej; as Lemonade, Negus, &c. may be made in the most easy, pleasant, and expeditious manner. < 03" SPVRIXG & MARSDEN begPntchasers 1 to be particular and observe their names 011 the Wrapper and Bottle, or they may be disappoint- ed in not obtaining the Genuiul as there are some persons about the country selling an article under the same name, thougli totilify different, and inferior, and have imitated their Label and, Directions to deceive the Public. Wholesale Venders may be supplied by Letter with a reference, or by their Agents in London. Prepared by them oftly, at No. 183, Borough, London; and sold by .JONES, Bangor, 'WH.LIAMS, Carll:'Jrvon, BECK & SEDSTOCK, Shrewsbary, EVANS & THOMAS, Chester, HUGHES, PwllbeH. 1 BANGOR, FEBRUARY 1810. The ladies and Gentleman of this neighbourhood are most respectfully informed, that from Ihc Meeting of PaftiaTfientat this crisis, the ^real Demand in London lor rickets & Shares Has already created a scarcity, and most pr#»Kv the, unsold Stock at the Lottery Offices in ihis County witt be sent for to supwly Ibe Mj^r^ojis? therefore the Contractor with Govermnefit earnestly recommends an irannediate ptrfchase, to prevent disappointment, as there were but but Numbers at first, most of wiikh are already sold, and lhe Lotlerv must h«» dr wn «« WfiB»«»nAT the I4ih Instant. 1 00 '-V'. t.. Sir VALEN RINES UAY, Fourteenth of Tkis JMoihtk RICHARDSON, GOOULUCK, & Co. RESPECTFULLY NCQNAMT the PUBHC, R that the whole of the State Lottery will be tlrawn in ONE DAY, the 14th of Next Month, February. From the email Number of Tickets in the present Lottery, they recommend an early purchase, which will prevent the disappointment that many experienced in the country in the late Lottery, by delaying till it was too late for the Agents to procure sufficient Tickets aid Shares to supply the Demand. Only 5,000 Numbers.Four Tickets of each Number. SCHEME, 4-Prizes 0 4—Prrzes of— £ 5,000 12 1,000 20. 100 £ 0 .500 4,940 Irom jeso to 15 Tickets and Shares are on Sale by Mr. JOHN GRIFFITHS, Haverford West, Mr. ROBERTS, Bookseller, Carnarvon For RICHARDSON, KOODLC. and Co. Bank Ihrildings, Cornhill, and la- the Gate of the King's Mews, Charing-Cross, onden. NEW STATE LOT I'EIiY. To be Drawn in One Day, 14th FEBRDARY, 1810. SCHEME. 4 V?20,000 xso,ono, 4 5,000 20,000 12 1,000 12,000 go 500 lOjOOO 20 100 2,Ono 4 .< SO S6 25 .<. 900 4,860 "U" t-â 72,000 5,000 ^200,000 This Lottery is upon the iame Plan aa the last t it consists of only 5,000 Numbers (from 1 to S;O!J{) iuelusive)but there are Foirr ficketr: of IN unifie,,e,,wtiiet, wilti* severally entitled to what" eve,.>i"i:f is drawn Hgaiiist such Jfuiaber^ Tor instance, if No. I should be drawn a Prize fir i £ 20,000, the Four Tickets of that Nuiafecr wi(1 each be eutitled to > £ 20,000, making, ia the whole, 80..000. » Shares will be eutitled to their Proportion. TICKETS and SHARES ARE <0* SALE AT ALL THE OfTlCES, Carnarvonshire Timber, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, on Saturday the 17th day of February next, between the hours of four and six in the after- noon, subject to conditions then to be pro- duced, either in the Mlowing or such other Lots as shaH then be agreed upon, unless pre- viously disposed of, (ff which due tiptice will be given LOT T. SIX Hundred and forty-six Trees numbered With Paint, and eighteen Cyphers Growing on Peny bryn Farm, in the Parish of Llandwrag, in the holding of Mr. Eyaw GARNONS, LOT II" Two hundred and twenty-seren Ash Trees, seventy-one Alders,, three Willows, one Syfa- more, tive Birch, and tWo Cherry Trees, growing on the same Farm. 1.0T n T. Three and fifty-one Oak Trees nttm. W"" bered with Paint, and four Cyphers growing oil a Farm called Taly Satu, ih the said Parish of Llandwrog, iu the holding of Mr. GRIFFITH THOMAS. I.6T IV. One hwndred and fli x tY-Feyen Ash, tweniy-six Sycamore, eight Birch and Elm, numiiered as betore, and growing on Taly Sam aforesaid. LOT V. Four hnndreO and fift)one Oak, ntJmbered with Paint, one hundred and twenty-five Cyphers, two Ash, and eight Sycamores* growing Oil Cae Cadtt, and Cae'r Llanarch, being part of a Farm called Tal drwst, in-the. Parish of Llanllfifui, in the holding of ROBERT VViLLiAKs. I LOT VI. Five OakB growing on Tyny pwll, in the safrti Parish of Llanllyfni, in the holding of WILLIAM Tlf-0MAs Morgan} thirty-seven Oak Trees, two Ash, and five Sycamore, growing ois Doi j Evan Farm, in the said last mentioned Parish, in the holding of WILLIAM GitiFfiTnj and sixty-three (jaks, ten Ash, and two .Sycamore, growing on Pant du Farm, in the Parish of Llanllyfni aforesaid, in the holding of HUG HER. The Farms upon which the Timber grow, all lie oneach side of the road, from the town of Carnarvon to Drwsy Coed, and within (ive-jniie; of the navigable river Foryd, the Oak Trees in general are of good size, and (it for the use of the Farmer, the Ship Carpenter, or House BuUde»\ the Ash appear sound, and the whole are- situate very convenient for carriage. The respective tenants will shew the Timber, and fur her particulars may be had on application to Messrs POOLE, Attornkys at Carnarvon, or at their Office at Peuciuig, in Anglesey, <¡o'< .J "} FlilE BtUCK MANUFACTO&i WBAR MOLD, FLINTSHIRE. 4 .) TO BE SQLD BY AUCTION, At Mr, FOEPEL'S, Commercial Tavern, Chester, on Saturday the g4th day of February next, at three o clock, The Interest in all unexpired Lease of thirteen years. THE BUCKLEY FillE BRICK situate nine Miles from Chester. «i h I right of rail road to the riwr Dee, late if) the possession of ROBERT BCRKS, Esq. decease ? together with 25 acres of Clay Land t three cot! tages for workmen, a rammodroustountin? h( sse wirti two rooirs above, a stable and workshop, The ad' adages of this concern are numerous co:ineco ion, in the trade <.nd«» h ctebrliry in Firsrfand, North R "d capable of bei.:« rendered r":1. r extensive the aver, p.ofirs ave amounted to upwards (>fj £ 6?i0 T>tr „ dependent of the and by -ectmg a ->m Engin-P t-o Zr,-n(i the day v* cm- e- i1,1(, expence misln be save,! Colleries ,ilj rid^mln-: works. the dav is excellent and apparency inexhaustii>|e, i,; s»,orf to a spirited man it is a most desirable undertaking. There are nine kilns, three. clay mills, three sheds with fines under to dry the-articles in wet seasons—a large assortment of molds, barrovs &c. which are to be taken by the purchaser at a fair valuation. The business-"to still carried on, and immediate possession may he had after the sale.—Far fur- ther particulars, apt,ty to Mr B«OSTER, Chester or Mr, HOLMES, the Clerk of the works, whowiil shew the premises.