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srrt. 3, 1809."' ..............'


JttaM ihe Bombay Ceurfer T.xfraordiiui^ srrt. 3, 1809. BY GOVERNMENT. Fort St. George, Aug. 9, 180#. The Governor in Council having taken into i consideration the whole of the transactions that have occtit-ted to-t he garrison of Masuli- patam-, and being "satisfied that the pr\rt horttc by the ineu tn those transactions, is to be •en- tirely imputed t<» the misrepresentation and seduction ot their European Officers, is pleas- ed to proclaim a-futl pardoii to tiie missioned officers and privates, and to the^ native commissioned officers, noir-commisst- onedfofficeis and privates, of the garrison of Mssulipaiam,' vvlur were fon^etfed1 tn these imprppcr proceedings; the GoverupV in Council entertains a coutideui-persuasion Uiat this act of lereity will produce ;i proper eSect irj tire minds of those .meu,n<1 induce them to manifest in fVitvue tii-al. fidelity to ihe Govevn- tlKinjl, which constitutes -the hist duty and bigIjest praise of every soldier, The Governor in Couucii'.prohihiU the march of any body of trpop* from the „ irri- snn' (Xf bt!Hltpat:\Jh without the orders of Majtir-Getreraf lie north- ern division, and directs, that any troops 'who' may have murchef) froinMas¡hpat¡¡!n with nut d.tfe an"! hunt), shall rel.iirii forlhwitbio th;it station, on* piiin of being cotvSiriered to be ii1 a state of rebellion to the Government By o/der <1^ the Lion. Governor of Council, J • A. FALCON-AM.. Fl)rt St."Gef)r,r, vsti,, 1809. Genera! Ordejs by the Hon. the Govetnor m Council. T'le Governor in Council has received in- 'ielfigeii*e thai the troops at Chittledropg i .>ivs;s!iivg of the first battalion of the 8th and la tiiee end of July, the public treasure at. that sta. tion, deserted the.post cntnisied to their care, lJd iiiobedience to orders whiclflhey received from a CoromiUee wlio have usurped t.h< public authority at Seringa pal am, marched on e 6th inst. to join the disaffected troops i.. •hat garrison, plundering the villages on their ? 'OM.le.. The British TtcsidcBt, and the Officer corn. ^•Hiding-in Mysore, prohibited in the nu.s; jiosilive terms the advance of the tro.ops Iron ('h:tlledroog, and demanded from their Ell, .ojieaii, ptficers a compliance with )'')<* resolu- it of the Governor in Council oi't i u: '2 fi! I • ialt. bv the ovdeFs of Governmeiit, according io Iht, t(.Ilor of tticit, coti)tn!tisttiiis, or w ithdrawitij. for the .present from theexercise of authority Ihe otiirers having "refused to comply with his requisit on, and having persisted ill advancing touards Sti i«gnpat:im, If became unavoidably necessary to prevent by fevrce their entrance into that garrison, fit the contest which en- sued, a. drlachlllenl froui the British force, under the cpmhfahd of Lieutenant-Col. Gibbs aided bya body of Mysore horse, and the first hatlalioii of the third regiment OfHdl ivc in- fantry, entirely defeated and dispersed the corps froin Chittledroog. During this atVair a sally was 11,ade by the ga'-rison of Seinur- apatanjon Lit ut, CoJ. caiiii). but was ifistautly driveii bae-fe by the picquet 5t 11 regiment pfea\alry, under the command uf Captain Bean, of Ins Ma jesty's 25lh dragoons in charge of that regiment. Nea rl y the wlvoie of the rebel force was de- stroyed, while one casualty only -.vas sustained by the British troops.—Lieut. Jefii ies, of his Majesty's 25th regiment of Light Dragoons, having zealously' oliered iiis service to carry a flag of truce, which Lieut-Col. Gibbs, anxi. ous to preveitt the effuniou of blood, was de. sirous of dispatcliing to the febet troops, was slightly wounded in the execution of that, duty, by a veilley fried under the express com- mand of an Kiiropeau officer. Whilst the Governor in Council participates in the feelings of sorrow that, must wave been experienced by the British forces,ill acting against the- rebel troops, and deeply laments the unfortunate but imperious necessity which existed for that proceeding-, he considers it to be due to tlie conduct of the British forces, to express his high admiration and applause of rilil 11 the Z; a], firmness and patriotism which they displayed on that most distressing occasion j— I heir I Itici affords a superior influence in I) r co'id i: eir minds of the principles of virtue, honor, aud loyally over evct-y other consideratin, and eminently entitles them to public aJprobalioUJ ——Lieutenant Colonel Gibbs, Lieut.-Colonel Adams, Major Carden, Captain Bean, and Lieutenant Jeffries, availed themselves of the. opportunity ottered to tbetu on this occasion of serving their country, « I The Governor in Council is abo happy to distinguish the zeai and loyalty disptayed by the HI -I;ghnent, N. C. the 1st. baJtallion 3d reg,iin^nt N. Land the Mysore troops, who at! manifested an eager desire to perform their duty. The Mysore horse, on OPC occasion, put the cotun))! of the Chit-tledroog troops to flight, anci two" guns and both the eoiours from one of the -mcilloral)io pmpf ItYf the We;vkhess ul men acting iu the worst ( That a body of Brilisb Officers should deli- berately 0 iv) ey the oider ot their Governor, c 0 it' berately di/W)hey the oider ot their Governor, seize the public treasure uudcr their protection abandon the post entrusted to their charge, march to join a party of men in open opposi- tion io authority, plunder the dom'miinis of a British ally, an<) finally, Dear armfs against their Counljry, must excite and astonish- nient ;bktt z the Colidilcli ot lhtse officers, in urging Ihe iunoeeut nieu imder tiicir com- mand, wlvo had the most powerful claims oil their husnaiiily and arc, into the guilt and danger of rebeHion, eonsiHutes all aggra- vation of their olfencfi that cannot be coliketil- plated without feeling the deepest iudigiiatiou and sorrow. The Goveirnor ill Comicil is very far from wishing to aggravate the misconduct of tliose delud. "iihappy men, but he earnestly. sample of their ri mes, and f !Tmess on the minds of the c- ''d in t|ieir plans, a sense ot the daug^ i i" sMuution, and t. Of- eudeavotl* by their early obedience and future zeal, to eflaco the deep stain which has beeu cast on the honour of the Madras army. in auouncing to the native troops the di«- | tressiujj event described iuthi» order, theGo- vernor In Council must express Iiis concern thatany part of the native army should be so -tve ar.iiiv fttr dehidecl by tiiisrei)rcseiititio'h, uaid so lost to a sense of the obligation of fidelity, hyyour, and rtli^ion, as to act apiijist the Goverii- hk ut which has so tongsupported them. The General Orders ofthe Sd inslant, and thecon- duct that Ijai been observed*towards the na- tie troolsat. the Presidency of the Mount, Vol lore, TrHchiuopoly, Beiiary, Gooty, and tiangiilore, must convince the whole native arnft of* the anxiety of^tioVerntMent to pro-' Ji!.ote_ll!eir v-eifare, ,an.d s^ve them trom the danger into which they were likely to be plon- I ged. «The Governor irî':(;outl-eiLsij!l piaces the greatest confidence in the t'dehiy and zeal Of the \a»ive. troojys,-and is co^Muced tnai fhey will not willingly sully the high repnu tipn -'which I Hey have no long tsnjoyed; by joining i-iithe execution ofa pi a j ihat mysi end ir. their disgrace and ruin. The fioveryer in. Council tiuvft, that the unhappy fate of the Chtrlledrwog who allowed .themselves tn be engdged u> op- position to tlieir Government, >vill ,'uvt Ihr t fleet of prevenlmg .any either of the Nil.vi Artnv from suffering themselves, undeT Vm> circiimstancei vú be placed M a situation■ act- 'v ne to (Iu >r <t', >y aiul allegiance, The Governor ul Count, d avails ^f r- fhii occ:isioi. *<> Lxpress in the most inibJu; in inner iiis h. se..ae of fl>' /T.i, mod -ra v i energy, and ability displ.ned b". t).v •<>(-) ii- "ment of Myrtire, and.by fhe British jiewh"t and CotumaudingOiffcerd.ini'1 the t)-ausac- fioiis that, have recently e.rciii' ed in th it com.. ?ry. The British Itesident, arid the ('omn'n- ¡"J¡;¡g GUicer in Mysore, did not permit, the I adoption of- coercive measures until, everv mean* ofexposluJation and forbearance had been exhausted, and until they were cofnpei- <ed U» eij\brace the aiteriinti ve of employ utf orce in order to prevent the most fatal-cviis o the cause of their coufttry. The (juvernor in Coucirrequests Ion. Mr, Cole, and Lieut."Col. Davji'f, \vi! he pleased to acce'}H the expression-* »f |> ■ highest approbaiion' ami fir,inks, loi tfu* uin- ieniiion iirnniess. Had ability, W-h cli- tI manifested on this unprecedentci] and disfr< • -iug occasion.. By Order of the Governor in Coniifi!, ¡ ■ • 4k F'A 1, A-1k, Chief Six'ietiiry lo Gtivl-fuiueul.


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