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For the North fVales Gazette,


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JII .Inecdote.-The late Reverend Mr. Hal4c4, of Elworth Hall, near Sandbacht rCheshire* p< iKsesscd a considerable landed estate, and WO d iscended from the antient fanvily of tlJØ I lulses, of Marbury, in that CJluntF. He t a widower, and for many of the.lattter yeajs < J It is lifelahuured under severe paint occasion* e J by the stone and gravel; ha had been 1. s: jbject to fainting fits, which the kind asol" d uity and attention of his housckee per, ha d ifFerent times removed by admin id tering cof' d ials, and applying drops to his c ostrils tl Jinples. At length he was seize d with oafi o f these fits stronger and more vi oleut thaØ 7 II IlInl, to which, however, her affet ;tionate t, 311tioti afforded again relief; at length .r scovered his speech, and said, 4 1 0 Naolly N 'sumy, you have done very wron] -if it h4j 11 ot been for your foolish twittlt 1, s tould now have been in heaven you ça.1 «*> II at what hour the last fit seiZef I iiie, and sh ai tiav„ »..»ihor at obuut that t ime tweivo ho IKS, and insist upon it, that ifyc .ucannotbf stii I and Igt me die quietly, that yi >u will the rootj), send Ihe servant t o sit by bed snj(if" \vlijch she promised to do **t f at t be hour lie .hé\d I)re(licteil,, t)t was wtcd, with another faintu>g fit, m<r pired. left Jus estate, aftpjr providing for his 1 keej' er, to the J, « j a, Lei '4ure#hL|>, r t j I