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For the North fVales Gazette,


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To the Editors of the North…

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To the Editors of the North…


To the Editors of the North Wales Gateti,e- G | NTLEMEN, PFti uit me to adduce to the notice of patriot ic gentlemen, who have lately fonned consul erable plantations of trees, in situation! where apprehensions are entertained by ob- server s, that from their being planted within* j the re ach of the sea spray, or influence of sal^ f water aiir, they are not likely to flourish. It j is vei y true, they will not flourish, particU" | larly the oaks; but if a sufficient number of j sycao 101 e plants were distributed properly amongst the oaks, they would, by hcin proo fag ainst the influence of the saline pff*- ticle i, s ufficiently guard against them tlir sycamoi e comes earlier into foliage in spring and thei r large extended leaves remain after the oak has finished the Midsummer shooM and ithe ir more rapid growth, will conLinuaJlr supply a shelter to the young oak plantS- Scotch firs, as skreens, have been found 06 I experit jnce insufficient for this the syc amorcs have fully answered every ex- pectati on. I have been told that the plane treeg I equall y defy the effects of the salt air; btft as the y are so much later in putting put theif leaves 'in spring, and their growth almost 3* tardy as the oak, I should conceive that thef"! arc II )1, on that acconnt, so eligible as iyea- more The sycamore plants may bo readily" j reinr .ved when they are observed to interfere | with the oaks, and may be transplanted sue* cess Trilly, when they are of a considerable size AGITICOLAO

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