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To the Editors of the North IVales Gazette. Gentlemkh, Mr. Harmar in his 37 Observations on the the state of Judea. says" The treatment of those shut up in Eastern prisons differs fr^m our usuages, but serves to illustrate several passages of Scripture. Sir John Chardin's manuscript relates several circumstances con- cerning their prisons.whicitareturious. The Eastern prisons are lIot. public buildings erected for that purpose; but a part of the house in which their original judges dwell As the Governor and Provost of a town, or the Captain of Ihe watch, imprison such as are accused in their own houses, they set apart a canton of it for that purpose, when they are put into these offices, and choose for their it jailor the most proper person they can find of their domestics. Sir John supposes the prison in which Joseph, together with the chief butler and the chief baker of Pliaraoli, was put, was iu Poiiphar's own house. But! will apply this account to the illustration of another passage of Scripture. Wherefore," it issaid Jerem. XXXVIII. 15, the princes were wroth with Jeremiah, and smote him, and put him in prison in the house of Jona- than the scribe, for they had made that the prison." Here we see the dwelling house of an eminent person was madca prison. See also Jercm. XXXVI. v. 12. A second thing relating to the Eastern prisons, taken notice of in this MS. is that a discretionary powey is given to the keeper to treat his prisoners j list as he pleases, all that is required of him being only to produce them when called for. After having remarked, that several things he melt. tions relating to the imprisonment of Joseph, must appear very unaccountable to an Euro- pean, he goes on to this purpose. Those that have observed the manners of the modern Eastern people, will find that the like things are jpractised among them; they have not different prisons for the different classes of criminals; the judges do not trouble them- selves where the prisoners are coiifiiied, or how they are treated. If the jailor or his servants have large fees, let a. person be the greatest • iiiaiu M. tho Will hI. he shall be lodged in the jailor's own appa/tment on the coiiti- those that have imprisoned a man give the gailer greater presents,-he will treat the pri- soner with the greatest inhumanity. What energy doth this account of an Eastern prison give to those passages of Scripture, that speak f the sorrowful sighing of the prisoner, and its coming before God < Of Jeremiah's being kept in a dungeon many days, and his suppti- eating that he might not be remanded limber, leal he should-4ic thocc.

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