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For the North fVales Gazette,


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':I To the)'EdiIIJrs of the Norlh frales Gazette. Gentlemkn, SktrAal months have elapsed since I aet- dressed myself to your notice in some obser- vations upon Planting, at lheanme time ex- pressing my hopes tiiat 1 should see in v<itir columns, accounts of the proficiency in "that usefui employment. 1 have been lately in- dulged with the perusal of several (If YOllr papers, furnished by one of ,your subscribers, ard am highly ratified in perusing the lau- dable efforts of the Agricultural Society in North Wales, and particularly, 011 observing' Ihe names of some patriotic gentlemen, who have made very large plantations of trees; highly creditable lo their good sense and fore- sight 4 and I eulertainJiopes, that I may have hereafter the pleasure of reading of their J laudable example being followed by others. 1 I need uot observe to you, how heedless, aiv ] even regardless the tenantry are to embark i n this scheme of public utility nay, many af them kre (iiiite adverse to it. Therefore Ihr ;ie should be some stimulus applied—some re- muneration offered, by their latiltilords, to in- duce Ijjpm to comply. If this was done, by some Ihe ieadiug gentlemen who possess exL nlive estates, it might in a proporti. >nate degree, he adottted by those of an in frrior rank anion* them. Perhaps the re sidenl clergy might tu thair respective parish* j* ffliti iticaits ti) encourage, either by their ex ample, or their persuasions, a matter of slIch n.ational consequence. I trust, if these obse rvations are noticed in your Gazette, that son Ie of the members of that Society, will be ii'iduced to Consider of a plan, which if adopted "will pro- duce the desired effect, and rescue the denuded parts of Anglesea, and the other counties in North Wales, from the present dreary ap- pearance which travellers have represented them to bear. SYLVA.

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