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. ■ . ■ i ■><—— DAMOiV.



THE OLD MUD. A PARODY. I do remember a precise old maid, And hereabouts she dwells—whom late I noted In rustling gown with wan and withor'd lips, Demure and formal, dusting cloth in hand, Subbing; her chairs, and meagre were her looks. jSnvy had worn her to the very bones; And in her shining parlour !low'r pots stood, Deck'd with geranium and jessamine, And orange-trees, and roses, pinks, and lilies, 4 Bachelors Buttons,'crisp as she herself, And lowly passion flow'r the type of love Six chairs, two tables, and a lookingglass. Where buruiih'd bright and oft, and round the room lmit wall, in closet, or on ipanfle piece, An old work-basket, sal vOlatile, Portrait* of maiden aunts, a ball room suit, With lamb or lap-dug hanging on the arm, Novels from Circulating Library, -,La. Seriomt Caft to Unconverted Folks,' Love elcgta, a bible, and a cat, Were dgtq W for ornament or use, Mm spften pmvaii'd of,vuitorg rame In. Ligualog. 4w tin law* her shrill voice ficream'A, her ;,Lwvaw# to mfMt I aairi. And if a n an did wish to fam a W te, With show of courtship, here's an ancient, maid, Whose lips have practised long before the glass, The faint refusal—and the eager yes. Following as quick as echo to the sound, And this saine thought does but forerun my need, I'll ills taut, reek-socne younger maid to wed As I remember, this should he the house Being twilight hour, she's out upon the trot, l'o barter scandal for a cup of tea.

For the North fVales Gazette,


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