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WI! 2.t FOREIGN ISTEL LIGiiNCE. Paris, Jan. I.-Tlic Merchants have lately had several confcrrences with the M in isters of his Imperial Majesty, on the present stafe of affairs; and have submitted to them, that trade has, siuce the Berlin and Milan Decrees, taken quite a new direction, and is carried oil by very circuitous routes, and by persons dis- avowed by the real Merchants.. The Ministers annoullced,thal his Majesty's intention was, that Neutrals might trade freely with France, and France with Neutral Conn" tries; that the above-mentioned Decrees had heen pointed only against the commerce of England; and that, if they have heen inter- preted, and a false meaning given to them, the Merchants should make representations, which would be favourably heard. It already appears to be agreed, that the visit at sea. a measure of policy adopted by all rial ions, is not a violation of itfiutrai rights, and that the Decree of Milan was tn- tended to prevent the visit directed by the Orders of Coullcil of Nov. i807 by which neutrals were obliged to go to Ifiugland, and there pay a tribute. It is also understood, that the embargo and provisional sequ ^f^ lion of American vessels in France, were in consequence of the Embargo Law of America, followed by the Non-intercourse Act that we therefore considered the who came into our ports, as disguised Englishmen4 ,i tid that since America has repealed her laws, ours sh-oulri fall of themselves. The merchants flatter themselves, from these communications, and from the news laieiy received that America was not disposed to yield to England, that the political relations be- tween the two countries, for theestahlishineul of perfect harmony, will become active; and as it seems that bothlilabonshave a well pro nounced iateutin their success, they will pro- bably agree on some provisional basis, and permit trade to resume its relations, reserving the ulterior discussiou ou tht; great tiuctitivii of mariluue rights.