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Anecdote &f ilie tate, EARL…

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STOW, in his Chronicle, gives…


STOW, in his Chronicle, gives -f7.,e following description of men of extraordinary stature.. IN the year 1581 were to BE seen in don, two Dutchmen, of lilrnge statures, the one in height seven foote and seven inches, i in breadth betwixt the shoulders three quar ters of a yard, and an inch, the coinpasye of his breast one yard and a half and two inchcs; and about the waste one yard, quarter, and one inch, the length ofhisaritoe feo his hand, a full yard t a conjely man of p-erson but lame of his legges, for"he bad broken tbeui with lifting of abarral of beer. The other was in height but three foote, had neve.r a good foote, nor any knee at all, and yet could he dannce a galliard; he had no arme, "but a stump to the elhowe, a little more to the right side, on the which singing, he vwrtjJd douuce a cup, and after fosse it above thrre or four times, and every time receive the same on the said stumpe; he would shoote an arrow near to the marke, flourish with a ra- pire, throw p. bowle, beat with a hammery hew with an axe, sound a trumpet, and drink every day t.cn quaits tf the beltt, beer if lie could get it. I iiiymelf oil the ittli of Jiily, could get it. I myself on the If th of July, saw the taller man sitting on a bench bare headed, and the lesser standing ou the same* bench, and having on his head a hat with a. feather, was yet the lower. Also, the taller i •lan standing on his feet, (he lesser, with hij hat and feather on his head, weht upright be- tween his legs, and touched hitji uot."