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WEDN;ESIJ;A Y.—Four o'Cfoclc.…


WEDN;ESIJ;A Y.—Four o'Cfoclc. WITH the following exceptions the paper* of this day are extremely barren of; intelli- gence.—Sweden has joined the Confederation of the Rhine, and is to furnish a Coutin.,ent of 10,000 men; as an equivalent, Pomerania is to be restored; this is what migiit have been expected, but it is impossible to describe our feelings, when we are further informed, that their, late unfortunate Monarch Gus- tavus is doomed, along witWhis family, to go into France I Affi)rditig.anotheri proof qf the petty malice, of tbe tyranh and the lost cha- facter of the Swedas; who cuiild ^htis with dastardly meanness Surrender up thek dep<*sed and unhappy Monarch, as a peace-oCfering, at the shrine of his oppressor The Tyrolesp still continue theifi gallant, struggle; alul as further changes ?irt? -about to be imposed upbti'Switzerhind,Ve ^et hope to see this spirit of ehthusi^u)* extend itself in those moantains, justly called the s> cradle of freedom," and which has hitherto wonder- fully resisted all the power of France and hef dependents, and frustrated all the,designs, and impotent rage of Napoleon. The Austrian account of the battle of Wagram has appeared; the unfortunate result of the day is imputed to the nonrariival of the Archduke John's army fiptn Presburg, ] which was expected to come in the critical raorteut, and to fat! upon the French in a manner that could not fail to accomplish their defeat. It is asserted in this account, that the loss of men was greater on the part of the French than oh that of the Austrians. A difference has arisen between Austria and Russia, respectuijj the eetsioo of a part of Austrian GalficiAcontaining a population of 400,000 souls, in virtue of the late treaty. The Russian interpretation does not include womejrj but requires theln-lolla", as an ap 1 pendage to a population of 400,000 males. -J-

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