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Magics Inn> fdanrW sii THOMAS JONES. MOST Respectfully informs the Nobility, -LTJS. Gentr), and ttie Public m. general, that he has entered upon the ahove Inn, where he ha laid in a good stock of Wines and Spirits,) 6,1 i trusts, by assiduity and attention, to merit the favors of those who liqueur him with their Coin mauds. N. 8. Neat Post Chaise. wHbgOQd Horses, and careful drivers. -5 Lltitrwst, December gt. ISM, UIISUANT to an order of the High Court ( Jt. of Chancery, made in a cause Jo wis agairrst Kcmri.e, whereby it IS referred to JOHN CAMP- BE; /ES'Q. one of the Masters of the said Court, t»-inquire *ho is the heir at jaw of ROBERT JOSRS the Tenta'o-r. in the pleadings mentioned therefpre <an> person or-persotw claiming to 1,e the heir or heirral law of the said ROBT. JONES, I fatttofSN MafyHilt in the City of London, Brand v Merchant, deceased, who died on or about tije-S'li day of >y-IHOi. are forth-vlth to come beiore the sa d j *<»< v C PBEM,, Esq. at his Office in Southampton Buildings Chancery Lime, London and make out their descent or in default fevenf they will b€ ,excluded th« benefit o, t,iie fthl or&r. |>ICHARDSOV» GOODLUCK, and CO *1l joint Contractors for the late Stat# Lottery, fetiirn their most grateful acknowledgements to the Public, for the high Encouragement they 9 Save to the New Plan, for Drawing the Lottery in One Day, and to assure them, that it has fully Answered the expectations of Government, by 'dqinz away -the Evil* attendant on Lotteries, that have been so ipuch complained Of. They beg leave to recommend the New State Lottery, which is on i Ike sairie I)rtiici ple,, and will be drawr. in 1 One Day, 14?h"February next. [ Only 5,000 Numbers.—Four Tickets of each y «Utab#r. r" 1 ■ SCHEME. 4~Prizes of- £ -20,000-1 4—Prizes of—3 £ 5,000 '2 1,000 20. 100 80 .500-1 4,M0 from £ 5>Q to 15 Tifckets and Shares ars on Sale bv 14r. JOHN GRIFFITHS, Havorferd West, Mr. ROBERTS, Bookseller, Carnarvon Por RICHARDSON,.<GOOÙ LpCK,andC(). »■, Rank Buildings, Cornhilt, and faciug the Gate of 14e King's Mews, Charing-Cross, London. I BRITISH fire office. THE BRITISH FIRE OFFICE in Hit" Strand, and C.ornhUI, Losoow, and by Ageots jit EoiRBUBOH, GLASGOW, DUBLIN. 811d otfrer principal TOWNS, grant Insurance, j. gainst FI RF.. Premiums for Insurance renewable at, Michael- ftes, nVustrbepaid within Fifteen Day* the re fro pi. The Terms and Conditions of fhsttrance as Stated in the P lines are defined with perspecu- plaioess and | rtei«ion>v so as to-prevent the Misunderstand rug* and Disputes dependant upon •H-dlgestefl, mudv ted. and rciiQwnt .Piar-^ • dually bareful to tfte PrrT etors ami'tlicse'iu- •ttripg, i J -4-,VlVrl.4L P-R-r, Vyuvs, Common Insurance, ^s. per.Cent -—Hazardous, s ss. ii"O"le Hazardous* 5s Insurance 011 FARMING STOCK at 2s. 6d. *ifr ^•en('- spec'fylfiff the"Su'iJis to be insured, on *he different-Wrts of Grairi-v^'Or 6d. >cr Cent. only oti the whole Stock of any eae Farm, '*ith Salvap CLanse. c.>r -'i -i ibBEIIT f.K,-E ON See. "VVESTVIINSTER SOCIETY • ffO-R | Ksuranee on Lives And Snrtivotships and granting Annuities, STRAND CORNHILL, LONlKJNr And by Agents m EDINBURGH, GLAS- GOW, DUBLIN, and.other principal Towns. SURANCF, oil. Livles affords the opportu- nity to provide for; the Agedt the Widow, and the Fatherless, and to guard against the loss and disappointment of a depcndance on the oasu- al|y of life { r To provide fines for the renewal of Leases, oelcj on Lives; To secure the purchase moaey for Annuities or °P kife Interest; as, ^Church Preferntent or other situation, by which «iey opssegg only Ibcomc'for Life; 0 facilitate the arrangement of marriage settie- ra"lts and other pecuniaIry,,tra Iact-tans' thft ° ass'st creditor and debtor in accomplishing of affairs to prevent bankruptcy. UP GRANTING ANNUITIES bo^if°rds a resource against Old Age, Sickness, tly Infirmity, and other casualties of Life. ROBERT SKELrO\, Sec' To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ^i ^'SportsmaB Inn, In the town of Carnarvon, to tlr eounty of Carnarvon, on Saturday the Otb day of Jahuary. 18101, bejtween the hours f three and five o'clock in the afternoon sub- ject to such conditions as shaft be then produc- unless disposed of ia the mean time by Private Contract, of which due notice will be "rUE following eligible Freehold Farms lj*- and Premises, situate, lying and being in ia tht Ve,la^ Par'shes of Llandwrog ami Ll.inwnda, ia ,,Verat parishes of Llandwrog ami 'Lliiiwtidii, i«e said county of Camarvdn, in Five Lots. Lot. 1st. ,Ce&i'r hengwrt. i 2.} GlaA'ravop. Jr& ,••• .#■ 7k; 4. Tyn y'Lone. 5,. T ve^u,hich are ,10W set to tenants at Will, at the J aip,y rent of ^120. "ji PartTr 'f -a raosr rit sirabIe ProPerty, fH a pleasant coun'r^ad,joining that valuable and a Con. *e '"closed marsh, called Morfa Dinllaen, to allotment of whieli will be annexed t*te' is in a very high state of t>f Cj,atlon» within four.miles of the Market Town Vof Jjnsrvon, and half a mile of the Port of ^r<WMwhere 1 iuie aud other manure may be j.; at a moderate rale. f} Jl'kv Parti en la r,- m i y be had by applying to j *ANS, Attorney at Law, C»ruarr«a, i ifmt Published* A SERMON preached at the Primary Vt- XjL sitation, of the Right Reverend William, Lord Bishop of Sl, Asaph, at Denbigh on SOth of August 1S09, by ^ust MASOS^ M. A.T:car bf Llansilin, and Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Massareene. Published at the request of, the Lord Bishop and the Clergy. ,fo be had at Mr. Broster's Chester, Edwards Oswestry, Stoddarfs St. Asaph, lidwards, Ruthin, Roden's, aud at the Author's, Deobigfe. EDUCATION. CHESTER. J -JL T MR. NIELD'S Mathejmatical, and xm. Coimnercial Academy, Youth a>r<> boarded and educated in all the branches of liter;ttur« 1. ^except French, Italian, Drawing, Music and- Dancing, which are extra charged, f,r Twenty four Guineas per litjn. Entrance one aiiii Washing half-a Guinea per quarter.— tie only takes ten boarders, who experience all the com- forts which can be enjoyed in a private f.1\mly. For particulars, letters addressed to Mr. riitLD (post paid will Le, duly alli%vereti. t N. R. School Monday, January 15 th I ii 10. Denbigh Dispensary. t, IIE Governors of the Denbigh Dispen- JL sary are resl)ectfully that the A &N.UAL MEETINGwill be held on ive(itiegclay January 3d, at the apartments of the institutiof-i, at eleven o'clock forenoon, for the purposes of receiving the report of the Committt^ upon the ■.fate of t!ie Charity, electing Oilicers for the year, and enacting such further rules and rc^uiaiioiss as tuay be deemed necessary. By order of the Committee", D.vROBKRrs, Sccreicry, Dec. 23 d, 1800. The Góullnil hearehappy to announce the fol- lowing ladie# and -gentlemen Inae become sub- scribers since the General Meeting in July just. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. C. d. Lady Lloy d,! Pengwem 2 2 0' ..Mm Puleston, Penbodw. :< £ H 0 imrfi: Pennant, Downing. -1 1 0 Miss Siodart, St. Asaph 1 i 0 Richard Lovatt, Esq. Chirk. 4i. 3 3 0 Robt. Bam ford, Esq. Gwyrch., 0 Cynric Lloyd, Esq. Gloddaeth. 1 i {) Rev. John tTdy I I 0 -Owen Reynolus, Conway. 1 10 4^— Edw. Evans, Beitws. 1 1 0 Ed*. Jones, I1 0 Wm; Edwards, Hendre House. t 1 0 Edw. Wright, Esq. Liverpool. 1 1 0 Tljos. Edwards, Esq. Saitti Aelwyd- v. 1 10 Mr Johfl Jones, Stirgeonf Holy well. 1 1. 0 Mr. Pooje, Bookseller, Chester. t. 10 Mr. Parry, Geocer.Denbtgh.t. 1 .1" 0 Denbigh Friendly Sqciety.. i 1 0 BENEFACTION. Joseph Ablett, Esq. High Sheriff of) the county of DEFJI^G/T—RLLAIIBEDR- > 21- 0 0 I. R.W. Wynne, Esq. Garthewin 21 0 0 Mr. R. Prichard, Chester. SJ 2 0 Mr. J Stenhoiige eo. 0 10 6 Subscription? for the year 1810 will be taken in at the llitnk, «ind by ibe ApoUweary at (lie. H i [iensary, Denbigh by Mr. John Roberts, Ruihiu Mr. Hugh Stodart, St. Asppli Nlr. Evan PrStcli- ard.Ltanrwst; And Mr. Geoi esi n Holywell. Game Duty, lbUJ IT 1ST f)fPettlóuïtwl.'o have obtained Gene- 1 J ral Certificates "at tffe itate ol Thrt-e each for the )car 1809V iu the underiiieo- tioned counties from 23d Noveinber to U1 til Dec. ,ip, > Ir DEN PiGIL E^aydel John, Esq. Trevallyh Breieton Thomas, Esq. Ptckhill Edwards Joha, Esq, PCllwtirn1\àU Edward-s Thomas, gent. Wrexham Humphreys John, Esq. Catioj x Jones Jolin, Esq. Awre Wpj £ j|lL|ojfd Edward, Elq, Pefiylau Lovett Itiehard, Esq. Chirk a Maxwell Colotiel, Grcsford Norris R. I. I. Esq. Suinmerhill Powel Joseph, gent. Ber.ham PWin Johnj genu Llay r Roberts Thomas, geiit. Bunas Hova Randies Edward, gent Sesswiclc Walker George, gent: Pickhill. MONTGOMERr. -— Brown Rev. William, Myfod Jonfs Thomas, Llys R.,ade George, Esq. BodVach Stephen Rev. John, Montgomery Williams Rev. H. J. W'elshpoot MERIONETH. Banner Edward, Esq. Pentrft LIST 2. List of Persons who have*, obtained Gamekeeper's Certificates at the rate of One Guinea cac'h, for the ye.ar 1S09, in the under-mcnliuned Counties, from 23d i}member to thc'Ulth of December instant. MERIONETH. Richard Jones, Gamekeeper to Richard Watkin Price, Esq. iu the Manor or Royalty of hes^ip. LISTS. List of Persons who have obtained Gamekeeper'a Certificates, at the rate of Three Guin, as Jack for the year 1809, in the undermentioned Coun- ties, from 23d of November to 21th of Deccmbei instant. MONTGOMERY. Thomas .Cureton, Gamekeeper to John Oweh, Ksq. iu the Manor or Royalty of Broniarth, Published by order of his Majesty's Cointuis- tioncrs for the affairs of Taxes. MATHEW WINTER, Secretary. )i

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