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I■ :t '"v " Ml&CELLANIES..,'.'


I ■ :t v Ml&CELLANIES. The Chase;—Tbe Cottesraore bounds had a h4rd run on Iriday iasU Tbej uivkeui)eikd :t" r a fox at ^Wtjodfebeatl; Lincolnsli'tre, and rail him for two hour* aud fifty minutes, with scarcely a check u,ideed the only one the/ received was through Reynard's taking sliel- I tcrtaJhe thought) in a drain near Ashwall* j b jt be was iminediatdy tol owed by an ex- L cedent terrier, who burst him out at the other end of the drain, where the hounds were ready to receive him but, strange *t it may appear, he leaped upon the backs of the hounds,, escaped them, completely, and ran into girWuifd uear Belveif <^ast h» t nl(J I meat Lambert, t^e huiitsmtn on'eof thf j whippe.-s-in, were the only prr^ons preset! i}1a"y excellent hars>-j were completely do Up long before that tune 'ilimble .one d» the ;nomeet the »• ■-vi.it pvlled th;'saiii!e c in a si able", at the George Siauifr Dipd.suddent- last r, Ulrd.a y,. at ihe Crt and Anchor Tavern, M hf w »* entextainii;. large piUt¥ of itieuflv rrijjhfated 0: the a(tvaar«d age ot Go.—To|!hi9 eriwof«r | iary ehiraeiteV w»: nay appljr «>«»* VV-htrio<J- tiik-j said of Lo»d Maiford—" Certainly nevei tti iu acfed such a p/.W, wrt u i^hedtvt with so much cosiSi., scv. and eloquence." I his tnf*ncy,,Jbe noi.\v, fretful, and vjoleii, but this pfoteed'id from bad management. & butt!} I!lp röèêed edfrof:n bad management. & !houg|i a Ijugilist, he had a particular .■' < ersion to Private Boxiu%» Iu literary tfw ieuts be ".as I)v no i-neaus deficient, and vt ui.)(ctd to author of illilly hu- morous piece* in prose and verse. Like Sjif Roper de C Aver ley, be has given the name A e that his matrimonial lexions were not very fortaimte* as his ene- lilies often reproached him with his Horns. That G. I). was a zealous Christiaa, we may jlldefl-om his hatred of the Jews. that he teved.the ing't there is no doubtV nay, It is well known that he chauiited God", save Ihe King eVery uifht to bed. To foreigners be had an uncpntrolable aversion: He was engaj^d m matiy law-suits,, and always proved too strong for his antago« nists i nor was this surprising, as his advocate# were always tbe Best.—Of bis funeral wa shall say little it was, better attended than that of any fublic character we remember," except Lord Nelitott's a pit was prepared t(1 receive the body in Coveht Gardeu Clifford was the gfawetiRgger j the funeral service was read .-with much humility and pathos by Mr. Kenible, and the chief mourners were !Vlessrs» Brandon and Harris. His merits and frailties aere deposited in the grave, and, we trust, will not rise till doomsday. A most disaatrouB lire recently occurred in tije pai-isli of Abergele, whereby the sufferer, Mr. John Lewis* farmer, has 16sf.tbe, whoff) produce of tbe last harvest. It began about one o'clock in !he nioriiiii, and in cousequenc of a high wind at the time, nothing could be saved I he corn, hay and seed cktver are es- ft mated at be^des two calves and ft, Variety of articles deslroyed in the out build- ings, the whole of which were consumed.—'t-* The sufferer is a very industrious man with a large family, wh<iin this misfortuoe ha* ^pdilT1 ■* ced to the greatest distress,