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S*srERA«E.—The following Vetrs arc to take he oaths and tadrseats in the House of lords, at the meeting of Parliament. i Duke of Portland, OK succeeding his father. Marquis of Lansdowne, ou succeeding his late brother. Marquis of Downshire on coming of age. Marquis of Sligo, on the same occasion. Earl of Lindsey, oh succeeding to that title, iipoit the death of ttie lai-e Duke of Ancaster, the i>ekedom of which is become-extinct. Earl of Coventry 011 succeeding his late brother iiarl of Harrowby, on his creatic/n. Vis. Wellington, on ditto. J,ord Byron, ou coming of Age. Lord Lyttlettfn, on succeeding his father. 'Earl of Ross, on beillgelccted a Representa- tive Peer of Ireland. The following Peers wi-II be under age at ihe Meeting of Parliament. Duke of Dorset E. Harborough Lord Howard •!>. of Leinster Earl Delawarr LordMonson Marquis Exeter Earl of Clare Lord Sondes Earl Denbigh Viscount Gage L. Dorchester JE. of Ply mouth Noblemen precluded by the Catholic Ex- vttaiou Bill frotn taking-theirseats: Ji. Shrewsbury J Lord Petre j Lord Dormer Lend Srourtea J Lord- Aruodet ( Lord Clifford. Thb Pewsua-w AMBASSADOlt.-IliS Excelleii- cy Mirza Abdallah Hassan this day pieselited its credentials to "firs Majesty at Ihe Queen's Bouse* He was accompanied by ?ir George Ousley, his interpreter, and Mr. Morier his Secretary. The report that he mean t to make tJill public entre with all the pomp of Eastern fplendottr, was uutroe; there was no parade Out pfthe usual way on such ocWs ons dis— played, His Excellency was yesterday waited upon by Mr. -(tester, who came, officially lo notify, from Sir C. Cot-trell (Master of the Ceremonies), that his Majesty had been gra- ciously pleased to order one of the royal state carriages, and two servants in full livery, to -attend his pleasure. Mr. Chester, by desire trf Sir C. Cottrel, acquainted his Highness, that, the latter wa% an honour never he- fore conferred on a diplomatic character. Hit Excellency replied-— Itifori-a Sir Clement Cottrell, that every lioimur conferred on ms will be returned ten- fold to the English Mmistsis at the Court of Persia." His Excellency's servants, nine in nnnlber, wore their state habits. The dress is a scarlet fctrat, embroidered with two rows of deep gold late breeches and waistcoat of green ami gold; bat cocked, with gold lace. The Ambassador's own coach (a carriage lately- towhicii bad been recently added the ]loyal Arms of Persia, attended the ca- vakade with four horses attached to it. Since his Excellency's arrival, he has not appeared in public, nor even taken the air in a carriage, lie has been indisposed. An the Cabinet Ministers have paid their respects to him. M<r. Perceval waited upon him on Friday last 4 the Marquis of Weliesley on Sa- turday. With the latter he held a long con- vvm fwt'ioB, and was apparently highly grati tied tinlh ti.e scraiinents exixes-.e(i by hi-s Majesty's Government towards himself and his coun- try. flft Supreme Junta have announced the r- <t between Fnmee and Austria, in an ad- ess 'o the Spanish natiou. In this admirable sppe;,I, they lay before their countrymen, viLllOtit disguise or reserve all the dangers and di (tieLl',# le's of their si,ttiation.-Tiie borri He nature of the war tWy Will have to sup- port, the enormousforce that will be opposed to item, and the advantages that the enemy possess," are fully acknowledged- At the same 21 lime, »ney shew", by examples from ancient and tri' deni liisto,-y," as well as from the na- iure of the country, and the babils of the people, that they may ultimately triimsph by perseverance, -The following are extracts. "No! slaves of Bonaparte, waste not your tine 10 practising hacknied artifices, which, at S nut of day, can deceive nobody. Speak out fr h, and say.. Because we think ourselves tr >sf .powerful, we are resolved to be the most w I of mankind,' This language, however barbarous the sentiment which it conveys, would be consistent and intelligible. But do not attempt to persuade us that the abandonment of our just rights is wisdom, and cowardice, ,tprudence. Surely, nobody can he the dupe of the insi- dious parade of reform which the French hold t'< rth in their Ptoclauiatiolls: The Tartar, who gt> verns them.-has decreed that Span shalndther lLt veindllstry nor. conaaierce, nor cotonies, nor population, noT any political-representation what- soever,—To be turned into a vast and solitary theep-waik. in order to breed flocks which shall supply the French manufactures with our valua- ble wools to form a nursery of human beings to be hurried away to slaughter; misery, ruin, de- "■radation in every part of-the Peuiasutat such is the fate to which he eousigns the country the most favoured by Heaven of any- upon earthl Let Europe continue to behold us as she ou;hf, with admiration-, or, if it must be so, with terror We are deficient in. none; of. the means necessary for our defence. Our connection is daliay tira wit closed with America, to wliose assist- ance, equally welt-timed and generous, the Mo- ther Country is so deeply indebted, ani, in whose jtea) and loyalty is centered a greitt part of our hopes. The alliauec we have contracted with the British nation continues, and will continue.—? That nation has lavished for lis its blood and treasures, and ii entitled to our gratitude, and that of future Here then is drawn, never- to he sheathed, the s > ord of eternal haired to th" execrabte ty- rant 5 here is raised, nevec to he lowered, the standard of independence and just ice. Hasten to it all ye who wish not" to live under the aho- minable yoke, ye "he) cannot enter into a league with iniquity and ye who are indignant at the cowardly sertioll of deluded Princes,-has-en to us. Come hither, ^tid í,i'de"pirc of all the- art, and ail the powerof this inhuman despot, you J shall witness how -we will render him his star, and be onr-selves the creators of our o-,vii destiny. « Archbishop of LAOOTflBA, President. At the sale of the wines of the late Sir Eli- jah Iinpi'V, at Park, on Friday se'n- fcighh' there was Hock of 10 years ot(t,, aiid Champagne and Madeira, of more than hall a century, A considerable quantity of tlle1 wines accompanied Ir Etijah whei) he went out j ii(Ige of india; audrdnrncd win tuni when he was recalled to England. ihe following, remarkable association of. iKun«*s appearft-fu the list of the Officers and oen of the Amphion Irigate, who volun- teered in the late gallant exploit in the port ()f (irtelazzo, as mentioned in the Gazette of Saiui-dav, viz. Host, i Grave, Boa dman, j Sia igiiter, Sp«aryiau, | Paieweil. I