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I FROM THE SIDNEY GAZETTE. (SONDAYj MARCH 26, 1809.) PROCLAMATION, WILLIAM VP-TTERSON. Whereas an agreement was concluded between me and William Bligh, Esq. late Governor of'his territory, of which the following is a true copy, viz :— Sidney, New South Wales, Feb. 4, 1809- It being deemed, by Lieutenant-Governor Pa erson, absolutely essential to His Majesty's service, anil the iuterests of this colony, to send Governor Sligh immediately to England, and it being the intention of Lieutenant-Governor Pater- son to take up the ship Admiral Gainbier, for his conveyance, Governor Bligh has represented that it would on many accounts be much more desira- ble to him to he tillo vel to return home in His Majesty's ship Porpoise. Lieutenant-Governor Paterson, anxious to contribute as much as possible to the convenience of Governor Bligh, consents to his proceeding 10 Europe in the Porpoise, on the following con- to the strict observance of which Gover- nor Bligh hereby solemnly pledges his honour, an ) 'ii;er and a Gentleman That he \v,1I embark with his family on board the Porpoise, on the 20th inst. and will put to sea as soon after as the wind and weather will admit. That he will proceed to England with the uftnost dispatch; aud that he will jseither touch at, nor return (0, any part of this territory, until he shall have received his Majesty's instructi- oiss, or those.of his Ministers. lie will not, in any manner, or under any pretence whatever, while he remains in this Colony, interfere in the Government or affairs thereof; and That he will riot throw any impediment in the way of the Porpoise being equiped, and pro-j eeeding with hioi on her voyage at the stipuia- ted time." i in consequence Q^the above pledge, Lfaufenant Governor Paerson consents to remove the a(lditid;tA] restraints whieh beel) laid upon Governor Bligh «ince the vl'tti of llist. month, and to permit him to return to Government House, and to communicate with bit friends in the same manner as previous to that day, to make such arrangements as he may deem ne-i cessary for his voyage, and to allow such per- sonst to accompany him as he may think proper to name, agreeable to the proposition coutained in the Lieutenant Governor's letter of the 23th Ailt. ksigiled) WM. Bl,l(,'Tl (Signed) WM. PATERSON." And whereas the said William Bliph, Esq. in direct violation of his word of honour, as an OtTicer art] a Gentleman, solemnly pledged therein, has not departed from this Colony at the stipu- lated .time, and in further breach thereof has caused to be distributed (by the hands of certain wicked and evil-disposed persons, implicated ia the high crib's and misdemeanors with which he stands (,et*tain libeilotisaal inaami-natorv papers, intended to traduce the Government of this Colony, to disturb the general tranquility, to subvert good order and justice, and to destroy the security ofpnMica"d private property, and personal liberty. Being determined to exert the full powers with which I am vested to prevent the dreadful conse- quences meant to result from the designs of the said William Bligh, Esq. and his accomplices, I do hereby positively charge and command all his Majesty's subjects, within this territory, not to hi Id, countenance, or to be privy to any commu- nication or correspondence, by personal interview letter, message, signal, or otherwise, with the said William Bligh, Esq. or with any person be- longing to his family, establishment, or retinue, ai present embarked on board his Majesty's ship Porpoise, or with any person known to be in his, or their employment, service, confidence, intima- cy, now on board the said vessel. And all om- cers, civil and military, and all other his ty s faithful subjects, within tnis territory, are hereby required and commanded to aid,assist, and promote, by all the means in their power, a strict obedience to this Proclamation; and to give im- mediate information tome, or to some other of his Majesty's officers, civil or military, of any per- son or persons who shall attempt to act in defi- ance, opposision, xieglect, or evasion thereof, in order that such offender or offenders may be dealt with as abettors of sedition, and enemies to the peace and prosperity of the colony. Given at head-quarters at Sydney, New South' Wales, this 19th day of March, 1809. God save the king. By command of his Honour, the Lieutenant- Governor, JAMES FINUCANE, Secretary. "r r -7'