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THE TYROL. Andrew Hoffer, the Tyrol Chief, resumes his Alrms—Spirited, Proclamation issued by him. Inspruck, Nov. 22. I felt inclintd to lay down my arms, prevail- ed on by men whom I considered as friends to my country, but who, as I now find, are its ene- mies and traitors. T therefore think it right to inform you, that all the Passeyer is again in open insurrection; all the inhabitants, both old and young, have taken up arms again, and that the enemy were yesterday defeated with great floss. I therefore call on you, Brethren, to rejoin us UJ arms. Were we to surrender to the enemy, ye should soon see all the youths of Tyrol dragged away from their homes, ourcburches and convents destroyed, divine worship annihilated in our country, and our heads overwhelmed by eternal i woe. Fight, therefore, as loyal mel-wíth us in defeucC of our native laud. I shall fight with and for you, as a father for his children. I feel obliged thus briefly to communicate my senti- ments to you, test I should fall a sacrifice to the destruction and hatred of my own people. You would incur the same fate were ye to remain in- different spectators, and not to take uparms again for your Cod and your country. They who ob- struct the march of our troops, or do not furnish them with the necessary supplies, shall be se- verely punished.