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POLITICAL SVMMJftr. I Wr have inserted in the first page of this paper Btionapwte'S Speech from the Throne it is a most interesting document-the whole tenorof it affording ample room for reflection and formed to give us an idea of what is like. ij to follow. The reason he assigns for unit- ing the Roman States to his empire is peculi- arly extraordinary, he says the Popes be- come Sovereigns of part of Ihly, have con- stantly shewn themselves enemies of every preponderating power in the Peninsula," that is, that they exerted themselves to preserve that balance of power, which Was necessary to seclrcthtl indepeiidence of II several states a tine of conduct which has always received the praises of every historian, and now become the Mhject of reprobation by this modern ty- rant It is truly disgusting TO RU/Uce the contradictions a'ld absurdities to which pawei is driven, when, it atteiiijits if) justity hy ar- gument the usurpations "TND invasions effecled with brutal forcc. and rtaHy ridiculous to hear hitu, AFTER enumerating the territorial ac«jui«itious of Russia, affect to bc- II) no WAY jealous or alarmed at any increase ot power she may acquinqlbough it rather appears to ItS incongruous, that he should hold out L OFFERS of friendship and alliance to the Porte at st time when the arms of Russia, have nearly penetrated to Constantinople; so that it should seem as if he was not prepared to suffer Alexander to receive the eclat attending the entering a capita! of a conquered country; such entries being the exclusive privile-e of a French Emperor. It will be in the recollection of some of Olir J readers, thecontideuce in which hp spoke in t his opening speech to the Legislature about twelve tlioi)tliq 0, when he declared that not a village in fcpain should be in arms-agains! trance by Christmas DayChristrnasDay passed—anoiher is at hand; yet two thirds cf Spain remain still in arms, and absolutely use nace his brother Joseph in Madrid; he now merely says he has reduced Arragon and Cas- tile, and is in possession of iMiulrui. | The only event, of poitlical importance } which has occurred during the week, is the ar- rival of an Austrian Mes-euger with disjiutchu^ for' Prince Stahremherg, and reiiort sav,, with proposals for. peace, the seat of negocia- tion is also reported to be some town in I he North West (if France* VVbal. may he the re- sult, from our present imperfect state of in tormation, we cauaot pre!etui to agiim, we may veniure to predict, from the h limhlcd and depelldähtÍluatiHl of the Emperor Francis, it will be deemed inadaiksii>!c to ac- cept cv^ his mediation, TORTUR.AL.—fhe Prince Regent has ap- jjoiuted Lord Wellington. Commander in Chief of the Portuguese army, with a seat in the Council of Regency. !S A in.- Letters from Cadiz report, that the army under the Duke dei Parque, has obtain- ed considerable advantages over the enemy, having taken 1500 prisoners' with very tri tting loss this intelligence is however defec- tive in two material points—it does not state when or whore this success was gained. [;

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------Thursdayr December 21.

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