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Xaticc to Debtors k Creditors. —— VK. ALL persons who stood indebted to Capt. i\ RICHARD I'ARRY, late of Fro iuore-cti-eet: Bristol, and of Pwllheli, in thecouo'y of Car- narvon, uuriuer, deceased, at the time of his decease, are desired to pay (he amount of their r'sibec,tive deb's t. NIR. Jotim THOMAS of Pwil be' one of his Executors, and all persons having any ieUis due to them from the Estate of the Ject-aked, are requested tor hwith »-o deliver the I?Rrl.icular#ofsucti(iet)lvi to Via. THOMAS, that the it at) ie. may be examined and discharged. Piblikelu 16tA Dec. 1809. 'v CARNARVON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Saturday 17th day-of February 1810, at the Sportsman Inn, in the tQwnof Carnarvon, between ihe tiourq of three aad five of the clonk its the afternoon, in such Lots and sub- ject to such conditions as shall then be agree,, vipon:- i Lf. thai Freehold Manage or Dwelling I House, with the Plot pe-e or parcel of Land or ({round belonging and auujoining thereto, sit'iare in Castle-street, in the town of Cartiat-vo., wWesaid, and now in the occtpp^tion of W^WAK WILLIAMS, Victualler. The above Dwelling House is contiguous tc :'ie Market Place, Carnarvon, and well adapter "or the (iubiie line, aud the Ground axyaceni thereto ilia}; hedivi:ded into advantageous allot- ments for the purpose of building upon. The tenant will shew the premises, and for further particulars apply 4t the Office of Mr. 11. 1, 1 A Ni 8, Solicitor, Carnarvon. '—————— Goat Inn, and i-Tavern, CASTLE GREEN, Carnarvon. J"\ "r\J\T PRICHARD (many years harper at T T # Mr. JAGXSOS'S BangOr-ferry), takes the liberty of informing his friends and the pulI- lie in general, that he has entered upon the above Soniniodious inn, and respectfully solicits the honour of their patronage .lft:! support, he begs leave to assure them tbat he will make it his Study by every exertion and attention in his power, t. deserve their favour aDd interest. A Subscription Room has been established; a large Assembly and Billiard RhoUlsarènow building to be attached to the Hóuse. The Cellars are well stocked with choice Wines 5#d Foreign Spirits,' Good Stabling and Coach Mouse,j&c. W. PRJCHARD continues to sell Welsh,Harps and Musici and wiU occasionally play to the Company at his house. House Warming on Friday the 5th of Jaun- lar-y next. ''Carnarvon, H2d' Dec. 1809. kbR GOUT, RHEUMATtSM, NERVOUS « COMPLAINTS, INDIGESTION, &c. Oxley1 s Concentrated Essence of Jamaica Ginger. THIS useful Medicine is recommended l?y several eminent Medical men, apd is in constant use with many Persons of the it. r-vrk-.d It relieves and s»honeus the duration of Fits oWhe Gout, confining the:; I to the extremities and mitigating the paroKvsui- 't removes those unpleasant symptoms aruiuj- fr.orn weakness of the Stomach and Bowels, viz. flatulency, Indigestion, and Oppression after eating; in Neryous Complaints it warms and invigorates the Stomach, creates Appetite, and a'sists Di°estiou, and thereby strengthens' the !ihole system. Prepared by the Inventor and Proprietor, oamuel Oxrey, His Majesty's Chymist, and -sold »y" Hudson and Company, 27, Hay market, I Lo ndon; s old also by JBroster Banger, R. Lloyd, Beaumaris, and Williams, Carnarvon; fcnd others throughout the United Kingdom in bottles, at 10s 6d—4s 6-and;2s 9d each. Ob- serve each label is signed Samuel Oxley." ortli Wales Infirmary* 'II AT a Meeting of the Committer, held at Carnarvon, on Monday the 18th day of December, 1S09. The Rev. HENRY JON ES, it% the Chair. :■ PRESENT. Richard Garnons, Bice Thonjas, jun. ] O. A. Poole, | 'W. G. -Griffith, i John-Ellis, | Esquires. Richard Jones, ) W. P; Poole, t Edw G. Roberts, j Rev. T. E. Owen,) —Owen Jones, v JohnLioyd, C Cler*s\ —r—Evan Herbert) Thomas Jones, > Robert Currie, k Surgeons. IfS? Gentlcmen of Anglesey, at a full county town at '^e ^ran<1 Jury Room, in the in«t»i,7 "taumaris, On the 8ch day of December, sianr, hav,^ concurred in opinion with the ih- abitants of Carnarvonshire, unanimously ex- eased at a county Meeting, as to the propriety establishing an Infirmary, in the town of Car- \rv°n,% apd, having offered tugive it their support the utmost extent. It as resol-ved, I 10 ThiLt application be made to Benjamin Wyatt, m'-ft to fe9uest him to. favour the Committee #»!, a Plan and Elevation of an Infirmar/, and Ul estimate of the expence of carrying such into.effect be obtained as soon as possible, Of J:t\at the Magistrates and Clergy of the county Anglesey, together with all the other Gentle* e»j of the said county, -who approve of the niea- rej be requested to act in conjunction with this 44!1 ,n order to expedite this truly valu- r111(1 mer,t°!ous institution, and that the iiext, ^eeunjr he held at Bpaunuaris on Tuesday the 30th ly /r.01 January, 1810, being the day immediate- &itt 'r>t "ie MeeUuS°fthe Members of the Menai I'lub.. Signed by Henry JONES, Chairman. the thanks of this Meeting be given to H«u v: NenO Jones, for the unremitted arten- ^Ucv' f Warm support to this measure, and for 1 '«■ uc,» in the Chair on this day. ?idOMA5 JONES, ber. retarif pro tempore. BRITISH FIRE OFFICE'. THE BRITISH FJRE OFFICE in the Strard, and Cornliill, LONDON, and hy Agents in EOINBUHGH, GLASGOW, DUBLIN. and other principal TOWNS, grant Insurance, against FIRE. Premiums for Insurance renewable at Michael- mas, must be paid within Fifteen lJays, ttieltri.oal. The Terms and Conditions of Insurance as stated in the Policies, ;e defined with psrspecu- • ty, plainess and precision, so as to prevent the Misunderstandings and Disputes dependant upon ill-digested, untidvised, and ignorant Plans, equally baneful to the Proprietors and those In- suring. [•: ANNUAL PREMIUMS. Common Insurance, s. per- Cent-Ilaz!irdous, Ss.——Double Hazardous^ 5s., Insurance ou FARMING STOCK, at 2s. 6d. r.;er Cent, specifying the Sums to be insured 0»: he different vorfs of (irain—or Is. 6d. per only on Hie whole Stock of any one Farm, with Salyage, Clause, v &OBBET SKELTGN.* Sec. J WSTMINSTER SOCIETY. TOR ■' Insurance on It i md urriiror$hips grantin.g Ir uities, STRAND AND CORNHILL, LONDON; And hy Agents in 1 FVM FFGIt, GLAS- GOW, DU BLIN, and other principal Towns. INSURANCE on Lives affords the opportu- JL nity to provide for the Aged, the-Widow, and the Fatherless, and to guard agaiust the I ost; and disappointment of a dependance on the casa- alty of life To providefincs for the renewal of Leases, heid on Lives; i. To secure the purchase money for Annuities or any Life Interest; as,- Church Preferment or other situation, by which they nosess only Income for Life; To facilitate the arrangement offmarriage settle- ments and other pecuniary ti-ati.,actioiig; To assist creditor and debtor in accomplishing the settlement of affairs to prevunt bankruptcy. GRANTING ANNUITIES Affords a resource against OtdAs'e, Sickness, bodily, Infirmity, and other casualties ol tife. ROBERT SKELTON, Sec. L s* ;VS-7^S-i t^i 111.1' i.t, j. .yimj.. MARBLE ROOMS- Browlow JIM, Liverpool dhd WiccadUty, Manchester. S. AND T. FRANCEY, I' R ESPECTFULLY infornythe Nobility and Gentry in the Priricipalfty of Wales that they have constanti-y oTi sale, ari extensive assort- ment of sculptured and plain M A RBLE CHI M- NEY PIECES, of pure statuary and variety of Marbles.' From the advantage of importing their Marbles from Leghorn and other parts, they are. enabled to sell at 16w prices, some of which ou I)art, they are, enabled to sell at low prices, some of which ou inspection, will he found as cheap as stone. Monrtments, Tombs, Tables, &e. s for supporting Lamps, Sun Dials, in Bronze of Artficial Stone, warranted to stand the weather, Dry Hair, in packs for Plasterers' use.' EAGLE AtfD CHILD INN, HOLYIIKAO. THE following COACHES set out from the above lun:— THE ROYAL MAIL TO LONDON, By way of Chester, every morning, in 48 hours TO LONDON. Fare inside, ;£6 6 0 Outside. 3 3 0 TO CHESTEH. Inside, 0 Outside. 0 THE ROYAL MAIL TO LONDON, THROUGH SALOP. Every Day at 12 o'Clock. To the Bull and Mouth Inn, London. TO LONDON. Fare inside, 6 q 0 Outtide, 3 3 0 TO SALOP. Insiile, s 0 0 Outstde, i ll 6 THE ANTIENT BRITON, By way of Shrewsbury. To the Bull and Mouth, London, TO LONDON. FareJnside, 4 14 6 OtLtside, 2 12 6 TO SALOP. Jnside, g Q Q Outside, 15 0 THE PRINCE OF WALES POST COACH Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sa^ torday, to Shrewsbury. Fare inside, g 0 0 Outside, 15Q The proprietors of the above coaches will not be accountable for My parcetsabave the value of ill unless eiuered mi )iÚ" foe awjwdiagiy,


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