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'.'".'-mrs. st and Evens.'''"s

,'MISCELLANIES. ;''-//'j


MISCELLANIES. /'j Miss Patersou, the lady who was married to Jerome jjuonaparte, has for soiue time past resided at Baltimore, and is one of the pa, i; de 1. most lovely women of which that city can boast. Since deserted by her unworthy hus- band, her conduct has been, as it always was, distinguished by its propriety, and mauy arc said to have attempted persuading her to ac- cept a more honourable partner. ) rom her refusals it was believed she liid resolwd to die a Queen-Dowager of Westphalia or ex- pected, perhaps, from the hands of Napo- leon, the erection of some Transatlantic prin- cipality or monarchy hi her own fiivour, of in of Jerome's son. Bui all at once she had attered her mind, renouncing an una ginarv or artificial grandeur, for the expecta- tion of rea) felicity in marriage with all Eng- fish gealleiiiaii, Mr. Oakley, Secretary of the British Legation to the United States of Ame- rica, and sou of Sir Charles Oakeley, Bart, of Shrewsbury. ■■•Madam Jerome Buona- parte's son was born in London, in 4805; A curious decree of the Bishop of London's Court, was.read it, Lile parish Churcli of Isle- worth, on Sunday se'nnight, whereby one iCeane, a market gardener, was'expelled the Church for four months, for brawling aud chiding in the church and church-yard. Two causes-of considerable importance to those concerned ill building, were on Wednes- day determined before the Court of Requests, Bath, between Mr. John Smith, timber-mer- at d ch^nt, at the Albion Wharf, and several saw- yers in bis employ. They had deiiumded what they term throwing the cutting of oak,:elm, or fir scantling, into (luarteq which Mr. S. resisted; as by such oittde-.they had charged 400 feet for every 1,00 they had absolwtaly cut. After a full investigation the Court determined j in favour of Mr. Smith, against the iihposi- tions, eiideavot-ired to be Setup by the sawyers, thereby estahlishingacgeneral rule that these iiien are entitled. td no more admeasurement for their work than where the ^aw absolutely passes. In Newby Park, belonging to Lord Gran- y t. tham, there is now growing an oak tree, of the uncommon admeasurement of 25 Ions, or 1000 solid feetr which, at the present prices oftilllher and bark, is worth upwards of 250 guineas. The-election for Chancellor of Oxford was decided on Thursday. Lord Greuvilie is Liie successful candidate, having gained the elec- tion by a majority of13. The tolkwiug are the numbers Lord Greuvilie 400 LordiEldou. 393 I)uli6 of Beaufort..? T-hejforlowJn^ Is, we^feMeve,' ■ cortfct li»4 of Chancellors of the University of Oxford, from the reign of Edward VI. to the presvul time. b » "I When elected 15-52 Sir John Mason, Knt. 1556 Cardinat Puie, Archbishop of Canter*- bury. 1558 Hettry Fitzalen, Earl of Aruiidal. 1559 Sir John Mason, again. 1561 R6bert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. 15S8" Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Citans cellor. 1591 'Thomas Sackville, Ear! of Dorset. 1608 Richard Bancroft, Archbishop of I -1 -C,Eiiitei-bury 1610 Thomas Egerton, Lord EUesraere. 1616 William, Earl of Pembroke. 1630, William Laud, Archbishop of Cat terhnry. l'64l Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke* 1613 William, Marquis of Hertford. 1647 Philip, Earl of Pembroke, again. 1650 Oliver Cromwell, Protector- "'165T Lord Richard Croaiweil, ditto. 1669 James, Duke of Ormond. 1688 James* Duke of Ormond, grandsrtfi '(jfthe"a:ùov'é b 1110 —*■——>, Earl of Arrin. T7/)9 John, Earl of Westmorland. ■ 176H*<.Jet»rge?Hfeury, Earl of Lite-.hfield- w 1778 Frederick, Lord S'orth. 1792; Williahi^'Duke of Portland. tnravel &nd Stove.~Th« foilo wing remedy-, rejmte'd to be infallible, has heen lately made' public:" Take an •Mvdfnl ot a common weed called Wiid Carrot, t -■ !it:r the rocits or blos- soms, to which i pilll and half of boiling water, stew it by tiie tire till the liquor be- comes strongly impregnated with the wetd. Let the patient.take a teacup-full in tbe ex- It IN a present relief, and, by a continuation of it will effectually dissolve and eradicate any callousasubstance, though ever so large. ever so large. r A cartel for the exchange of prisoners be- tween ■this country and France is settled, ai'-d Commissioners are to be appointed to go to France for the. purpose. The Persian Ambassador is a person of a most iioble aud "digtiified deportivjent. He is handsome and eJegant.Be has a is not. considered large, of only szl'vl,.V,Ihi-e children; but it is considered as. a mark of pe- culiar good fortune, even in Persia, that he had six chiidren born to him on one and the same day. A house is taken for his Excellen- cy in Mansfield-street. Local Militim.—Letters have just been issu- ed from the War-Office, staling that Colonel# ot Local Miiitiafare to insure the arms, ac- coutrements, aiid clothing in their depot, out of the regimental contingent fund, as in the eveut'of the 'destruction of these articles by fire, they are reslioiisitile to Government fof their value.—-The following alterations have taken place in the Staff, to be retained at this head-quarters of the different regiments.——» Corporals not to receive permanent pay aftaf t.he :i:lhinst.-Also, alter the same period, pay will only be allowed to ouf Serjeant per company, including the serjeant- niajor, and likewise for one druminer lo two* companies, including the drum-major. A leiiiiht of the Duke of -——, iu Norfollft who had long rented a farm «t 1TOI. per an-i ltlfn, at the expiration of the lease was tol& lie i'i st be advanced on the renewal of the lease. To this lie objected taid wken lie was told lhat in future be must pay 7001. a year i £ [ be stopped, he appeared thuuderslruck, anil j Tiovild not consent to) give sucli a rent. In th j altrruoon of the same day, au intimate frien<l | called to ai>k him if he would accept the pro<* posals of his Grace's steward, for be had beell informed he had declined rhem, and in that case mi the morning he should go to the Duke and solicit his acceptance ot him as his future tenant. The farmer replied, it was true he had declined another lease oil the proposed I terms, and asked his friend to stop and dnnk. tea with bin). In the mean while, however, | lie dispatched his son with all possible speed t(? the steward, saying, that on matuve coO" sideration, he should be glad to have the fiew lease immediately executed.

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