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ACCIDENTS, OFFENCES, Jfe. Afewdaytago, as two sawyers were em- ployed in culling up au o»k tree, about thir- teen iltches ill diameter, for the use of the Earl of Derby's colliery in Rainford, in Lan- cashire, the man in the pit perceived some- thing to move in the cut they were then cut-' ting, which, on examination, proved to be a full-grown toad. The animal was quite alive when taken up, notwithstanding one of the legs had been cut off by ihe saw. The cavity in which it was found was exactly in the cen- tre of the tree, just large enough to contain the body, and It measured three yards and a half from the root or bottom. The tree was perfectly sound in every part, and not th least crack or aperture discovered that had a communication with the almoshere —That part of the oak which contained the toad is now in the possession of Mr. John Fos. ter, of Rainford. A most extraordinary fraud has been com- initted by some arch impostor, who has per- sonated Earl Percy, and obtained 18,0001. from soirie money leuders, by granting them annuities.—The loan, it seems, was proposed to be only 15,0001. but so eager were the monied men to accommodate, the Heir of the House of Northumberland, that they forced upon him 18,0001. And so numerous were the tribe of* gulls, that the iiiipostor had to sign his name to diiiercnt deeds 55 times. Mr. Nehemiah Taylor, silicon of his Ma- jesty's ship Jamaica, was tried 6y a Court- Martial on Monday arid Tuesday, upon charge of an infamous nature, The chale was fully proved, by the evidence of several witnesses, aud Mr. Taylor was sentenced to be executed on board one of his Majesty's fciSips at Portsmouth. A few days ago, Person, driving a spirited horse in a .gig;, stopped at the public-house, in Hedenham, near Bungay, and very impru- dently took off tile bridle for the horse tofeed while iii the shafts, at the manger abroad. The consequence was his taking fright aud running away full speed, and leaping over a high gate with shoit pales affixed on the top ledge. ?o great •were the powers of exertion. occasioned by his leap, that he not only cleared the gate and the Irzotiii,- ;tbo-oc, but literally took the carriage over the sariie extniwrdmary height, the wheets bareiy touching the top of the paling, nor was Ihe gig at that place at all injured., but afterwards dashed in pieces. Miraeutous Escape.On Saturday se'nnight in the evening, private of tlie North Devon militia, named Toicher, returning from Orcs- too to in crossing over Cat down, owing to lbe dark rIess-of th night, and being intoxicated, lie mistook the wall erected as a fence to the quarry for the stile in the path way. he got over itr and fell down a precipice of at least 90 feet; he first, however, lodged on a jutting rock (what the workmen call a head) about a third of the delith of the decli- vity, when believing hiinstfil to be on the ground, he rose to walk, and was instantly precipitated-to. the bottom Dreadful, how- ever, as was his full, he was enabled, by his cries, to briii,, ptesons, to. his assistance, and after a short time, with very little heip, to walk to kisquarters at the citadel i-The fore part of his skull, in addition to the bruises ou his body, was laid quite bare, aiid his left, leg terribiy lacerated, but there was no fracture or rupture of any .material blood- vessel, and the poor feliowis -said to.lie iu a fair way of rec,over,y. •; ¡, r. I Ditring.Uie hurricarse yeslerday morning, between two knd five orclock, the new erect- ed ^all of the, London Dock was btown down for upwards of 40 yards, and the wooden erections. Several vessels and craft started from their moorings. A most daring attempt at robbery was made on Wednesday evening, at Cootehill, iu the county of of Cavan. As Mr. Cobte, Mr. W. 1,ces, and two other gentlemen were sitting after dinner in the parlour, they weresudden- ly alai-tned by the discharge of a pistol, which lodged a ball in the ceiling, and was immedi- ately followed by the entry of two armed fuf- fians, with blacked faces. The gentlemen sprang up, and Mr. Lees, by. a well aimed blow, brought one of the rufliaiiii. tothe noor. The other rushing forward with a drawn sword to assist his companion, was treated in the same manner, and both of them being se- cured, were sent off next morning, under a guard, to the county gaol It ajjpears that they had information of alarg,c sum ot mo- oey wliiçh one of the company had received that morning, and hoped, by a sudden effort, to make it their -plunder'. j

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