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'.'".'-mrs. st and Evens.'''"s

,'MISCELLANIES. ;''-//'j

=-,jIIfI''i'II■. LONDON MillKSTS.

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=- II f ■ LONDON MillKSTS. COE^J EXCriANtTL, DECEMBER IS. +-oJ.- There was a liberal supply of English and For- eign Wheat this; morhing; the prime samples were taken off at fast Mondays prices.—The or- dinary sorts remain un'sold.-Five maltiag Bar- ley's obtained their former price, being but few at ma I' k. ct. Bofhng 'Pease werg^rether chea pe r, likewise Grey Pease.-—J?ew fresh Oats wercsold at 4ast. week's pi-ices.-the inferior samples were very dull in sale.— Rye, and_ Beans with little variation.—Rapeseed and Linseed keep thai* prices. General Currency as iinder., Wheat.. v,«—i~s 84s 96s 4 Crey Pealse.Zq 61 s (a Fine. ~s 92s 108s Small Beans. 38s 45s llye.. —-s48i54s j Ticks.—s——s Barley.ia^Ss 57s Oats 29s 35s 0* Malt. _s$6» 86s Polands 32s 40s <(«f White Peas—s 70s 84s } It^pe Seed.48s 52s w AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN, By the Quarter of liight Wiikhestec Ikisl«;!«»;- WTieat I Rye. I Barley (fttl" s., d. s. rf. s. d. s..1-. Anglesey,v.. 42 22 sv d. s. rf. s. d. «. 4*. t Anglesey,v.. <—42' 0 22 Carnarvonsh.j 93' 4 47 4 27 Denbighshiw 110 & —" 56 2 | S3 Flintshire^ 118 0 — 58 It Merionethsh. 104 8 -——— 56 6 [ 25 Montgomery^ 109 T i_— 60 0 j 2ft ? Chester, ^1 8 ——-—J SSr. Pitt CLI, pr,, LEATHER/Ax LEAI).ENIlApfi. Butts, 50 to 5G!b. each. 19 to 'iI DittoS6,!o66lb. to Merchants Backs. 18 to Dressing Hides 18 to Fine Coach Hides. 20 to 'i!t Crop HhleS, for cutting, 35. to 40,. 18 to Plat Ordinary, 45 to 50 IT to Calf Skins-, 30 to.401 b. per dozen.. to- Ditto, 50 to 651b. jjer dozen. 36 to Ditto, 30 to 90IT> 3? to Small Seats,'("Greenland) 'f) to fy- Lrirge ditto, per dozen 10; 4 11 TaKuedrtiorse Jlides,]icrlb. 20 to. I