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YB 0UBL E5 W IT H WltON. EXTRACT FROM GENERAL ORDERS. 44 Head-Quarters, Camp, Terre au fieur Julj 13, 1809. It iith extreme pam the General has freard of much liceti#!ous conversation in this -cam p, subversive of every principle of subordi- V" and discipl ne., of patriotism and honour, and tend nig to Those high and solemn »Hf<ca«ionB, by which every military man is bound to itte service of his country. 44 He is fully apprized of the arts which have ifm emplo)ed In seduce the incautious and in- Boceo from their duty, to obtain their signatures lo a bond of infamy, ami *to involve them in; utter -disgrace and ruin. He knows that his life- has' been menaced hy a traitor, but he is- persuaded a majority of the troops he e.oniuiands, A arerleans by birth and in principle, will sooner gaffer martyrdom* (hanatlacti an eternal stigma to their names and families, or raise their hands srsinst the country that gave them birfh. He knows also that-this camp,like all o'hers of equal ex rent, comprehends everv .species of human de- pravity, and tha, on strict scrutiny will exhibit the various traits of character, from the patriot and the hero to 'he coward and the villain—men of firofli; ate live*, fujritlv^s fiomjustice, and de- serters from foreign service. i", But were the General assured, that every Can of his camp hart conibined to violate thtir .oaths, to abandon their dc;y, and defy Govern- In,it and the law, by an act of desperation", 8s foolish as it would he cowardly, wtckcd., and perfidious, they should march to the gibbet over hii wod> because his life, compared to the, fa 1 h¡u! discharge of the high trust confided to 11'HI, would he hut a feather its the balance. In such a disgraceful extremity, the General would save his own honour by shooting the first man who resisted his orders, in which he can have no doubt he would he gallantly seconded by every tfi'icmafl who wears a commission, and by every er of courage and honour. The officers (Yf this army are commanded to Groat the most prompt obedience from their in- f, xs. ao,(to punish on the spot, any man. who v.,i y pause over an order, or utter a seditious ex- pression. Copy of II feiterf),o,z Armstrong, dated rati*, July 4, 1803. 14 FTn-I have received your'letter of the 1st of June, statins: the case of the-Carolina, &c.— The fa'e of this brig and cargo will probably de- pend upon the of a negotiation now pending between the United States and his Majesty the Emperor and Kinsvand" which will, from my pre- ê:rn' y W of the subject be terminated within a ipon'lt or six week's from the present time. 44 T can only add, llvat appearances are now Store favourable than they have lately been. If there are any of your countrymen at Naples, i-r: your sitMation, you will oblise me by communi- cating to them the contents of this letter. I am. Sir, very reqpectftilly, &c. f Signed) 44 JOHN R. r. Reed, supercargo of the American hrírar(>¡iná."


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