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SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETtE. I Admiralty Office, Deceniber 2, 1809. [A Letter from Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood inclosed the following His Majesty^s SMp, Amptyon,>off thc_ CO(ist of Fi-ilil, SIR,—I beg leave to inform you of a, most gallant and successful attack made by the boats of this ship and a detachment of seamen and marines on the enemy's forcoat Cortelazzo, con- sisting of six gun boats, and, a convoy.- of mer- chant Trabaculos, moored in a strong position under a 'battery of four 24-poanders,-at.th.e mouth, of the Piavic, and in sight of the Italian squadron, at Venice.. lhád reconnoitred them on the 24th instant, and found it impracticable, froindhe shallowness of the water, to get thtj ship in, but I conceived they mif:h"' be cm out by (he boats, provided I 9 could.carry th-~ bSiterj ;• and this (ipibioti was- coiiSrmed by a fisherman I detained the same evening,, who gavme a very 'correct account of their force and liltuatiorz., to. prevent any sus- oicion of my design, I. kept out of sight of the land till (lie evening of the 26th, When I crowded all possible sail, and we anchored off the Piavie, atone op the. morning of the 27 th. At tiiiee a defacliment of seamen and marines, commantled by Lieut. I'hilott, first Lieutenant, assisted by Lieutenant Jones (2), and Moore, of the hiarfhes, in. all seventy sum, were landed abrtut a mile below the haitery^Q the southward,, and ádvanèli imlUedetY to-storm it, leaving LjelIteoal\t81¡!ughter,(qlÏr L.ientenapt) fwiih the,, command of the boats, to for the rner the, instant the tarried at, a quarter past three (he aiaftn toas given, the attack was. lfiade the same instant, and such vigour in the assault;, that in ten mimites- the Fort was completely in our possession, attl the concerted signal made, the guns were instantly turned on the gun boats', the fire on which, find musketry from the marines, whom Licnteriant Moore had placerl in a most excellent situation, compelled them to instant surrender, and our boats took possession of the gun-boats and vessels; two of the former are of the largest dimensions. The battery was a complete work, with ;t ditch, and a chetaux de trize round it, and oiii- riieii entered it first by -scaling ladders: the Com- mandant of the tort made his escape with some of his men. two were found dead and one woun- ded, the rest, consisting of 16 of the 3d regiment light infantry, were made prisoners. Having spiked the guns, aadtotatty destroyed the battery and barrack, the whole detachment was re-im- barked by one P, M. I have now, Sir, the additional pleasure of saying, that this service was performed without the. loss of a man on our part. One marine alone was wounded by an explosion of powder after we had possession, but he is doing well. The gallantry and roodeonduct of the com- manding Lieutenant, Mr, Pbillott, hi the execu- tion of this attack, speaks for itself; I have only to say, he had the entire conducting of it, and on this, as on many other occasions fully justified the confidence I placed in him. He speaks in the warmest terms of Lieutenant Jones and Moore, and theoJKperS and men under his orders; the prompt manBW in which. Lieutenant Jones iuruedthegMtSOMthe enemy's vessels, and the judicious disposition of the marines by Lieut. Moore, is high,, praiseworthy .In the variety of boat service we have had, these officers have particularly distinguished themselves, and some months back were bath severely wounded. The silence and regularity of 1 he seamen and marines in their advance to thf& fort, and their bravery in the attack, is equally deserving of praise, and truly characteristic of British seamen. Inclosed is a list of the omcrsand midshipmen employed on_ shore,and in ihe boats. The-surrender of the gun-boats was so quick, thfit our boats had to join in the attack On them, but were mast actively employed after- wards tn getting the prizes out, under the direc- tion of Lieutenant Slaughter:—The above vessels were stafftjnid at Cortelazzo, for the purpose of -(i Atuorte az protecting tilie trade between Venice and Trieste, aIM were commandexl by a C-nmandant de Divi- sion, Monsj, Villeneuvd, who is made prisouer. —1 have, &c. (Signed) W. HOSTF, Captain. Capt. Hargood., his; Majesty's ship Nort/imn- berland, §c,. l<c. §c. in thr- Adriatic. rllere follows a list of gun-boats, &c. captured and destroyed, and a list of Otticerscluployed on this 5crvice.J r. K v'j

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