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THE DRUID FRIGATE. EXTRACT 01 A LETTER FROM CORK, NOV. 23. The Druid frigate, Captain Sir Wifliam Bolton, has captured and brought into this port a very large French brig of war. The circumstances which attended this capture are too unfortunate to render the event, advan. tageous as it is to our trade, a suhject of gratification. They are summarily II)ese In the course of her cruise ihe Druid fell in with three utrange vessels at night, and at a considerable distance from the coast When they were first observed, it was a per feet calm pud therefore ail the advantages which the frigate possessed were useless. Un- able to close those vessels with his ship, Sir William had three boats manned for the pur- pose of reconnoitring; and they were dis- patched upon that service with some admo- nition, that if they were ascertained to be enemy's ships of war, no risk should be in- curred in approaching them. The first Lieu- tenant ol the Druid, Mr. Wafkihs, command- ed this little detachment, and led it. with his boat. Mr. Andrews, the second Lieutenant was in the next boat; and we do not precisely know what officer had charge of" the third". Wth ilw zeal ,wd spirit which distinguish all our naval operations, those gallant officers proceeded upon Ihe duty assigned them .• but unmindful of the prudence which had been recollllllended, j he headmost boat, had scarce- ly made out the nearest vessel to be all enemy, when it was determined to carry her by board- ing. The attempt was accordingly made with the customary bravery and promptitude of British seamen but the enemy was too strong to be assailed successfully by so small a force, and in a short time every man of the boat's' crew, with the intrepid commander, was oi I her killed or wounded. The wounded, among j whom was Lieut. Watkins, were taken on board the enemv's vessel. The wound of this gallant officer, we regret to state, was mortal, aud he died, after enduring the amputation of his thigh. The first boat was so far a-lieaii of the olhcr hoats. bv accident or exertion 111;11 the destruction we have stated took place .0 before she could be supported. The second ¡ boat, however, iu which was Lieut. Andrews not iutiiuidalcd by the fate of the first, reev- ed the attack, but with no better fortune her crew was cither kjiied, wounded, or mads prisoners. Lieut. Andrews, who go heroically followed the example of his brother Officer, received it desperate wound bv a grape shot, in the thigh, during the conflict, and appre- hensions are entertained for his life. The third boat which assailed the enemy, "with the s;une resolution, was not mora successful—her crew suffered similarly. I "AlSO, as the French vessel had accom- ,) ('kis ivork of destrilctioii, slic, V"i:l tlio assistance of sweeps, got out of sight of the I Druid; and Sir W. Bolton, not knowiug what had happened to his boats, kept on the same course with whatever progress his ship could make in such weather. The next day fie agaii, got sight of the enemy, but unable to come up with her, he lost her in the night. Stand- ing on without any deviation, he again ob- served her next day, and again she escaped the following day. Despairing either of gain- illg upon her, or recovering his boats, he al- tered his course during the night; the enemy, by a critical coincidence, had done the same; and the succeeding morning he again got a view of her, and a breeze of wind fortunately springing up, after a chase of some length, i he succeeded in capturing the object of much work and anxiety. The prize proved to be a large national privateer, admirably well fouud in every respect, and strongly manned. It was a subject of deep concern to Sir W. Bolton, to understand the fate of his officers and men upon capturing the brig it was, however, some satisfaction to have recovered file wounded and prisoners of the ship's com- pany 011 hoard her. Lieut, Watkins had been very recently married to a respectable aud amiable young lady of this city. The loss, iii this unhappy affair was 16 killed and wound- cil, aud 17 prisoners, who have been retaken. 'IJie two brigs, consorts to the prize, escape -t-

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