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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, NOV. 27. Foreign OJJice. Nov. 27. A dispatch, of which the following is a copy, was this day received by Iiarl Barhurst, his Ma. jesty's Principal Secretary of State for foreign affairs, from Colonel Carrol, dated Army of the Left, Head Quarters, Salamanca, Oct. 20. SIR,—I have the honour to acquaint you, that on instant, the Duke del Parque moved I forward with his army from Tamanies to Carras- cal del Obispo, and having pushed on a column towards Matilla and Jejo, (as if with an intention of iipproaching Salamanca, by Munigncla,J pro- ceeded to his left: by a rapid lateral movement towards Medesma, where we crossed the Tonnes on the Sd. Oh the 24th we arrived at Amanara, and on the morning of yesterday (the 25th) reached the heights which command Salamanca to the Northward, where the patriots had the mortification to learn that the enemy, having had intimation of our approach, evacuated the town the preceding night, retreating precipitately to Torn,taking with them a quantity of church plate and other articles of plunder. The entrance ofotir army into thi s to wn yester- day, presented a most gratifying spectacle. The different brigades suèeessively forming in the spa- cious aoel beauti fIJI square, proclaimed witlrloud" aud reiterated vivas, their beloved Fernando, whilst the hands of the different corps played several popular and patriotic airs: nor did the zeal of the patriots suffer them to omit the tri- bute-of their gratitude to tl'ir sincere and "firm ally and God save King George and Fernando, were alternately repeated during the entire of the day. Amidst the universal joy which pervaded our ranks, a small portion of regret was discernible, I occasioned by the escape of she enemy, which the soldiers had already ^considered as their captives. The advance of our column by Matilla, induced i the enemy to suppose that we should have ap- I proached Salamanca by Muniguela, and conse- quently drew their attention to that quarter, which presented them many favourable positions, and from whence the passage of the Tonnes is difficult. So judicious, rapid, and masked Tras our march by Ledesma, that, the enemy wits totally-ignorant of our real point of attack, until our arrival at Almanara, a village about three leagues from hence. it is a well ascertained fact, that the first inti- mation General Marci;and had of our approach from Lcdeamo, reached him at six o'clock on the evening of the 24111 i at eight, o'clock his orders for retreat was issued with the utmost secrecy to the of at ten o'clock the intanhy, and at twelve the cavalry, commenced their aiai-el) and so great was their of pursuit, that ihey did Hot halt until the reacli- ed Toro.. I he enemy's loss, ia killed and prisoners. at the battle of Tamames, exceeds 1200; and from every information we can collect, from the best aulliorities here, their wounded amounts to 2000, of which nnmber a great proportion are Officers; one General, one Colonel, several su- baltern Officers, and 75 privates, (lied of their wounds on the night of their retreat from Ta- mames, I Humiliations will take place here this nigbt: and tomorrow a solemn Te Deum will be celebra- ted in thanksgiving for the signal victorygailled at rramamcs over the enemies of liberty and religiou. The victory of Tanaames, and our entrance to Salamanca, will uo douht prove highly beneficial to our cause. This army (which will daily in- crease in numbers) now feels a degree of confi- dence in its powers hitherto unknown to it.-I i have the honour to be, &c. WH.liam Parker CARROL, Major B. S., Col. Sp. S. 1 II!


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