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WANTED, L CURATE, to serve one Church, in the county of Carnarvon, a handsome Stipend he given. For further particulars apply to Rev. W. Evaus, Rector of Crickieth. INIDiBITED HOUSE DUTY, ISOi. 10NFOBMABLE to a r n-srna* I ae-nt aid from the Commis-ii-. iters the noanl cf Taxes, the inspector and Sur- for North Wales, are under the necessity increasing all such Houses, (as are at present irged with only aproportion of such duty) to full value of which such House is or may be )t)alty rented and ascertained to be worth. the days of Appeal will be held at the usual tees in each county, of which due notice will be en. THOMAS JONES, Inspector. Uryntirion, Nov. 26th 1809. TICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. i LL PERSONS having any claim on the «. Estate or Effects of the late Mr. Henry nes of Carnarvon, Mercer, decaased, are (ic- ed to state the nature and amount of their res- tive demands without delay, to Mr. Thomas nes of Carnarvon, Surgeon :—And all Persons o stood indebted to the said Mr. Henry Joner, the time of his decease, or to the concern Of les and Roberts, Mercers, Carnarvon, arc rc- Ssted to pay the same forthwith to the said T. Jones, as the account of the said concern st be immediately settled. Carnarvon, Nov. 12Sth 1809. rUE COMMISSIONERS in a Commission L of Bankrupt awarded ami issued forth iinst Robert Griffiths or Llewcny Farm, in the rish of Henllan, in the county of Denbigh. rmer, Bealer and Chapman, intend to meet on turday the 23d day of December instant, at \iên o'clock in the forenoon, at the Bee Inn Abergfiie, in the saideounty, to make an order r a dividend'of the estate and effects of the d Bankrupt, when and where the Creditors to have not already proved their debts, are to me prepared to prove the xame, or they wili be eluded the benefit of the said dividend, aud all. IIIna not then proved will he disallowed. J. and I OLDEIELD, Solicitors. SEW STATE LOTTERY. lJJ be Drawn in One Vdjj, liili FEBRUARY, 1S10. SCHEME. i = £ 20,000 « £ 80,000 4 5,000 20,000 it 1,000 12,000 SO S00 i 0,000 SO 100 2,000 44 50 2,200 36 25 > 900 860 15 72,000 000 x- 200,000 lis Lottery is upon the same Plan as the last; consists of only 5,000 Numbers (from I to 5,000 lusiVie); but there are Four Tickets of each Ilraber, which will be severally entitled-to what- Prize is drawn against such Number; for stance, if No, 1 should be drawn a Prize of 20,000, the Four Tickets of that Number wi¡] ICH HE entitled to = £ 20,000, making, iu the whole, xso,ooo. Shares will be entitled to their Proportion. TICKETS and SHARES ARE ON SALE AT ALL THE OFFICES. Ifc. — Capital £ 1,200,000. ATLAS JREAND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Sir GRISTOPHER BAYNES, Bart. DIRECTORS. GORDON, Esq. M. P. CHAIRMAN. "tON COCK, Esq. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN. A. Bannerman. n.arles Campbell, Esq. 0 n Carrick, Esq. 3hn Green, Esq. ?hn Higgin, Esq. O. Hume, Esq. 'Iliam La forest, Esq. I Longman, Bsq.M. p. Lewis Lloyd, Esq. Moses Moccatta, Esq. Emanuel Pacifico, Esq. I W. W. Prescott, Esq Joseph Pulley, Esq. C. Smith, Esq. Alderm. Sir T. Turtou, Bt. M.|P. John Woolley, Esq. The following are among the Advantages derived 'to effecting assurances at this Office. That Rent is paid in case Of without any additional Premium. That Farming Slock is assured, without all average Clause, at 2s. per Cent, per Anum. frhat Damage by Lightning is made good. lrhlt Merchandize in the ffest India Docks is assured at 28. per Cent, per Annum, and What Policies ttre issued, and Endorsements and Surveys made free of expence to the assured. J x printed Proposal maybe had, on application Office in. London, or to the respective |ent9 tn Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Cork,.and Cities and Towns in the United Kingdom. By order of the Board, HENRY DESBOROUGII, Jun. Secretary. AGENTS. :ngor, Mr. JOHN RASBROOK. E^,ARVON» ROBT. ROBERTS, Esq. ok?* JOHN JONES, Esq. Bulkely Place, -oiv^d. Mr. JOHN PRICE. GRIPPITH W.1.LIAMS, I^SQ. London. Sept. l*t 1809. WANTED, A SINGLE MAN, who has served his lime in Wales, in the Grocery Line. A refe- rence from his fast employment as to his honesty and sobriety will be required.-For further par- ticulars apply ro the printer of this paper. N. B. This advertisement will not be repeated. -I- I HOLYHKA D JIONT. ) t r|!IIE Gentlemen of I lie Holyhead Hunt re- 8 quest the favour of the Company of their friends, on the nineteenth and twentieth of De- cember. Ordinaries and Balls for the Ladies each day. HOLLAND GRIFFITH, Comptroller. JOHN SKINNER, Dep. Comptroller. Carreglwyd, 28th Nov. 1800. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Mnentwrog, in the county of Merioneth, on Tuesday, the 12th of December next, in Lots, SEVERAL head of Cattle, consisting of a bull, cows in call, vphich have been selected from capital English farms; a.young Heifer, nearly fat, &c, &c. At the same time, 2 strong black draught horses, with long tails, and of the Denbighshire breed. The Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. Nov. 29, IS09. —, — —„— The following Capital Prizes were soM in Shares iu the late* Lotteries by SWIFT & Co.'s Agents, to persons residing in the Country Five of them were in the last Lottery, drawn 20th October. 8,824 = £ 20,000 753. ,29,000 6,791 ..20,000 15,984 -2,000 11,0 < 0 .20,000 8,684 1,000 184 10,000 13,907 i ,000 226 10,000 11,387 1,000 7,157 10,000 13,635 1,000 9,362 10,000 10,231 ,000 8,041. 10,000 548 500 4,099 5,000 2,697 500 12,035 5,000 4,855 ,500 231 5,000 r &c, &c. Welsh Charity School, Grays Inn Road, London. WANTED, a steady active Man and Wife, free front incumbrances, of re spectable condition and education, of good cha- racter, person,, aud address, under forty years of age. The mail to officiate as Secretary and House Steward, &c. and generally to collect subscrip- tions for, and superintend the domestic EcouèHllv or this charity.—The Wife, correspondent in her situation, to act as mistress of the family, and take charge of the general education, &c. of 25 girls, on the establishment, and to reside wholly in the house. Natives of Wale-, will be prefer- red indubitable testimonials of the above quali- fications are indispensible. Applications, to he addressed, post paid, to, and further particulars known from, the Committee at the School, as above. TO THE PUBLIC. SWIFT and Go. he»' leave most respectfully to ieturn their thanks to the Public, for the unexampled patronage and support they experi- euccd as Contractors for the lidt Lottery, and at the same time to express the gratification they feel in having had the honour of laying before the public the first Lottery oil the improved principle, which has at opee fultilled the bencfi- cial iutentiorts of the Chancellor of the Exche- quer, by préventing the evil of insurance, and re- ceived the sanction of the public, as affording a superior chance to the adventurer. The present Lottery is exactly on the same plan as the last, and Will no doubt, he equally honored by the ap- probation of the Public. SCHEME. 4 ■of = £ 20,000 20.of. ^500 4 of 5,000 20 of, ioo 12.of 1,000 4,940 from £ 50 to = £ 15 Only 5,000 Numbers; Four Tickets of every Number, each of which will be entitled to the full amount of whatever Prize is drawn against the Number. Tickets and Shares are selling in great variety, at SWIFT and Co.'s Offices, No. II, Poultry, No. 12, Charing-Cross, and No. 31, Aldgate High-street, London. To the Sheriff of the County of Anglesey. WE request that you will convene a County Meeting on an early Day, to take into consideration the propriety of concur- ring with the inhabitants of the county of Carnar- von, as to the measure of establishing an Infir- mary at Carnarvon, to be entitled the North Wales General Infirmary. Beaumaris, Nov. 28th. 1809. Robert Williams Owen P. Meyrick R- Griffith, D. D. J. B. Sparrow J. H. Hampton J. Panton J. Williams W. Sparrow Hugh Davies, Clerk Robert Williams, do Griffith Roberts John Jones H. Williams John White John White R. Thomas, Clerk M. Lewist' Clerk IM. Lewis, Clerk J. D. Lewis R. Allen R. Lewis John Joues. In compliance with the above requisition, I do appoint a Meeting of the Noblemen, Geatr), Clergy, and freeholders of the county of Angle- sey, to he holden at the Shire Hall, in the town of Beajnnaris, on Friday, the 81h day of Decem- ber next, precisely at 12 o'clock at noon. JOHN THOMAS STANLEY, I snenu. > 29th, 1809.

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