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tVHJ ITED HOUSE DUTY, 1861. g^G:i FiiMABLE to a late Act of Parlia- men. «md directions from the Commissioners of he Board oi Taxes, the Inspector and Sur- \ey-.ns f«»r North Wales, are under the necessity all such Houses, (as are at prssent chj#t:e-A with pniya ptop^rtipn-of such duty) to the t'uil value 01 lyltich such House is or may be iiiiiHUx iv reiiic;1 .)1 t m U'lrid. to be woilhi The of iv i» wilt be held at tin; usual placl;" m etch v » of a't.h due notice will be gire.i. JONES, Inspector. liryntii ion, Nov. 2hf)t lodi). ftOTJCE TO CREDITOR* AND DEBTORS. \Ll PERSONS having any ciaim on the t tsiafc or Effects of the late Mr. Henry nen-of Carnarvon, Mercer, deceased, are dc- eJ it) state the nature and amount ai, Hieir res- ,ti%e demands without delay, to Mr. Thomas nesof Chruarvon, Siirgeoti :-Aiiii all Persons o stood indebted to the said Mr. Henry, Jones rhl time of his or t,) the concern of net and Roberts, Mercers, Camarvon,are re- vested to pay the same forthwith to the sard r. T. Jones, as the account of the said concern iusfbe immediately settled. Ca.rnu.rvoH, Nov. f2Sth 1809. I. Capital £ 1 ,200,000. ATLAS J f IRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Sir CRISTOPHER BAYNES, Bart. DIRECTORS. WILLIAM GORDON, Esq. M. P. CNAIRMA-ST. eIMON COCK, Esq. DEPtJTY Cti AIRMAN. Col. J. A. Bannerman. t Levis Lloyd, Esq. Charles Campbell, Esq. Moses Moccritta,Esq. John Carricfc, Esq. Emanuel Paoifi'co, Esq. John Green, E:IJ. W. W. Preseott, Estl JFcftn.IIigpiii, Esq. Joseph Pulley, Esq, Sivi;tli, ■William Laforeat, Esq. Sir T. Turton, lit. M }P. G. IjOiiginan, Esq. M. P. iolli-I Woolicy, Esq. The following tire tkg Adnantages clcriecd from effecting assurances at this Office. That Rent is paid in arse of Pire, without any additional. Prehviahi. 3'hat Farming Stock is assured, without an average Clause-, at s. per ::Cent. -per ,dmwm. That Damage by Lightning is made good. fjphat JJlercltandizefn the West .India Docks is assured at 2s. per Cent, per AliI/fun, and That Policies are issued, and Endorsements and Surveys made free of exptnee to the xi) fissured. Printed Proposals maybe had, on application et the Office in London, or to the respective Agents in Edinburgh, Glasgow., Dublin, Cork, and other Cities and Towns in the United Kingdom. By order of the Board, HENRY DESBOROUGIT, Jun. Secretary. AGENTS. "Bangor, Mr. JOHN RASUROOK. Carn.<r\on,RoBf.RoKKRTs,Esq. Beaumaris, JouN JONES, Esq. Bulkely Place. Holyhead, 1\1; JOHN PRICE. Holywell, Gnii-'FrfiJ Wu.LIAMS, Esq. Mention. Sept. lit Ift. JSforth Wales General Infirmary. AT a Meeting of the Committee, he'd at the Grand Jury Room in Carnarvon, on Monday the 27th day of November, 1809, for carrying into effect, the resolutions of äeoIJllty Meeting, held for the purpose of establishing an Jrilirmary at Carnarvon, to-be called the North Wales General Infirmary. Sir ROBERT WILLIAMS, Bart. M. P. in the Chair. J t was Restlvul, That application be made to Sir Robert Wil. lianies Vaugoan, Bart. Member, of the county of Werioneth and to Sir Robert Williams, Bart. Owen Putland Meyriek, and Holland Griffith,. Esquires, in the absence of the Member for the county of Anglesea, requesting that they ik,illf be pleased to adopt the proper method for taking the sense of those respective counties, as to the eligibility of concurring with the inhabitants of the county of Carnarvon, in the proposed isea- iiirs." It was also resolved, That, in case county Meetings are held in An- glesey and Merioneth, Hugh Owen, Esq. M.D. William Williams, Esq. of Llangwstenin, Owen Anthony Pocie, Esq. and Mr. Jones, Surgeon, of Carnarvon, be requested to attend such county Meetings, to give every information in their power, relative to the proceedings adopted at the General and Committee Meetings held at Carnarvon. The Medical men at Carnarvon having procur- ed a large supply of Genuine Matter from the National Vaccine Institution in London. It isresolved,, .11 That children be inoculated gratis for the Cow-Pock at the Dispensary in Market-street, the town of Carnarvon, on Tuesday the 5th f of December next, and on every succeeding osday until May, between the hours of ten and ,he in the forenoon,—such children to be re- ..KiTimended by a Magistrate, Clergyman, Medical Man, Churchwarden, or Overseer of the poor, of iuiy place or parish in North Wales, Mes»hiedf That this Meeting be adjourned to be held in the Grand Jury Room, in Carnarvon, on Monday 18th day of December next", Signed by, Sir ROBERT WILLIAMS, Bart. I Chairman. William Williams, 1 Owen Anthony Poole, j JRichard Jones, S „ John Haslam". Esquireu John Evans, J Ker. Henry Jones, ) Owen Jones, > Clerts, Evan Herbert, ) Hugh Owen, M. D. Robert Currie. Robert Beaver, > Surgeons, Thomas Jones, ) Jtesolveil unaniniously, ,1'hat the thanlcs of-this Meeting be given to ir RObert WiUiamx, Bart. for his liberal atten- (!n to this Institution, iUitJ tor his OQBtluct i« the QA t,4i3 dav. k THE COMMISSIONERS in a Commission 1 Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against Robert Griffiths of Lleweny Farm, in the Parish of lienllan, in the county of Denbigh. Farmer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on Saturday the 23d day of December instant, at eleven O'clock in the forenoon, at .the Bee Inn in Abergele, in the said county, to make an order for a dividend of the' estate aod efl'ects of the said Bankrupt, when and i,-hern the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the sam, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend, ;UM! all claims not then proVfA fiJl be disallowed, J. and E, OLI>FiELD4 Solicitor* 1' TO BF, SOLD. At Broriy. Gaderf near doc, Carnarvon shire. NEW STRONG GOKSE MILL, as the ..1; A. are of a superior quality,, it will not be sold uiider Fifty a Hick of excclIclHJ\Ieadoy{ Hay measuring rie:F,'Iy thirteen yards in leugih, three a half in breadth, and Hvcand a half Hay Jiutst. be foddered upon tl',e.premises-Apply (if by,letter post paid) to the Rev. Mr. JONES, Llangedwaiader, ilnglesea. TO BE SOLO nr AUCTION, On the premises (under and by virtue of a Oill of Sale irom John Pearson, of in the county of Anglesey, Book-eJler and Statioaer to.Jared Jacksoa of the same .place, Esq.) on Thursday the 7th day of Decemher next, and the following days until the whole are dis- posed of. s f I;HI.E VALUABLE LIBRARY and Slock .4. in Trade of t'rfe said John Pearson, consist- ing of London made fashionable hats,, haber- dashery, cutlery, trinkets, hardware, Tunbridge ware, oil cases, travelling caps, toys,.velveteens, thicksets, woolen cloths, stationary, perfumery and patent medicines' tea boards, groceries,, tohacco, aquillltity of pipes and various otllet articles. The l,il)rary, wliieli consists of near 500 vo- lume's, may he purchased by private contract, by applying to Messrs.- Jackson and Price, I.Ioly- head. The sale to commence each day at 10 o'clock precisely. Holyhead, Nov. 27, 1809. -h. To the Sheriff of the County of .Anglesey. WE request that 5011 will convene » County Meeting on an early Day, to take into jjconsideraf ion the propriety of concur- ring with the inhabitants of the county ofCarnar- von, as to the measure of establishing an Infir- mary at Carnarvon, to be entitled the ISorth Wales General Inlirmary. Beaumaris, Nov. 28th, 1809. Robert Wiiliams Griffith Roberts Owen P. Meyriek John Jones R. Griffith, D. D. ¡ H. Williams. J. B. Sparrow John While J. II. Hampton H. Thomas, Clerk J.Panton M. Lewis, Clerk J. Williims t< J. D. Lewis W. Sparrow JL Allen Hugh. Davies, Clerk R. Lewis Robert Williams, do t John Jones. In compliance with the above requisition, I do appoint a :Mct-tin^ of the Noblemen, Gentry, Clergy, and t'reetf dders of the COUll:) ofAuftie-' sey, to be holden at the Shire Hall, in the town of Beaumaris, on Friday, the 8th day of Decem- her next, precisely at 12 o'clock at noon. J JOHN THOMAS STANLEY, Shenir. PenfhoS, Nov. 1809.


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