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UN TON-HALL, Nov. 20.—Hugh Jones and Rice Roberts, Two Welch Yirovers, were brought before the Sitting Magistrate, by Snow, one of the Surrey Constables, who stated, that he met the Prisoners, on SUNDAY evening, near the Bockingham Arms, in tha Kent road, one of them was leading a. poney, by a halter, and the other following him; having a suspicion that they had stolen the poney, he went up and stopped them, whciT lie perceived a pair of linen trowsers full of something, lying across the poney, the men also had several parcels concealed about Lhem. On examining the parcels and trowsers, they were found to contain nineteen dozen silk handkerchiefs. Rice Roberts hadalso 6TL. iu Bank-notes, in his pocket. The Prisoners said, they had travelled from WALES to Deal with beasts; whilst ai Deal they had purchased the handkerchiefs, for 5(il. of a man named Prinn, who lives N ar Deal. They bought them as articks of English manufacture, and intended to have sold them on their arrival in Wales. At the Magistrate's desire, several eminent silk mercers attended, who, on examining the handkerchiefs, all agreed in opinion, that they were India handkerchiefs, AND such as are prohibited being sold in this country. A person from the Custom-house attended, who, on this decision, seized the handker- chiefs. The prisoners were then discharged hut immediately afterwards were severally served with a summons to attend before the Magis- tral e on Friday next, and shew cause why the handkerchiefs should not be condemned, and a tine of three times their value levied on tile persons in whose possession they were found by the Officer, according to the Act of Far. liament.

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