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JUDGMENTS. THE KING V. JOHN WffKEtEK, THOMAS VA IEXCE, I JAMES FlTZACKERtY, WILLIAM HA RLEY, R I- CHAnD ASHLEY, EDWARD I, W HENRY DRAM, WILLIAM OAREX.ING, & SAJtuil HAY- TON. The Attorney-Genera! moved fcr jlJdIment on the Defendants they were indicted, at the last Lancaster Assizes, for unlawfully assem- bling in the town of Liverpool, assisted by a ¡ —-jit ..b-:ro!!IIO j number <»f other oris, ON the 2?' .f NOV, j last, and re-cuin John CROILIY, all iu.jr,; SVD •" -■ > • • 'V 1 i I >-«* • 1 '■ < s« ?RR\ i >nent they pleadid qutflj/. TV-ve W^R "rs» affi ON 'HE part of F • • 1. M the indictments. j There WAS also a -O of ASIDAF I{S'PU?|IA by Mr. Clark, Cou; <-H for !hs Defendants, AC knowledging ihe I-J SITING their sorrow for having > .,I;d in such a transaction, which < y FE 1 the'MOMENT the affray was over. 1 hat they were aii journey- men rope-raakers that TLU^IR wages were BUT twenty-four shillings per week; that tliey were all married men, and had families, who depended on their daily labour for subsistence. There were also several affidavits read as to their characters, chiefly BY their employers. They set, forth, that their charariers were wholly u aim peached before the OIITIUE they were indicted for. Mr. Attorney-General, on behalf of the Crown, stated, that it was distressing to Sum to ask a severe judgment to he passed on the Defendants, who had such excellent charac- ters; but what must bethe situation of Liver- pool, when persons deserving such characters could join in such a riot and tumult ? He had I in the course of the last hour, been obliged to tile informations against a number of persons, in the same place, for rising to demolish the rendezvous-houses, employed for the impress- service. This shewed the necessity of a heavy punishment. It was but a few days ago that the Court had passed, what might be called a severe punishment, on a person of the same place, for obstructing the military service; and, without some examples were made, the service of the antsy and navy couid not be made effectual. Mr. Clarke, in an eloquent speech, in mi- tigation of judgment, said, after they had committed the ofteuce, they wished to make every atonement in their power; they did not even attempt to justify their conduct. Tnere were no vicious habits to correct, for they immediately repented. If their I,urdshiris could extend mercy to them, it would raise up the desponding iiearis of their families.— The riols which the Learned Attorney-General had alluded to, were made by FOREIGN sailors (Americans), and not by the PEOPLE of Liver- 0001.. Mr. Justice Le Blanc took a comprehensive view of their offence, and observed, that be- ing married men, and masters of families, could not plead any excuse for them-such pledges ought to have made them more care- ful of their conduct, so as to enahle them to protect those who had a claim to it. The Learned Judge then observed, we livcd ill times when the spirit of riot was gone abroad, when every thing was attempted to be earner by force and tumult, and which makes the Court not to be in a situation to shew mercv. He then concluded, by adjudging the defend- ants should be imprisoned for twelve calendar months, in the Castle of Lancaster.

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