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COURT OF KING'S BENCH, Weshninster, Nov, SO. DEFRAUDING THE POST OFFICE. • Edw. Gooklsherry, Deputy Post-master of Wells, having permitted judgment to go against him by default, was brought up to re- ceive the sentence of the Court. Several affi- davits were read, describing the nature of the offence, which was defrauding the Post-office, by charging it with letters which never passed through his hands. An affidavit was also read, upon the part of the Defendant, which slated, that he was engaged in a business, from which the duties of his office took off his attention in a. great measure, and that he had sustained a loss in conscience to the amount of 2001. He was sentenced by the Court to pay a fine of 2001., and to he imprisoned for eigh- teen calender months. UNIVERSITY" OF OXFORD. Mr. Williams shewed cause agiBit a rule asserting the claim of the University of Oxford to try causes of a a certain description. The case in which this right was intended to be ex- ercised, was in an action brought by one of the young gentlemen against the Proctor, for sending him to the Castie. He submitted, that as the Chanceiior was not living, and as the Vice-Chancellor had applied to the Court, in his own name, without staling that the au- thority was delegated to him, the rule ought not to stand. There being no affidavit of the death of the Chancellor, was also urged against its conti- nuance. The Attorney-Genera!, contended, that as I the privilege was not granted to the, Chancel- lor nor to his Deputy, but to the University itself, such statements were unnecessary the University-seal was affixed to it which was enough. The Rule was ordered to be continued.


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