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WANTED, AN APPRENTICE, to a Surgeon, in the Tow.o 'T -veryoo'. The r>t/tiovtuuity of attemKng the .PunVc Infirmary will be .no iiicon- | siderable advantage. A pr.-aiium will b>expecc- j cd. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post paid) to the printer of this paper. IN THE LAST STATE LOTTER Y. 2,618 4. £ 20,000 2,018 D. £ 20,000 4,099 A 5,000 383 D 1,000 4,099 A 5,000 383 D 1,000 830 A 1,000 830 B 1,000 548 1) 500 4,S55.C .500 The above Capital Prizes were all Sold in Shares By DISH, No. 4, Cornhill, aud 9, Charing Cross, London: who is selling Tickets and Shares in great viltriety for the NEW LOTTERY, which is on the same plan as the last, only with an Improved Scheme, containing 5,000 Numbers and 5,000 Prizes, among which are FORTY CAPITALS. There are Four Tickets of each Numher, and the whole Lottery will be drawn on the 14 th February next, in ONE DAY. BISH, has Agents in most of the principal Towns, who are selling Tickets and Shares, where Schemes, with Particulars, may be had, or at No. 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing Cross, London *Severa! Shares of the above Capitals iu the last Lottery, were Sold in the Neighbourhood of this Town. POPULAR PREACHERS. Just, Published, in One handsome Volume, SlJo. price 9s. boards, f ITl H E PULPIT; or, a Biographical and If Literary Account of Eminent POPULAR PHEACHEIlS, interspersed with OccasionaICLE- iuc\ 1. CRITICISM, for 1809, By ONESIMUS. On Wednesday, November 1, 1809, was pub- lished, (to he coní inned Monthh-") No, I. price 13. of THE WATCHMAN" or THEOLOGICAL INSPECTOR, conducted hy Onesimus. NEW BOOKS JUST PUBLISHED. Carr'3 Poems, with line portrait, £ Is. boards. Ditto, 8vo, 10s. 6d. boards. Dr Doddridge's Family Expo- sitor, 4 v. 4to. £ 4. 16s, boards, Royal paper, £ 1, 4s. boards; the Work may be had in parts at. 16s. each, and the whole will be completed in is parts, or 9 volumes. Robinson's Scripture Characters, 4 v. l2mo. ^ls. 2s. boards. Wal- ker's (of Truro) Fifty-two Sermons on the Bap- tismal Covenant, Ten Commandments, &c. de- signed for every Sunday in the Year, new Edition revised and corrected by the Rev. Samuel Burder, M. A. 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. boards. The N a tiona I Jubilee, Morrally and Politically improved, by a Magistrate, 2s. 6d. *„* Gill oil the Old Testament, part I & 2 are published. London Printed for MATHEWS and LEIGH,18, Strand; sold by the Booksellers in Town and Country.



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