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POLITICAL SUMMJRT.. .q, The treaty of peace between France and Austria has been at length {nihlished a copy of it is given in another part of this paper r its terms arc similar to what re- port had before staled. TqrHtoi-ial sacrthet-s we were prepared to expect, but that the Em peror of Austria shonld have conceded any thin¡!ipgrBdíll{to his character we cerliiniy did not expect; for however deeply we might have lamented his nustortnnes, we were not prepared to deplore his fortitude. We allude Lo the 15th article in the treaty, by which if will be seen, that he has not only acquiesced in the present changes that have taken place in paiu, Portugal, and Italy, hut has pledg- cd hiniSeif to acknowledge every future change in (hose countries The 16th article appears, rather superfluous; for after depriving the Etnperw of Austria of his whole line ol const, Napoleon obliges him to declare he will have tio,c.oniiiiercial intercourse with England! Ini the 17th article the Wounded pride of Austria appears most lamentably glaring the whote i of it being a slipnlalion, that the French j Emperor shall observe the same ceremony, in regard to rank and other etujneite as was ob- served before the present war! This is just as ridiculous as an agreement between a gentle- than and a pick-pocket, where the former should wv, I forgive you the robbery, upon condition,, that when we meet, you pull ■» £ yOut kdt'I SICILY,.—A British force of 2,000 men have sailed from this isJand a large force lias also u'L c a embarked from Malta their object is sup- posed be, to take possession of some of the- Greek Islands in the Archipelago an agreerijent, it is said, having heeu con- eltidp-d witli the I-oite for this purpose. have been received from Smyrna, which state Persia to have de- clared war, in conjunction with this country, against Russia; that such all accession of strength may postpone, if not ultimately vft the fate witty-which the Ottoman Porte is threatened, we may he justified iii TYROL.—The brave inhabitants of this country, notwithstanding the cleuiencv held out to them by Napoteon at the request of the Emperor of Austria, stiii continue to make a most determined, heroic, and destructive re- sistance, as will be seen by extracts of some letters inserted in another page of this paper. ,H, 'I' *1'

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