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pro. WANTED, TWO DR AUGHT HORSES, from 14 to 15 hatv Is high, about 3 or 4 years-old ¡ Inns £ be very God drawers, and a good price will be givem. Ap >ply, (if by Jeter, post paid) to Mr. tvsi. JONES, C "ourt Criccetli, Caruarvonshirs. N. B. Prefei eoce wilbe given to the Denbigh- breed. ^lM« I————— B 5ANGOR HUNT. -04IIII- WILL con imence on Tuesday evening, V v the twee ity-eighth inst. j The Harriers throw off on Wednesday at 9 clock in the Pet itir Cover. Balls on Thu rsday, and Friday cvewing, Ord inaries as usual. ? JC N JONES, Comptroller. HrynMr, ]Voi>. <U it 1809. WANTED, ARESPECTA BLE YOUTH of good con- nections, a* an APPRENTICE to the Linen and WoUeft Drapery business, in the town of Carnarvon, ast le will be treated as one of the family. and every;a tteiition used. a premiuin will be expected. A genteel family may be accommodated 'With handsome an I commodious Lodgings, fur- bished or unCurnisb ed, situate in the most plea- sant part of the at ove town,—For further par- ticulars, apply (if by letter post paid) at the Office of this paper -4 Ten Ga tineas Reward. JJ SEVERAL of th, e Bridges in this county bav- ing been most maliciously injured by throw- ing down the Guan 1 wall, aud various other di- lapidations THIS IS THERE. FORE TO GIVE NOTICE, That if any person o r persons will give informa- tion to Mr. JAMES I )EFITEIlD, County Surveyor, to that the offendcrs may be apprehended, shall an conviction of tht said offenders, receive the ibove reward. Llandegai, Oct. 24> 'h 1809. To the Higl Sheriff of the County q] r Carnarvon. SIR, A T a Meeting Magistrates and several other Gentler at n ol" the Counties of Car- narvon and Angles el i, held at Carnarvon, on "Wednesday the fir tt day of November Instant, it was unanimously resolved that a Plan suggest- ed fame months ag< >, of establishing a Dispensary for sapplyin,- with medicine and with medical advice, the poor > of the counties of Anglesey, Carnarvon, and K ierioneth, would be attended frHh tlx* bene iicial and That Carnarvon, being a large Market Town, and containing a I lumber of regularly educated »efl,.al men, of mu ch professional experience, as Bellas being situat. near the lelltre of the three «oun<>'es, is unquesti ionably the most eligible place for soct) an Instituti on. A Me eting was ag ain held in the Guildhall of the said Town of Ca rnarvon, on Tuesday, the se- venth day of Novt mber (in consequence of a Subscrip lion having I )een opened at Bangor, to- wards establishing a Dispensary in that city), at ^hich Meeting it was resolved, that in order to farm an Institution this nature, on the broad basis of public utility. a County Meeting should be called, on an earl y day, for the purpose of taking intoconsiderati on the proper situation for Dispensary, for relie ving the poor of the coun- ties of A nglesey, Cam. arvon, and Merioneth. WetIne undersigned. do therefore request, that tot will call a County Meeting, on an early day, %• the avfrove purpose, and that the Gentlemen of the coun ties of Anglese y, Carnarvon, and Merio- neth, be invited to attei id the same;— It.. i,ines, CIerk OWi n J ooei, Clerk Th< >mas Jones »d- ward Griffith Ro bert« y* il liam Glyrme Gn mta RottertRoberts Jol in Haslam Ric hard Joaes, Ceft < y Coed Jol to Elli$ Th, )mas Wright Jol m Evans Ev au Herbert, Clef k Bu gh Williams, Cifrk. So bert Beaver Ro! bert Currie Ma tthew Fleming Jol in Lloyd, Clerk Th, ona,s Savage, Jun. Wi tliam Roberts v. Lloyd. In cpr Mtliaucewith the above Requisition, 1 do 4PPoint a. Meeting of the Noblemen, Gentry, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Ca.- •arvon' to be held at the Shire Hall, in the town of Carnarvon, on Tuesday, the 21st Instant, trecisel v at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. Bote. -roes, WILLIAM GRIFFITH, NMJ. 8tk, SHERIFF. To the A ro6temen, Gentry, and Clergy, of the seve- ral ( ,ounties of An{,lesey atld JZe/'Žonetlz. In furt! ler compliance with the above Requisi- n, I ha* "6 the honor to request your attendance the abo\ Meeti">g. aeaD0V WILLIAM GRIFFITH, Sheriff. ■■■ ■' — r


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