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(ggitpm* of jfofog. A VIRGINIA PAPER recently stopped the press to acknowledge the gift of a can of oysters. IT IS CURRENTLY REPORTED that Mr. Band- mann will shortly m&n-y Miss M. Palmer., SIR BERNARD BURKE has just been made a Companion of the Order of the Bath. LORD MONCK, it is said, has received a letter from the Queen through the Duke of Buckingham, com- plimenting him on his administration in Canada. M. VRIES, the black doctor, who pretended to cure cancer, and was at one time well known in Paris, has just died at Porto Rico. AN ENGLISH MONTHLY PERIODICAL has re- cently been started in Florence under the name of the "Fleurdolys." THE DIRECTORS of the Commercial Indemnity Corporation of Great Britain have appointed Mr. William Henry Hodges manager and secretary. COMPRESSED HAY from Bombay is now being landed at Liverpool. The quality and condition are excellent. THE Indcpendance states that the Prince of Wales, when in Paris, paid a visit to Princess Metter- nicb, the Austrian Ambassadress. A CLERGYMAN, after marrying a couple, made a prayer over them, concluding, Forgive them, Lord; they know not what they do." THE NATIONAL LIFEBOAT INSTITUTION has just forwarded to Milford Haven a new lifeboat, which has been presented to it by Titus Salt, Esq., of Brad- ford. SEVERAL hundred Chassepots have been dis-. tributed to the public schools of France, and in every one of them the pupils are to be regularly drilled and taught to shoot. A NAPLES letter states that a Chinese college in that city has been re-established by the Government, and transformed into a_school for Asiatic languages, in order to facilitate relations between Italy and the East. "y A HOST OF REPORTERS called on General Grant, in Washington, the other day, to get his views," but had to be content with learning the views of the servant who answered his door bell. COUNT DE CHAMBORD addressed a telegraphic despatch a few days back to the family of M. Berryer, asking to be informed daily of the celebrated advocate's health by the same medium. MDLLE. CARLOTTA PATTI gave a concert on Monday evening at Versailles. The concert was a great success. This is, we believe, the first time that Mdlle. Carlotta has sung in er near Paris. THE CORPORATION OF LONDON have deter- mined to support the application to the new Parliament for an act to extend the operation of the City Gas A of 1868 to the whole of the metropolis THE COTTON TRADE in Preston appears to be, as indeed it has been for some time, in a very depressed state. Nearly 300,000 spindles are standing, and these also are soon to be increased. THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT lately ap- peared in a paper:—"Edward Eden, painter, is requested to communicate with his brother, when he will hear of something to his advantage-his wife is dead." THE CORRESPONDENT of the Independence states that the late Baron James Rothschild has left X20,000 to be divided amongst his employes and servants, be- sides.216,000 to one of his principal advisers. THE Phormio of Terence will be performed by the Queen's Scholars, as usual, in the Dormitory on the evenings of Thursday, December 10 Tuesday, December 15; and Thursday, December 17. AT THE MIDDLESEX SESSIONS two street ruffians have been sentenced to penal service for five years. In this case Sergeant Ackrell, 15 F, was ordered a gratuity of jCl by the Court. BY THE DEATH of General Pigot, the senior general in the service, Colonel Tidy becomes a Major- General, and vacates the command of the eastern district of the camp at Colchester. A FRENCH paper, in commenting on the death of the Marquis of Hastings, publishes the most elaborate details of his marriage with Laurentine Payet, daughter of one of Lord Anglesea's farmers A LITTLE fellow was eating some bread and milk, when he turned round to his mother and said, Oh, mother, I'm full of glory. There was a sunbeam on my spoon, and I swallowed it." THE QUEEN, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, has granted a pension of 2100 a year to Mr. John Finlay Neilson, in consideration of his diligent services as a parliamentary reporter. THE DEATH was announced on Saturday morn- ing of Lady M'Neill, the wife of the Right Hon. Sir John M'Neill, G.C.B. Her ladyship was a daughter of the late Mr. John Wilson. THE DUKE OF SUTHERLAND has decided to extend the Sutherland Railway from Golspie to Helms- dale at his own expense. The distance is eighteen miles, and the cost cannot be much under £ 100,000. THE GREENWICH HOSPITAL PENSION of 925 a year for warrant officers, vacant by the death of Mr. J. F. Brown, has been awarded to Mr. Enoch Bromley, superannuated gunner. A NEGRO SENTENCED TO DEATH FOR HORSE STEALING. A poor friendless negro, named John M'Caul, has been convicted of horse stealing in Virginia, and sentenced to be hung on Friday, the 18th of De. cember next-New York Times. IT IS IN CONTEMPLATION, to commemorate the Conservative victories in Lancashire, to hold a grand banquet at one of the leading towns in the county, to which Lord Derby, Mr. Disraeli, and the chief members of the Conservative party will be invited. IT WAS INTENDED by the Orangemen of Liver- pool to celebrate the return of Massrs. Cross and Turner by a torchlight procession on Wednesday night, but happily the authorities interfered, and the projected pro- cession was not carried out. MR. JEFFERSON DAVIS, ex-President of the Southern Confederacy, was present at the Warwick meeting last week. By a curious coincidence, he wit- nessed the success of a horse named after a former rival of his—President Lincoln. C; THE FOLLOWING NAMES have been approved of by her Majesty as "of her counsel learned in the law," viz., Edmund Fitz-Moore, Esq., W. G. Lumley, Esq., Sir Patrick Colquhoun, Vernon Lushington, Esq., and C. P. Butt, Esq. THE SLANDER CASE, Sankey v. Wright, to which it is impossible to do more than briefly allude, was brought to a termination on Saturday with a verdict for the plaintiff for X50 damages, on the ground that the instifle-ation was not proved. A STARTLING ANNOUNCEMENT is made by the Lancet, that at least 1,000 out of the 35,000 population of North Shields have been attacked by typhoid fever, which has been and is epidemic in [that place. The known deaths amount to 56. This is outdoing Guild- ford altogether. THE ENGLISH COLONY at Pau rejoices in the possession of a pack of fox-hounds consisting of twenty- two couple, which, under the superintendence ef their gallant M.F.H., Mr. Livingstone, show capital sport. The last meet was at La Magdelaine, on the road to Tarbes. A FEW DAYS AGO two gentlemen, at present residing in Oxford, rode against each other from Oxford to London and back, for a wager. Six horses each were employed in the match, and the heavy weight beat the light ene by three minu-tes. Both gentlemen started at 9.35 a.m., lunched in town, and dined in Oxford. A LETTER from Rome states that the Consistory for the creation af cardinals is deferred till next March. The purple will be conferred upon ten prelates at once. The hat will be bestowed on Monsignor de Merode, and his post of Grand 'Almoner will be given to Monsignor Talbot de Malahide. THE Pall Mall Gazette is informed that Major General Sir C. W. D. Staveley, K.C.B., the second in command of the late expeditionary force to Abyssinia, will be appointed to command the western district, in succession to Lieutenant General Sir Augustus Spencer. IT is in contemplation to establish a debating club for the Inns of Court, upon the model of the Uni. versity Unions. It is hoped that the new scheme will receive eminent patronage. The Middle Temple Hall is named as the probable scene of the debates. THE DUKB AND DUCHESS OF NEWCASTLE are in Paris for the sake of the health of their eldest son, who, some time ago, broke his leg, the bones of which have never properly knit. Dr. Nelaton, who, as a se- nator, declines general practice, has consented to operate in this case. MAJOR-GENERAL SIR W. J. RIDLEY died suddenly on Friday night, after leaving town for Nor- folk. He had been at the Horse Guards early on Friday, and consequently the intimation of his death on the following day was received with much surprise and regret. THE FIRST NATIVE.—It is mentioned as a remarkable fact that a son of American parents, who was born in California, has attained his majority and voted at the recent elections. He is believed to be the only case of the kind. California has thus but one voter who is not a carpet-bagger." INTERESTING EXPERIMENT.—It is said that the Lords of the Treasury are about to try a series of experiments with the view of ascertaining whether Borwick's Yeast Powder would have the desired effect in raising the salaries of the London Castom-house clerks.-Hornet. A MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT occurred a few days back at Dieppe. Captain Lawson, of the English steamer Lucerne, lying in that port, missed his footing, and fell into the water. He was got out as soon as possible, but every means employed to restore animation proved un- availing. THE VICAR OF CAMBERWELL and his parish- ioners are still at variance as to the propriety of intro- ducing the offertory to meet the incidental expenses con- nected with the church. The majority of the parishioners are anxious for its introduction, whilst the vicar is op. posed to it. THE SALES of English wheat noted last week were 66,613 qrs. at 51s. 6d,, against 63,391 qrs. at 68s. lld- in 1867. The London averages were 54s. on 3,864 qrs, The imports into the kingdom for the week ending Nov. 21st were 611,652 cwts. Wheat, and 54,680 cwts- Flour. AT the meeting of the London Chartered Bank of Australia on the 11th of December a dividend of 4 per cent. for the half-year (X40,000) is to be recom- mended, together with the appropriation of X5,000 to the reserve fund, leaving zell,835 to be carried forward. A BILL is to be introduced into Parliament in the ensuing session for the sub-division of the parish of St. Mary, Newington, and the appropriation of a portion of the rectorial income of zea)ooo a year, for the endow- ment of the new parisher ILLINOIS BABIEs.-For big babies, Quincy and Bloomington bear off the palm. Dr. M. J. Roeschlaub, of Quincy, reports six male children, whose average weight at birth was 13t lb.; the largest one weighing 17| lh, and the smallest one 12 lb. Dr. Ballard, of Bloomington, reports one male child of 12 lb. REAL AMERICANS.—It may not be generally, known that New York horses chew tobacco but on the ferry-boats it is not an unusual thing to see men giving their horses a quid," which the animals not only chew, but swallow, and there is a popular idea that the stimu- lant is good for their wind. IT IS REMARKABLE that the pupil of one Anglican prelate and the tutor of another should be now a Catholic priest. Canon Oakeley was educated, as a youth, by the Bishop of Winchester, and when after- wards a fellow of Balliol College was tutor to the new Archbishop of Canterbury. THE CONFERENCE at St. Petersburg relative to the employment of explosive balls in the warfare of European armies held its third sitting on the 16th ult. It is stated that the representatives of the different Powers have formed the same opinion on the subject, and the next meeting will probably be the last. THREE CHILDREN, a boy aged six, and two girls of three years and 18 months, were burned to death on Tuesday morning in the Passage St. Nicholas, Paris. They had been left asleep by their mother, an itinerant seller of coffee to workmen in the streets, and are sup- posed to have on awaking set their bed on fire by play- ing with lucifer matches. A LARGE QUANTITY OF HUMAN BONES, includ- ing some skeletons almost entire, have been exhumed in the Castle Green, Taunton, by workmen engaged in laying down gas mains. It is supposed that during the Parliamentary wars, and especially while Taunten was besieged, the Green was used as a place of burial. THE Kronach Journal states that Count Cho- rinsky, condemned a few months back by the Munich Tribunal for poisoning his wife, and imprisoned in the fortress of Rosenberg, has recently shown such symp- toms of madness as have rendered necessary his transfer to the hospital. Since then the mental alienation has assumed such a character that a straight-waistcoat has had to be put on. THE GERMAN JOURNALS announce that the French gun-factories, even those of the State, having concluded the fabrication of the Chassepots, are working actively on the improved system of weapons adopted by Austria, and that the manufacturers are to furnish the Emperor Francis Joseph's Government with 600,000 muskets by the 1st of April. SOUTH KENSINGTON MUSEUM.—Visitors dur- ing the week ending Nov. 28, 1868 :—On Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, free, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 10,694; on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (admis- sion 6d.), from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., 1,572-Total, 12,266. Average of corresponding week in former years, 7,885. Total from the opening of the museum, 7,927,045. THE University of Rostock, one of the oldest in Germany, has conferred upon Mr. J. E. Carpenter the degree of M.A, and Doctor of Philosophy, in recognition of his literary abilities. As a writer of many of the sweetest songs in our language this compliment is well deserved, while his more recent efforts in the cause of popular education attest that it is well bestowed. A SUFFOLK BATTUE.—Lord Huntingfield and his party at Heveningham-hall, Suffolk, including his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, Colonel Mac- donald. Lord de Lisle and Dudley, Lord Colville, Lord Londesborough, Captain Saville, Mr. Hughes, and the Hon. F. Vanneclr, killed, in four days, 5,235 liead of game, of which 2,357 were brought down on the second day. SPECIAL CONSTABLES. Among election humours a clever thing is reported from Reading. That town is not entirely free from roughs. The Chief Constable is said to have marked them down, to the number of about 200, and had them all sworn in as special constables. Then they were locked up in various public buildings until they were wanted-w-hich was not ) during the election, of course. BARON BEUST'S DECORATIONS.—The decora- tions ef Baron de Beust, which had been recently stolen, have been recovered. They were pledged with an old curiosity dealer for 250 florins by a man who represented himself as a valet to a high personage. As a reward of 200 thalers was promised for the discovery of the thief, the dealer gave information to the police. None of the objects are missing; but the criminal has not been found. SOUTH CAROLINA.—Of the 19,000,000 acres of ( land in the State of South Carolina, only one-fourth is under cultivation. The remainder, some 14,500,000, is mainly in primeval forest. Fully half of the 4,500,000 now under quasi cultivation is for sale, some of it even so low as 1 doi. per acre, and ranging from that up to 20 dols. Good farms have within the year sold as low as 3 dols. per acre and in certain cases, evea below that. A SECOND NIAGARA BRIDGE.—A second sus- pension bridge over the river Niagara will shortly be open to the public, it spans the river just below the American Fall and Clifton-hxmse the distance being 1,264 ft. 4 in. The two cables' each consisting of seven wire-ropes, are 1,900 ft. in length, and 2i in. in diameter. This new bridge exceeds in length that three miles below the Falls by 464 ft. AN UNFORTUNATE affair happened at Newry on Saturday night. The windows of a man named Lindsay, who had voted for Mr. Kirk, were broken. lIe there upon rushed out in an excited state with a pistol in his hand; and firing at a retreating figure which he saw, the shot lodged in the neck of a man named Tweedie. Lindsay was arrested, but was afterwards let out on bail. CITY IMPROVEMENTS.—In the course of a few days the long line of houses opposite to the General Post Office in St. Martin's-le-Grand, will be removed, the whole' of the property haviBg been purchased for the Government. Oa the site now occupied by the houses, buildings will be erected for post-office purposes, the increase of business having rendered more extended I accommodation absolutely necessary. MR. BRIGHT AS A CABINET MINISTER.—In reference to the statement of a contemporary, that cc Mr. Bright will consult both his own independence and the interests of the new Government by remaining one of I its unofficial supporters," the Birmingham Post declares that no person-and certainly no newspaper-has any I authority whatever to speak of Mr. Bright's intentions in this mat-ter. THE LAST OF THE CHURCH-RATE GASES.—At the Wandsworth Police-court, two gentlemen-Mr. Hanbury, a Quaker, and Mr. Ridley-were summoned for non-payment of their proportions of a church-rate of 24d. in the pound, made in the parish of St. Mary, Bal- ham, in May last. Mr. Dayman, the presiding magis- trate, made an order in each case. In the course of the hearing it transpired that this would be the last of the church-rate cases. MISCONDUCT OF A SURGEON.—An inquest of a very shocking nature has been held on the body of a young married woman named Hannah Clifford, whose death, it was alleged, was caused by the gross ignorance or criminal inattention of the surgeon who attended her during her confinement. The jury, after a long consul- tation in-private, returned a verdict of manslaughter against the surgeon, Mr. Popplewell, of Mile-end. AMONG CONTINENTAL EXHIBITIONS the circus of Bell and Jim Myers is the greatest sucoess. At Ghent, in Belgium, the receipts of this mammoth establishment amounted in three days to the large sum of 23,000fr. Myers, who is an American, is not only a performer of extraordinary ability, but possesses great managerial tact. The troupe are all English and American. CONVOCATION.—The Dean fand Chapter of Canterbury, who are guardians of the spiritualities of tha archbishopric during the vacancy, have appointed the Bishop of London to be President of the forthcoming Convocation. His lordship will therefore take the chair at the approaching meetings, and will continue to preside in that capacity until after his enthronement, when he will of course take the chair in his capacity of Archbishop of the Province. A COTTON MILL BURNT DOWN.—Shortly after eleven o'clock on Thursday morning a fire broke out in one of the spinning-rooms of the Windsor Mill, situate at Hollinwood, near Manchester, belonging to Messrs. Kershaw and Co. In little more than half an hour after the engines arrived on the spot the roof of the mill fell in, and shortly afterwards the top floor gave way. Be- tween two and three o'clock the fire was got completely under. The damage will be something considerable, at least X15,000 to £ 20,000. IRISH LEGAL APPOINTMENTS.—Mr. Charles Shaw, Q.C., has been appointed chairman of the county of Monaghan. Mr. Lendrick, Q.C., has resigned the chairmanship of the county of Wicklow. Mr. James P. Hamilton, chairman of the county of Carlow, will be transferred to that county from Wicklow, and Mr. James Wall, Q.C., will be appointed to the chairman- ship of the county of Carlow. MORE RATTENING IN SHEFFIELD. The Sheffield Independent again records a case of rattening in the saw-grinding trade. The bands of three men who had a dispute in the union have been cut into short lengths. Six months ago they were hidden but as that did not compel the recusants to come to terms with the union, the severer step of destroying the bands has been resorted to. ANOTHER TIDAL PHENOMENON.—A Canadian paper states that on the 1st of November, at Cobourg (on the north shore of Lake Ontario), the waters of the lake receded from 50 ft. to 100 ft. from the usual water- mark, returning again rapidly, with a loud rushing sound, similar to that heard when the tide is coming in on the sea coast. The ebbing and flowing were repeated a number of times, for the space of three quarters of an hour. TALKING of the education question, a traveller observed that as he was walking on one occasion under the arcade of the horticultural garden, looking at the works of art displayed there, he came upon two well- dressed ladies, examining a statuette of Andromeda, labelled, "Executed in terra cotta." "Executed in Terra Cotta," says one; "where is that?" "I am sure I don't know," returned the other; but I pity the poor girl, wherever it was." NEw IRISH PEER.—The Evening Mail states that the vacancy in the Irish Peerage caused by the extinction of the titles of the Earl of Clare, Viscount Palmerston, and the Baroness Nairn, has been filled by the selection of Colonel M/Clintock, of Drumcar, county of Louth, for that honour. Colonel M'Clintock is Lord Lieutenant of the county of Louth, and represented the county from 1857 to 1859, having contested it unsuc- cessfully in 1852, 1859, and 1865. ORDNANCE EXPERIMENTS.—The Ordnance Se- lect Committee continued their trial on Friday of Colonel Inglis's wrought-iron gun-carriage for training heavy guns through small portholes. The carriage endured the tremendous shocks of 25 rounds from the 10-inch rifled gun with 40 lb. and 60 lb. charges. The recoil was checked by the hydraulic buffer, which answered admirably. Some of the new 10-inch Shrapnel shell were also proved in this practice. A GOOD EXAMPLE. Å Grateful Curate," writing to the Leicester Journal, says that among the good traits of the late Bishop of Peterborough's cha- racter was the following :-It was his custom every Christmas Day to send to those curates in his diocese who were burdened with large families and slender means a cheque for five or ten pounds. This was enclosed in a letter expressed in the most courteous and plicate terms. ANOTHER RECREATION GROUND FOR BOLTON. —Messrs. S. D. Darbishire and C. J. Darbishire have offered a plot of land to the town of Bolton, containing about 12,000 square yards, for use as a public play- ground. If the land is accepted, the donors will under- take, without loss of time, to enclose and complete it for occupation as a playground, and to complete one-half of the adjoining street when necessary. Considering the increase in the value of land in this district, the plot offered is worth something like £ 3,000. THE NEW OVERLAND ROUTE. The Gazetta deW Emilia announces that the Southern Railway Company of Italy has just bought a mansion at Brindisi, which is to be converted into a magnificent hotel for the accommodation of travellers. The company has also re solved to establish a line of steamers between Brindisi and Bombay, the vessels having been bought in England expressly for the purpose. The passage will occupy twenty days, or four less than by Marseilles, at a saving sf about Y,12 per head for each passenger. THE Oauiois narrates the following anecdote —" in a circle at Compiegne, a few evenings back, the conversation turned on the Chassepots, the irresistible effects of which were explained by a general. The Em- press observed: 4 We also require Chassepots in order to preserve our ascendancy and influence, and they are: beauty and grace at 20 cleverness and wit at 30 j and kindness of heart at 40.' The Emperor, who had gradually approached, answered with a smile: 9 You did not wait for the full age to possess the entire arsenal. FATAL COLLISION IN THE CHANNEL.—The troop ship Crocodile, which left Portsmouth on Thurs- day, for Alexandria, ran into and sank the barque John Dwyer at about six o'clock on Friday morning, in mid- Channel. The unfortunate ship went down in less than 10 minutes, taking with her four of the crew. The mate, Francis Parr, who was in charge (the captain hav- ing died off Cape Horn), and eight others were saved. The barque was on her voyage from Callao, with guano, to Antwerp. The Crocodile was unhurt. THE SUPPOSED MURDER IN DUBLIN.—Tfce inquest on the body of the young medical student killed in Dublin brought out an explanation of the melancholy occurrence after a long investigation. He had jumped from a car in the streets, being somewhat inebriated, and an altercation arose with some persons on the flagway, one of whom, defending himself, struck out with an umbrella, the point of which passed through the eye of Mr. Miles, the deceased, lacerating his brain. His funeral was attended by a great number of medical students, who walked behind the hearse. CANDIDATES AND DETECTIVES.—Lord Chelsea writes as follows I went down to Lancashire to contest the borough of Bury. I had been but a few days in the town before I was informed that the Radicals had sent an emissary to London to ferret out all the details of my private life,' with a view, if possible, of blackening my character before the electors of Bury. The embassy failed in its object, partly, I like to think, because my character was proof against any such inspection, but mainly, 1 ought to add, because the emissary got drunk on his arrival in London, and was immediately locked up ■—a circumstance which no doubt narrowed most incon- veniently his sphere of observation." MELANCHOLY SUICIDE.-A melancholy case of suicide occurred at Exeter on Friday morning. A gen- tleman of independent means, named Martin, residing at Mrs. Radford's lodging-house, on East Southernhay, jumped from his bedroom window to the ground, a dis- tance of about fifty feet, and was killed instantly. He is a tall, handsome man, about thirty-five years of age, and for the past twelve months he has been suffering from a mental affliction, produced by the information of his wife's death. He died from, a fracture of the I skiill, having previously suffered from the effects of a sunstroke when in India, where he was born, and for some time resided. SCESE IN A CANADIAN THEATRE.—A ludic- rous incident occurred at the theatre on Saturday night. A soldier, on whom the good intentions of the Saturday night liquor law had evidently been thrown away, be. came excited during the rendition of the play, the Lancashire Lass," and made several times for the stage, where he wanted to collar the representative of Robert Redburn, whom he evidently considered the greatest villain unhung. He was several times pulled down into the pit from between ths footlights; but eventually, to restore the tranquillity of the audience, had to be carried out of the house.-Toronto Globe. THE NEW FRENCH OFFICIAL ORGAN.—The Moniteur announces that on and after the 31st of De- cember next it will cease to be the official organ of the French Government. On the 1st of January, 1869, a new journal having that character will appear, bearing the title of Le Moniteur Officiel de VEmpire Frangais. The name of the existing organ of the French Govern- ment, it will be remembered, is Le Moniteur Universal Journal Officiel de V Empire Frangais. The old Moniteur will continue, however, to be published, not- withstanding the termination of its connection with the State. SHOCKING DEATH OF A LADY FROM FIRE.— An inquest was held on Saturday afternoon on the body of Ann Clarkeson, aged 63, a lady of independent means, who resided at 27, Oakley-street, Chelsea. From the evidence it appeared that the deceased, who was very infirm, was left alone on Friday morning about eleven o'clock, and a quarter of an hour afterwards a servant, upon going into her room, found it full of smoke and the deceased, lying near the door, insensible and dreadfully burnt. It was supposed that the unfortunate lady's shawl caught fire, and that before she could give an alarm she was overpowered by the smoke and rendered insensible. FORDHAM'S MOUNTS.—The number of races won by George Fordham during the last thirteen years is astonishing, being neither, surpassed, equalled, nor even approached by any other jockey and looking to the fact that the fortunate and accomplished horseman is still a young man, it is reasonable to suppose that his future career during a like number of years will show an equally brilliant result. The number of winning mounts are as follows:-1856, 108; 1857, 84; 1858, 91 1859, 116; 1860, 145; 1861, 105; 1862, 166; 1863, 103; 1864, 137; 1865, 153; 1866, 111 1867, 131 1868, 111. Total number of winning mounts for twelve years, 1,561. BOARS AND Boom.-A number of wild boars, being a few days ago pursued in the wood of Champ- voux (Nievre), made their appearance suddenly in the hamlet of Quatre-Vents, in the midst of a group of about twenty persons, who at once took to flight. But shortly after, seeing that the animals had passed on rapidly, they recovered their courage, and, finding that one of the intruders had stopped to take breath, they returned and attacked it, expecting an easy conquest. However, they were woefully deceived, for it turned fiercely on the assailants, and, making a charge, overthrew men, women, and children, and made its escape. Three persons re- ceived severe wounds. A CURIOUS CONSIDERATION FOR A VOTE."— The Staffordshire Advertiser says that shortly before the election at Stafford the workhouse was visited by canvassers acting for one of the political parties; and an old man, an inmate of the institution, whose name was on the list of voters, was asked for his vote. He said he could not vote as he was requested, and, on being asked the reason, said that he had already promised. He was pressed for an explanation, and he then admitted that he had consented to give his vote for the opposite side to that for which he was being canvassed, on his son-in-law promising that if he did so he would bear the expense of his funeral, so that his should not be "a pauper's burial! RAILWAY COMPENSATION. An action has been brought in the Court of Queen's Bench to recover compensation from the London and North-Western Railway Company. In November, 1867, Lady Beres- ford was travelling to Edinburgh, and on arriving at Carlisle the guard informed her that the train would stop nine minutes, and that the refreshment-room was open. He assisted her to alight, and at that moment the train suddenly moved, and they were both thrown upon the platform. Her ladyship had received injuries of the spine, and had been an invalid ever since. A verdict by consent was taken for zCl,250 damages. Too MUCH OF A GOOD THING.—There is at least one important commercial house in the City which will be well represented in the new House of Commons —that of Messrs. J. Thompson, Bonar, and Co. Of four partners, three have been returned to Parliament— Mr. Thomas Matthias Weguelin (Liberal), for Wolver- hampton, which he has represented for some years Mr. Charles Bell (Conservative), for the City of London and Mr. Christopher Weguelin (Liberal), eldest son of Mr. T. M. Weguelin, and a director of the Bank of England, for Youghal. The remaining member of the firm, who is not in Parliament, is Mr. William Glad- stone, a first cousin of the Liberal leader.—Patl-mall Gazette.











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