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ABSTRACTION OF WATER FBOM THE USy,We are informed that a meeting of the riparian owners of the U sk, and others interested in the question of the abstraction by the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company of Water from the river Usk, will be held at the Green Dragon Hotel, Hereford, on Friday, December 11th, at 12.30 p.m. FIEST BRECKNOCKSHIBE RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS. -Orders for the week ending 12tlt December, 1868.— Officer on duty, Lieut. J. James; orderly sergeant, Jas. Williams; orderly corporal, James Mathews. Full dress parade, with band, on Wednesday, at 7 p.m. Squad drill, Tuesday and Friday, at 7 p.m. Church parade on Sunday, the 13th instant.—W. L. BANKs, capt. commanding.—Orderly room, Brecon, 3rd December, 1868. INTEBMEDIATE EXAMINATION OF ARTICLED CLERKS. —Michaelmas Term, 1868.—In the list of successful candidates at this examination held at the Hall of the Incorporporated Law Society, Chancery Lane, London, on the 12th ult., we are pleased to observe the name of Mr. William Rees Davies, son of Mr. John Davies, jeweller, of this town, articled clerk to, and nephew of Mr. William Davies, solicitor, of Haverfordwest. We understand that the subjects selected by the Examiners on this occasion were of an unusually difficult nature-o which fact cannot but add to the credit which those gentlemen are entitled to who satisfactorily passed such a severe exami- nation. RIFLE COMPETITION. On Wednesday last the usual competition for the monthly challenge cup took place at the rifle range. The number of com- petitors was not so large as usual. Private J. Mel- lor again won the cup, for the second time, and it therefore becomes his property. Subjoined are the scores made on the occasion:— VOLUNTBBBS. Private J.R.Griatths. 9 5 4 18 „ J. Brace 9 13 7 — 29 Corporal H. Bennett 10 9 12 — 31 „ J.Matthews. 11 8 2 21 PrivateG. Whiteman 9 5 2 16 23BD BOTAL WELCH FUSILIERS. Private N. Hall. 13 2 3 18 J. Mellor 12 13 1 82 „ G. Sainsbury 12 7 4 28 MESSES. RANSOMES AND Sæs' PBUlE PLOUGHS.— We copy elsewhere from the Daily Telegraph, a report of, we believe, the last year All England Ploughing Match of the season. Thus the celebrated Ipswich firm, named at the head of this paragraph, have scored in less than three months more than thirty All-England champion prizes-a number totally unprecedented-besides cups and other valuable prizes, in the hands of farmers' sons and local ploughmen, alike unequalled in numbers in the same short space of time. We notice this more particularly, because we find that an agent has now come forward in this neighbourhood with several of these valuable implements, of the newest pattern, direct from the firm. Mr. Daniel Jones, of Pontybat, is the person to whom the first have been consigned, and we feel assured that he will be well rewarded by the sale of the same in his important arable district. Mr. W. Woofe, the commercial agent of the firm, we hear, has arrived to set them going," and explain their system of working to the swing ploughmen of the district, who, it appears, at once seem delighted with the convenient change to wheels and we doubt not, but with Mr. Woofe's tuition-who is so well known to be alike proficient in the field as in the other duties of his profession, that, ere long, there will be heard of even champion wheel-ploughmen in this our far west county of Brecon; and that the use of the above, and such like highly perfected implements, will prove of immediate and lasting benefit to the farmers. Since writing the above we hear that Mr. Howell Watkins, ironmonger, of this town, has like- wise received a consignment of Messrs. Ransome's ploughs. COMMITMENTS TO THE COUNTY GAOL. By H. Gwynne Howell, James Vaughan, and John Bevan, Esquires: Charles Walters, sailor, to 2 calendar months' hard labour, convicted of stealing a pair of boots at Builth. By D. E. Williams and William Davies, Esquires: Thomas Prosser, miner, George Jones, miner, and William Hughes, puddler, to 2 calendar months' hard labour each, in default of the respective penalties of X2 and 8s. 6d. costs, inflicted for trespassing in pursuit of game on certain lands in the parish of Vaynor; Thomas Prosser was further committed, without fine, to 1 calendar month's hard labour, for unlawfully assaulting one Mary Wil- liams, at Vaynor, and George Jones to a further period of 14 days' hard labour, in default of penalty for being drunk and riotous at Vaynor; Evan Davies, collier, to 2 calendar months' hard labour, in default of a penalty of JE1 and 19s. costs, inflicted for assaulting and beating one David Williams, at Vaynor. By Lancelot Powell, Esq.: Mary Ann Price to 14 days' hard labour, in default of penalty, inflicted for being drunk and riotous at Brynmawr. By Lewis Hughes and James Powell, Esquires, and the Rev. Rees Price: William Price, plasterer, to 1 month's hard labour, convicted of having stolen certain bleaching racks at Llandefailogfach. By William deWinton, Esq. (mayor), and John Prothero, Esq.: James Morgan, for re-examination, charged with having promised a voter of the borough of Brecon a certain sum of money to vote for Howel Gwyn, Esq., the same being a misdemeanor (subse- quently admitted to bail); John McDonald, Patrick Fury, and Henry Cooper, boys aged from 10 to 11 years, to 7 days' hard labour each, and once privately whipped with a birch-rod, convicted of having stolen a box containing 9s. 6d., in the borough of Brecon, the property of Mary Bayliss. LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH.—A meeting of this Board took place on Thursday, at noon, at the Town- hall. Mr. John Prothero presided, and there were also present, Alderman Dr. Lucas, Councillors J. R. Cobb, H. C. Rich, A. A. Walton, T. Trew, and John Jones. Captain Brereton and Mr. F. Watkins attended on behalf of the BRECON COUNTY TmEsPrint- ing and Publishing Company, to request the Board to reduce the charge for water for printing purposes. The matter was referred to the water committee, and the deputation requested to attend at the next meeting of the committee on the 29th instant.—Mr. Kirk produced his usual monthly bills, amounting to 924 10s. lid., which were ordered to be paid.- Mr. J. R. Cobb stated that it had been an under. standing that if the Markets Company paid what money they owed the Board would also pay the money which was due from them. Some conver- eation ensued, bringing up the subjects of the alleged encroachments at the Captain's Walk, and the claim of the Markets Company to the value of the wood cut down. No decision in the matter was arrived at, owing to the smallness of the attendance, Mr. Cobb remarking that he merely wished to keep the matter alive. Mr. Cobb likewise asked what was proposed to be done in Lion-street in reference to connecting the old house drains with the new drain; the former were now high and dry.—Mr. Kirk said the Board had power to compel owners of property, within lOOfeet of the sewer, to put in their house drainage, and connect it with the sewer in an efficient manner. Some of the owners had already made the proper connection, but some had not done so, and he was about to ask the Board to make an order that notices should be given to those who had not done so.—Mr. Rich observed it was necessary it should be done while the street was broken up.—On the motion of Mr. Trew, seconded by Mr. Cobb, an order was made accordingly.—A conversation next took place in regard to Lion-yard, and it was resolved, on the motion of Mr. Cobb, seconded by Alderman Lucas, that the necessary steps be taken to effect the proper drainage of Lion-yard and Lion-court, and that the surveyor be directed to prepare plans and sections for the necessary work. —The advisability of compelling parties to have a water supply put into their houses was next dis- cussed.—Mr. Cobb said in Heolrhydd there were three houses which had the water, and they supplied all the rest.—Mr. Walton expressed an opinion that a resolution to the effect proposed was on the books; but it was resolved that the necessary notices should be given.—Mr. Kirk suggested the advisability of continuing the drainage in the cross streets from Lion-street, which would necessitate having a larger pipe.—On the motion of Mr. Trew, seconded by Dr. Lucas, it was resolved that the drainage be con- tinued.—A conversation ensued relative to the old engine-house, but no decision was come to in the matter.—This was all the business before the meet- ing, which then broke up.

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