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(igitflOTt nt jUtos, jr THE DU-BLtg CORPORATION have presente X300 to Dr. Stevens's Hospital. WE ARE GLAD to announce that Miss Amy Sedgwick is recovering from her severe indisposition. GENERAL McLELLAN has been tendered the Presidency of the University of California. A NEW HOSPITAL for Kotherham is projected in connection with the dispensary, at a cost of £ 6,000. A site of about three and a half acres has been secured. THE PRINCE and Princess of Wales dined with Lord Lyons at the Embassy on Sunday. GONZALEZ BRAVO, the last and most tyrannical of the ex-Queen of Spain's prime ministers, has just arrived in Paris. DR. ZELINKA, Burgomaster of Vienna, died on Saturday afternoon IT IS ANNOUNCED that some members of the Royal Family of England will visit Berlin during the next carnival. AMONG THE EVERGREENS laid upon Rosssini's coffin was a sprig cut some years since by the poet Mery from the laurel which grows over Virgil's tomb. LADY EMILY PEEL was safely delivered of a daughter on Saturday afternoon, at the family residence in Whitehall-gardens. THE CORPORATION OF DUBLIN met on Satur- day, and adopted a petition to Parliament prayiag for an amnesty for the political prisoners. A DARING ROBBERY was committed at the Victoria. station, Manchester, on Saturday night, when the mail bag for Soutbport w&s stolen from the station. M. GUYOT, editor of the Indepfrndant du Midi, has been sentenced by the Correctional Court of Nismes to 1,000f. fine, on the charge of "offending the Em- peror." CAPTURE OF SLAVERS.—Her Majesty's ship Nymph has, it is said, this season," captured nine slave dhows on the east coast of Africa. The Lancet announces the accoucheiaent of a young girl at Rochford, Essex, under eleven years of age. Mother and child are doing well. AT THE VARIETES, it is said that M. Ceoignard has just discovered an artist in the person of Mdlle, Aimee, who will entirely eclipse Schneider. DR. F. G. LEE, the editor of the Directorium Anglicanum, has retired from the English Church Union, in consequence of its Liberal proclivities. MR. R. O. YEATS and Mr. W. Hancock have been appointed managers of the London office of the Alliance Bank. THE RIGHT RON. THE EARL OF ELDON has pre- sented the sum of 21,200 to the Oxford University Galleries. THE FRENCH WAR STEAMER DIX DECEMBRE has arrived at Civita Vecchia with ammunition and two mountain guns for the Pontifical Government. GUSTAVE DORE, on the day of the Empress's Fête, offered an exquisite pen and ink sketch drawn on wood to the Empress, and a copy of his Purgatoiro" avant la Zettre to his Majesty. THE INQUEST with reference to the death of the persons killed in the recent accident at Newnham was concluded on Friday, and a verdict of accidental death returned. THE New York Times says that in more than 20 districts of that city the votes actually recorded for candidates for the electoral college exceeded the number on the register. THE choice of the committee has fallen upon Mr. Stephens, who has for several years been in the service of the St. Katharine Dock Company, to be manager-Oirthe new meat market at Smithfield. His ROYAL HIGHNESS the Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein has consented to preside at the annual festival to be held in the spring on behalf of the .■ funds of the University College Hospital. I SIR GEORGE E. CARTIER, BART, and the Hon. Mr. M'Dougall, C.B., Canadian Ministers, now on an official visit to London, have been elected honorary members of the Reform Club. MR. ROBERT CRAWFORD, the defeated Liberal candidate at Shrewsbury, has announced to the electors that he has taken the necessary preliminary steps for petitioning. THE comforting intimation that a gang of burglars is in full working order in the Brixton and Clapham roads has been conveyed to the inhabitants of that quarter by the local journals and the police. THE SALES of English wheat noted last week were 64,842 qrs. at 52s., against 65,920 qrs. at 70s. Id. i in 1867. The London averages were 55s. 5d. on 4,844 qrs. ONE of the numerous corps of keepers of the forest of Compiegne, was shot at the other day, and wounded in the legs by a person supposed to be a poacher, who has not yet been arrested, although the gendarmerie were up all night hunting for him. M. GAMBETTA is to be brought forward as an opposition candidate for Paris at the general election in the room of M. Darimon, who is reproached not only with wearing knee breeches when he goes to Court, but with having turned his coat. MR. JOHN TIMES has at last been honoured with a public recognition of the valuable and important cha- racter of his works. Her Majesty has been pleased to appoint him as one of the sharers in the benefits of the Huggens College Fund. THERE IS A PROVISION m the Act 26th Vict., c. 29, that all bills and claims on any candidate must be sent in to the election agents within one month of the declaration of the election," or the right to recover to be barred. THE ILOYSTON-HALL ESTATE, Kilburn, having a large frontage to the Edgeware-road, and adjoining the station of the North London Railway, has been pur- chased by the United Land Company (Limited) co- operating with the Conservative Land Society. THE FUNERAL of the man shot in Drogheda took place on Sunday, and was made the occasion of a great demonstration. An immense number of people amarchei in procession in military order, wearing crape and green ribbons. THE PREMISES of Martin and Co., timber merchants, and the vinegar works of Mr. White, in North-wall, Dublin, were destroyed on Sunday morning by fire, the extent of the damage being between two aad three thousand pounds. HER MAJESTY the Queen of the Netherlands visited the Prince and Princess Christian at Frogmore on Friday morning. The Prince andTrinoess of Prussia left for London at half-past 10 o'clock, and visited Exeter Hall on Saturday evening. A LETTER of Garibaldi has been published, dated Caprera, Nov. 10, addressed to a friend in Spain. Garibaldi advises the Spaniards to proclaim a Federal Republic, and immediately nominate a Dictator for two years. THE NEW LORD MAYOR presided for the first time at the Court of Aldermen on Thursday. His lord- ship, reviving a custom which had fallen into desuetude, went in his state carriage, drawn by four horses, from the Mansion House to Guildhall. THE Gaulois publishes the following paragraph. We publish to-day our last letter from Compiegne. In the present state of the public mind in France it appears to us unseemly to continue to chronicle cou-rt festivities." A WOMAN, wife of a gardener, has just died at Lindau, Lake of Constance, at the age of 97. Her hus- band, who has attained his 107th year survives. He was married at 28, and his wife at lg • 'their union has therefore lasted 79 years. AN INQUEST HAS BEEN HELD at St. Bartholo- mew's Hospital on John Howard, aged three years the son of a tradesman living in Olerken well. On Sunday night he accidentally set fire to his clothes, got fearfully burnt, and died from the effects. A SCOTCH CLERGYMAN was talking very seri- ously to a parishioner about drinking, and hoped he had produced some effect. And so he had, for the parishioner said, "Ye're right, sir 1 whisky's a bad thing, especially bad whisky ? AN INTERESTING CONCERT was given last week in favour of the German Turnhalle in London. Men- delssohn's Antigone choruses were admirably rendered by the metropolitan Gesangvereine, and Herr Bandmann recited Schiller's "Song of the Bell." THE NOIVRU13ER SESSIONS of the Central Criminal Court and of the Middlesex Sessions commenced on Monday. The calendar at the former contained 99 and that at the latter 155 prisoners. Although ntimeri. cally heavy, the character of the offences charged is not quite so heinous as .Sometimes happens, ttase not being j A singly Kurdst TJIE SUPREME COURT OF TORONTO has granted the writ of habeas corpus sued out in the case of Whelan, now lying under sentence of death for the murder of Mr. D'Arcy M'Gee. THE damage done to property on the polling day at Bristol is not nearly so great as was reported in the first telegraphic accounts, when it could only be a matter of speculation. There are more than a hundred sufferers, whose losses range from £2 to X300, the whole amounting to £ 1,235. ON SATURDAY NIGHT two labouring men named John Irvine and William Graham fought in Lark- lane, Liverpool. Graham insisted on fighting, and in the struggle was knocked down, falling on his head. Soon afterwards he became insensible, and died the next morning. Irvine is in custody. THE St. Petersburgh Gazette reports that the erection af no fewer than ten theatres for the people, all to be situated in the workmen's quarters of the city, is to be begun forthwith, the plans having been approved of by the Minister of the Interior, under whose super- vision they are to be placed. SERIOUS ACCIDENT.—On Saturday morning four men sustained serious injuries at the Victoria Sta- tion, Manchester. They were engaged in painting the roof of the station, when, owing to the slipping of a rope which supported the scaffolding on which they were standing, they fell a distance of abo&t 50 feet. ACCORDING TO RUMOURS, a Portuguese Loan is in course of negotiation with the Paris firm of Messrs. Henge and Co., to meet engagements due in January next. It is also said from Berlin that, in order to cover the deficiency in the Budget, the loan of E. 4,000,000 sterling will be required, but the amount will be placed gradually amongst the Berlin bankers. THE CONTINENTAL PRESS is loud in praise of a young singer, Mdlle. Aglaia Orgeni, who is expected to make her debut immediately at the Theatre Lyrique. She has been performing Valentine at the grand ducal theatre of Carlsruhe, by the express desire of their Majesties, the King and Queen of Prussia, and to the great satisfaction of the public in general. IN SLIGO, the houses of the Roman Catholics who voted for Major Knox have been wrecked. The warehouse of Mr. Harper Campbell, an extensive bacon merchant in the town, was discovered to be on fire on Friday morning, and as, though a Liberal he voted for Major Knox, it is supposed the Bre was the work of an incendiary. Loss -Ri,ooo. UNDER the presidency of General Lefroy, the Ordnance Select Committee have returned to the trial of the Whitworth nine-inch rifled gun at the Shoeburyness ranges. The longest range on record has been obtained —namely, 10,300 yards. The shot weighed 2501b., and the charge was 50lb. of powder, the elevation being the maximum of 33 deg. A RETURN has been issued on the subject of foreign seamen and apprentices, showing that in the year 1867 the number of foreign seamen employed in British ships registered in the United Kingdom was 21,817. In 1865 the number was 20,280. The number of appren- tices bound and registered in British ships was 5,638 in 1865, 5,454 in 1866, and 5,444 in 1867. AN OLD MAN occupying a garret in the Rue du Four-St.-Germain, Paris, and apparently too poor to purchase the necessaries of life, was found dead in his room a few days ago. On searching the few miserable articles of furniture in his room, a sum of P,1,080 in dif- ferent securities was discovered in a drawer. THE HOUSE OF MR. JOHNSON, Sub-Sheriff of Cork, was attacked on Thursday in his absence by an armed party disguised, who presented revolvers, and de. manded arms. Mrs. Johnson and her visitors were greatly terrified. Two men guarded the house, while others ransacked it, and carried off a gun and a sword. THE STORIES of Rossini's vain glory, during his invasion of England, are countless. Who has not heard of his speech to the beauty standing between him and the Duke of Wellington. "Madame, how happy should you be, to find yourself placed between the two greatest men in Europe 1 S&OSSINI was well known for his ions mots. A few days before his death he asked Madame Rossini what hour it was and when she had answered, he next inquired what the difference between her and a clock was The clock points out the'hour to me, whilst you make me forget it." THE number of medical students pursuing their studies at the different schools in London and the pro- vinces amounts to 1,478. Of these 284 are studying in the provinces-at Birmingham, 72 Manchester, 63; Leeds, 32; Liverpool, 30 Newcastle, 27 Bristol, 20; Cambridge, 17; Sheffield, 13 and Hull, 10. SUICIDE.-The body of a young man was found on Thursday morning in a ditch in Crab Tree Manorway, Brith Marshes. His brains were blown out, and a pistol was found lying near him. On him were found a gold watch, a cameo pin, and a purse containing money. His cellar was marked with the name of L. Loerch." AT THE MEETING of the Anglo-Egyptian Banking Company (Limited), the directors' rep@rt, which has already been published, was adopted, and a dividend of XI 10s. per share declared, free of income tax, making, with a previous payment, 121 per cent. for the year. AMONG THE CURIOSITIES of the poll at Sunder- land, the fact is recorded by the Newcastle Chronicle that two women, whose names had been left on the register—probably from their resemblance to male appel- latives, as in the Manchester case—recorded their votes on the polling day, their BaaMS being Winifred Kearney and Joyce Fox. SOUTH KENSINGTON MUSEUM.—Visitors during the week ending Nov. 21, 1868 :-On Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, free, from ten a.m. to ten p.m., 9,186 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (admission 6d.), from ten a.m. till four p.m., l,593-total,10,779. Average of corresponding week in former years, 9,194; total from the opening of the museum, 7,914,779. THE Wilts and Gloucester Standard publishes a complete list of the poll taken at the Cirencester electioiu,, at which the Hon. A. A. Bathurst was victorious over Mr. Inderwick. Not only are the names and addresses of those who voted for either candidate pnblishe(L but a list of the neutrals in the borough is also given. IT IS STATED that the cost of fitting up h(r Majesty's ship Ariadne for the reception of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, family, and attendants, will amount to something approaching to £ 25,00.0. It is not yet stated whether the disbursement will fall on the navy estimates or be provided for in some other way. COLOSSAL EAILWAY-BRIDGE. — The Runeorn Bridge over the Mersey has been built from the designs of the engineer of the London and North Western Railway, and crosses the River Mersey at Runcorn, its object being to shorten considerably the distance between Liverpool and London. It will consist of three bays, of 300ft. each, crossed by open lattice girders. A TELLING ADVERTISEMENT.—The following advertisement is from a recent New York paper If you want a really pure, unsophisticated, family pill,, buy Dr. Rumbolt's liver-encouraging, kidney-persuading, silent Perambulator-27 in a box. This pill is as mild as a pet lamb, and as searching as a small tooth-comb. 0 in It don't go fooling about, but attends strictly to business, and is as certain as an alarum clock." QUEEN ISABELLA, oa the occasion of her fete, received congratulatory despatches from the Emperor Napoleon and the Empress Eugenie, the Emperor of Austria, the King of the Belgians, Count and Countess ?? the .ex-King and Queen of Naples, and several high Spanish personages. Her Majesty also received on this occasion a great number of visits from persons of rank. T.HEf T N.AT*The appoint- mmt of Dr. Tait to Canterbury ls UkeI t(J end to the delay and uncertainty which has loJ attended the action of Dr. Colenso's opponents. Mr the bishop designate for Natal, has abandoned the hone of being consecrated in England, and will ieave ? next month fer the Cape, where he will be consecrated by the Bishop of Cape Town and his suffragans. THE Mansion House Committee, out of the surplus tod subscribed some years ago for the relief of the operatives during the cotton famine, have appor. tioned to Oldham, under on order of Chancery, £ 1,G00 towards the erection of a new infirmary, to cost £10,000, at that place, which hitherto has possessed no medical institution of its own, though its inhabitants number 90,000. STJDDEN DEAT11, A young woman, whose name is at present unknown, died suddenly in Farring- don-streot station on the Metropolitan Railway on Sunday evening, reached that station by a London, Chatham, and Dover train, and got out for the purpose of changing on to the Metropolitan line As she was passing from one platform to the other she was seen rto fall. A porter went to her assistance, but found that she was insensible. Dr. Mundy yras immediately called and ^proisiQMJced her daad. WASTE OF PUBLIC MONEY.-Her Majesty's paddle yacht Victoria and Albert, in dock at Ports- mouth, is being housed in, preparatory to being thoroughly repaired. By the time she is next afloat, under the command of Prince Leiningen, and available for the service of her Majesty, it is probable that the total amount expended upon her hull, engines, and fittings will not fall far short of < £ 80,000. NEW CHURCH AT HOXTON.-The foundation stone of a new church for the populous district of St. Anne, Hoxton, has been laid by Mr. J. Gurney Hoare. The church is designed for a poor and populous district in Ilexton Old Town, forming a part of the large parish of Shoreditch. It was stated that XI,700 must be raised within a short period, or the works at the church site will have to be suspended. ARRESTS AT ASHTON.-Two Irishmen, named Peter Joseph Burns and Martin Constantine, are in cus- tody at Ashton on a charge of treason-felony. Docu- ments found on the prisoner Burns are said to be of an important character. Loaded revolvers were found on each of the men. Both have been volunteers—Burns belonged to a Salford corps and Constantine to an Ashton corps. ELECTION OF LORD MAYOR OF YORK,—On Thursday a special meeting of the Corporation of York to elect a Lord Mayer, in the place of Mr. Alderman Close, who was elected on the 9th inst., but who had since paid the fine of £ 100, and declined to stand, took place. On the motion of Mr. Alderman Meek, seconded by Mr. Alderman Colburn, Mr. Alderman Hargrove (editor of the York Herald) was unanimously elected. p BARONESS JAMES DE ROTHSCHILD has sent 2,000f. to the poor of the 8th arrondissement, and 3,000f. to those of the 9th, on the occasion of her hus- band's death. The incredible statement is made by the Figaro, that on the day of Baron James de Rothschild's funeral his widow gave orders that every beggar who came to the door should receive a gold piece of 20f., and that in pursuance of this order no less than zel2,000 sterling was given away in the course of the day. GALLANT RESCUE.—The brig Robert and Sarah of BIyth, in ballast, struck on the rocks at Cullercoats, Northumberland, in a south-east wind and strong sea, OR Saturday night. The lifeboat Palmerston, of the National Lifeboat Institutien, was at once launched, and fortunately succeeded in rescuing the crew of eight men, who were safely brought ashore. The night was very dark. The ship remains on the rocks and is likely to become a total wreck. ELECTION RIOT.—A very serious riot took place at Sheepshed on Friday, during the polling for the North Leicestershire contest. The police were over- powered, and a detachment of the constabulary sent from Loughborough were very severely handled. The polling at Sheepshed was adjourned till Saturday, in consequence of the disturbance, but only eight votes were recorded during the whole of the latter day. ELECTORAL PLEDGES.—A curious example of the uncertainty of pledges given by electors in small boroughs is furnished by the Carlow Sentinel, which publishes the names of 22 voters who signed a requisition to Mr. Rochfort, pledging themselves to give their "un- divided and unqualified support." Nine of them kept their promises, four abstained from voting, and nine voted against him. THE SCOTTISH ASSEMBLIES FOR 1869.-At a meeting of the old moderators, last week, Dr. Norman M'Leocl was nominated Moderator of the next General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. At the private meeting of the Free Church Commission, Sir Henry W. Moncrieff, Bart., principal clerk of assembly, was nomi- nated Moderator of the next General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland. WOMAN SUFFRAGE.—At Ashford, in East Kent, the names of thirty-five women were on the register, but the chairmen of the Liberal and Conserva- tive committees had issued a joint circular requesting them not to vote. Several of the ladies, not approving of this, went to the poll and recorded their votes. In Finsbury more than fifteen ladies registered their votes, whilst perfect order,prevailed. REPRESENTATIVE PEERS OF SCOTLAND.—The election of the 16 representative peers of Scotland will take place in Holyrood-house on the 10th December next. With amusing quaintness the royal proclamation enjoins the magistrates of Edinburgh to take special care to preserve the peace thereof during the time of the said election, and to prevent all manner of riots, tumults, disorder, and violence whatsoever." This is a relic of ,the early post-union-days.—London Scotsman, PROPOSED TESTIMONIAL TO MR. ROEBUCK.— A proposition, originating with some of the working ,claes electors of Sheffield, to present Mr. Roebuck with a handsome testimonial, in consideration of his 20 years' service as a member of Parliament for that borough, has | been very warmly taken up. Although no general can- vass has as yet been started, a considerable sum has beea j cent in unsolicited, the amount already subscribed ii approaching £ 2,000. ij A NEw POLITICAL MOVEMFNT.-A new politi- cal combination is to be formed in London. The follow- ing resolution will be submitted at the next meeting of the City of London Tradesmen's Club The tradesmen of the United Kingdom not being adequately repre- sented in Parliament, it is desirable that the City of SLoadon Tradesmen's Club do form itself into a perma- nent committee, for the purpose of promoting the return of'tradesmen to the House of EXTRAORDINARY ESCAPE. A man named Barrington, living in Wells, had a narrow escape of losing his life by a gun which he was carrying in his hand going off, a day or two back. The charge passed through his hand and the lower part of his face, coming out at his right eye, completely carrying away his face. He was employed on the road cracking stones, and occasionally amusing himself by shooting sabbits, game, &e. when no person was near. THE METROPOLIS OF THE P ACIFW.-The real estate assessment of San 'Francisco city and county for according to the San Francisco Bulletin, foots up a total of 65,452,965 dols. the assessment for 1867-8 was 57,882,113 dots., showing an increase during last year of 7,570,852 dols., or over 13 per cent. The taxable value of real estate assessed for 1859-60 was only 14,172,235 dols., showing an increase ia nine years of 51,280;:730 dols., or 362 per cent. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE.Lt a late hour ON Sun- day night Tottenham-court-road presented a scene of the greatest confusion, foot-paths and carriage roads being rendered almost impassable, owing to the many thousands of persons who lined them. A fire broke out in the premises of Messrs. Ivory, pianoforte manufac- turers, Euston-road, near the Tottenham-court-road. It was fortunately confined to the upper floor of the building, but the damage done is nevertheless conside- rable. DEATH FROM HYDROPHOBIA.—On Saturday evening, Mr. Jesse Greenwood, the landlord of the Woolsorters' Arms, Chapeltown, Halifax, died of hydro- phobia. This is the third case in Halifax within a few weeks. The deceased was bitten on the mouth by his dog about eight weeks ago. He applied caustic to the part at the time and imagined he had got over the danger. On Wednesday, however, he began to bark like a dog, and to show other marked symptoms of the disease, of which he died in a horrid state. AN OBSTINATE PRELATE.—It may -be remem- ber-ed that the Archbishop of Olmutz had been suc- cessively condemned to various fines, in consequence of his refusal to hand over to the civil authorities the marriage registers in his possession. A further delay has been granted by the judge, within which, if his grace failed to deliver them, he was to be subjected to a penalty of 30,000 florins. The prelate, however, finally gave up the documents at the very last moment. A Wouix's VOTE IN DUBLix.-During the polling in the North City Ward, a woman named Jessie Bruce presented herself to record her vote for Pim and Corrigan. It was found that her name was in the regi- ster, and after going through the form of voting she was borne away in triumph by an enthusiastic crowd of ma- tons and spinsters, who cheered her to the echo on her way to Moore-street. THE CULTIVATION OF RICE in certain districts of Piedmont has recently been extended, owing to an improved water supply, but the effect upon the public health is found to be very injurious, intermittent fever having prevailed in several villages throughout the autumn. King Victor Emmanuel has in consequence given orders that on his vast private estates no more rice shall be grown. BIRTH AT A RAILWAY STATION.—On Satur- day afternoon, a poor woman, Mrs. Cross, of Greenwich, was suddenly seized with pains of labour at the City Terminus of the South-Eastern Railway, Cannon-street. Mr. William Rees, surgesn, being in attendance, rendered his assistance, and the poor woman was safely delivered of a fine male child. Great praise is due to Mrs. Abbott, wife of the station master, and to Mrs. Bates, for their very kind and prompt attention in supplying the mother and the little stranger with all the necessary .comforts, &c., the case demanded. Both mother and child are doing wei). &&d are siiii at the ladies' waitiBg-MMKa. THE EX-EMPRESS CHARLOTTE.—The Mérnorial t Diplomatique contains an improved account of the health and mental state of the Empress Charlotte, who, states that paper, has recovered from the effects of the unusual heat of last summer, and is now able to sleep at night. She has resumed her occupations of painting and writing, and even contemplates compiling a history of her husband's reign in Mexico. The Empress has extreme facility in writing, and has already published under a pseudonym. THE COURTS OF LAW IN SCOTLAND.—The undermentioned gentlemen have consented to act as Commissioners for inquiring into matters relating to the Courts of Law in Scotland, and will be included in a new Commission to be issued for such purpose :—Sir William Page Wood, a Judge of the Court of Appeal in Chancery; Sir James Shaw Willes, one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas; Sir Edward Colebrook James Camp- bell, Esq., Sheriff Substitute of Edinburgh; James Adam, Esq., advocate; and Alexander Burns Shand, Esq., advocate. BARON JAMES ROTHSCHILD'S WILL was opened on Wednesday, at the Palais de Justice, Paris, It is of enormous length, and bears the date of 1848. There are also two long codicils. The magistrate, after opening the documents, handed them over to the exe- cutors. The Journal de Paris estimates the baron's property at about two milliards of francs. Besides his house in the Rize Lafitte, his villa in the Bois de Bou- logne, and his seat of Ferrieres, the baron possessed fifty-one houses in Paris. He had also palaces and houses at Rome, Naples, Florence, and Turin. On his arrival in Paris, in 1812, his fortune was ^40,000. FIRE AT A COLLIERY.—A serious fire broke cut at the Pewfall Colliery, Ashton-in-Mackerfield, on Thursday, which has resulted in the destruction of all the pit gearing above ground. A number of colliers were at work below when the fire occurred, and had there not been a second means of exit from the pit the consequences might have been very serious, as the cage fell to the bottom of the shaft whea the fire destroyed the woodwork by which it was supported. It is sup- posed that the fire originated by some coal falling from a grate on the pit brow and igniting some timber. THE BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA.—It is said that the Black Hole of Calcutta has been at length dis- covered. No one has hitherto been able to ascertain the exact position of the dungeon where so many of our countrymen perished in 1756. Conjecture pointed to a spot in the southern curtain of the old fort of Calcutta, which is now being pulled down and here a space, the exact counterpart of the Hole, has been discovered by Dr. Norman Chevers, who has been on the outlook for the place for some years.—British Medical Journal. ROBBERIES IN CAMBFP.WELL.The inhabi- tants of higher Camberwell are more excited by the frequent robberies that have taken place recently in that neighbourhood than from any political agitation. The residences of Mr. de Claremont, Mr. Heilger, Dr. Hudson, Mr. Koebel. and Mr. Romer have been entered, and property, chiefly jewellery, to a large amount has been taken from the upper rooms, while the members of the family have been engaged in the lower suite of apartments. THE LATE MARQUIS OF HASTINGS.—Bell's Life states that by his will the Marquis of Hastings left all his colliery property, his house in Grosvenor-square, Craven-lodge at Melton Mowbray, and all his plate jewellery, and furniture of every description to be con- verted into money, and the proceeds to be invested for the benent ef the marchioness for her life; but in case she should marry again, then to be divided between the children of his sister, Lady Marsham. The Earl, we understand, is likely to be disposed of by private con- tract. The remainder of his horses will shortly go to the hammer at Tattersall's. The settlement of the marchioness, which amounts to aC2,000 per annum, is secured on the Rowallan estate. THE REPORT of the First General Meeting of the Tower Subway Company has been published, from which it appears that considerable progress has been made towards the construction of the first of the com- pany's subways. The object of the company is to con- struct underground roads for omnibuses and other traffic from various points of the metropolis, with a view effec. tually to relieve the present overcrowding of the streets. It is impossible to over-estimate the advantages which will result from such undertakings, should experience prove them to be practicable, especially as the metro- polis is again threatened with a deluge of railway schemes, more or less ridiculous in their pretensions. COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PASSEXGRR AND GUARD.—Steps have been already taken by the South Eastern Company to carry into effect the requirements of the act of last session to provide communication be- tween.passenger, guard, and driver. There are now four express trains fitted with the electrical communication designed by Mr. Walker, the electrician to the company. The carriages fitted with this apparatus are not permit- ted to work regularly in other trains, and at the end of each journey the electric couplings are taken off the car- riages and carefully placed in boxes provided for them. Since the trains so fitted have been running there has ,not been a single instance of the communication having 'beenused.-Railway News.









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