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FOR SALE, FIFTY TONS of well-barvested HAY. Apply to J. A. F. SNEAD, Esq., Bank, Brecon. [1114 THE NEW ENDORSING PRESS Inks itself and gives a Distinct Impression.— (including Die), ONE GUINEA. NO place of business should be without it. A specimen may be seen, or an impression from it sent by post, on application at the -n "BRECON COUNTY TIMES". OFFICE. LONDON NEWSPAPERS P()sted by M J Morning and Evening Mails with undeviating regularity. A liberal Discount allowed for payment in advance, or a reference to a London Banker or Agent. Magazines and Stationery forwarded Carriage Free for a 20s. order.—Apply to W. ALEXANDER (late BROOKS), 24, Old Cavendish St., London, W. Established 1760. A List of Newspapers forwarded for one stamp. [1126 BENJAMIN THE GROCER, HIGH STREET, BRECON &> <v cv „ & ? # FIRST-CLASS THRASHING MACHINES, WINNOWING MACHINES, CHAFF CUTTERS, AND PULPERS, With every description of AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, adapted for Steam, Horse, or Manual Labour. AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. N.B.—Carriage paid, by Rail, Twenty Miles from Works of Makers. HODGES & W RIGHT, BRECON. [1062 BRISTOL PACKET COMPANY. JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the town of Brecon and neighbourhood that he has just taken to the old-established and well-conducted CARRYING BUSINESS @f the late Mr. W. THOMAS, and that all goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by PBOTHEKO'S BOATs-from London, per Great Western and South Wales Railway, Newport,"—from Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and the North of England, per London and North Western Railway" to Newport,—thence "per PROTHERO'S BOATS"—and all goeds from Bristol, 'per Burton's Bristol Packet." GOODS CARRIED and DELIVERED WITB CARE and at MODERATE CHARGES. No more complaints of delay in delivering goods!—PROTHERO'S BOATS will await the arrival of the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. [17 THE BRECON COUNTY TIMES, NEATH GAZETTE, And Advertiser for the Counties of BRECON, GLAMORGAN, RADNOR, CARMARTHEN, CARDIGAN, MONTGOMERY, HEREFORD, and MONMOUTH. Published on Friday afternoons, for Saturdays; price (unstamped), 2d. This Paper, which comprises Eight Pages—Forty-eight Columns-has not only established itself as the COUNTY PAPER FOR BRECONSHIRE, But has acquired also such an extensive sale in the adjoining Counties, that (with two exceptions) it now enjoys the LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN SOUTH WALES In the important town of Neath its circulation exceeds by six times that of ALL OTHER LOCAL WEEKLY PAPERS COMBINED! From these facts it will readily be seen that it commends itself to the Public as one of the BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS IN THE PRINCIPALITY. Advertisements are charged according to a very moderate uniform scale, copies of which may be obtained, free by post, on application. Copies of the Paper are supplied to Subscribers from the Chief Office, or any of the numerous Agencies, on the following terms :— If paid in advance. Credit. Delivered by Messenger, per quarter 2s. 2d. 2s. 6d. By Post 3s. 3d. 3s. 6d. GENERAL PRINTING Is executed at the office of this Paper, NEATLY, EXPEDITIOUSLY, and CORRECTLY, the possession of NEW and MODERN TYPE and IMPROVED MACHINERY (driven by Hydraulic Power), enabling the Proprietors to offer the Public advantages in these respects, as well as in regard to price, such as have hitherto been unattainable in this district. FINE and COLOR PRINTING executed in the best style of Typographic Art. Proofs by return of post when required. Carriage of Parcels prepaid to any Station on the Main Lines running from Brecon. Estimates furnished for any class of work, upon application, by post or otherwise PRINTING OFFICES,—CHURCH STREET, BRECON. [1068 WILLIAM FARR, PRINTER, AND PUBLISHER OF THE BRECON JOURNAL," BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public generally that he has disposed of his NEWSPAPER and GENERAL PRINTING BUSINESS to the BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, in whose favour he respectfully solicits a continuance of the support so kindly extended to him during the past 17 years. c THE "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, IN referring to the above announcement, beg to solicit, on their own behalf, the support of the inhabitants generally of the extensive district over which their business operations extend. The incorporation of Mr. Farr's Paper with their own renders the "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" THE ONLY NEWSPAPER NOW PUBLISHED IN THE COUNTY OF BRECON, whilst, with regard to General Printing, they feel assured that but few Country Offices can give to their Customers the advantages they are enabled to offer, in style, expedition, correctness, and moderate charges. BRECON COUNTY TIMES" Printing Offices, Church Street, Brecon. [1067 "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE, BRECON. BOOKBINDING AT LONDON PRICES. NEWSPAPERS, &c. The Illustrated News," Illustrated Times," Punch," Tomahawk," Fun," Cottage Gardener," &c., bound in London Cloth Covers, or strongly Half-bound in Roan at the same price; or Half-bound in Calf at a small additional charge. PERIODICALS. "Cornbill Magazine," Temple Bar," "London Society," "St. Paul' "Belgravia," "Tinsley's Magazine," Chambers's Journal," Sunday Magazine," Good Words," Cassell's numerous publications, and all other periodicals, neatly and appropriately bound at very Moderate Charges. MUSIC Nearly Half-bound in Roan or Calf. PORTFOLIOS For holding Music, Prints, Drawings, Maps, &c., made to order. FAMILY BIBLES, And other Devotional Works, handsomely bound in Morocco, with Gilt Edges, Tooled Sides, and Baoks. LAW BINDING. The "Law Journal Reports" arranged and bound in Volumes, as per Publishers' instructions, or in any other method which may be preferred. Circuit and Law Binding of every description. ACCOUNT BOOKS Of every kind ruled to pattern, and bound in the most durable manner. N.B.—The Materials for Binding, especially the Roan, Calf, Morocco, Cloth, and Marble Papers, have been selected with care from the. large Stock of an eminent London Firm, and are of the choicest manufacture. The work being executed entirely on the premises one profit only is charged at the "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE. [1069 THE "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" RAILWAY TIME TABLE. THIS convenient TIME TABLE for the Pocket (with alterations for Nov. 1868,) may be obtained at the Agencies of the BRECON COUNTY TIMES, and at the various Railway Stations in the district. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY. [1070 IMPORTANT NOTICE. A MOST FACTORABLE OPPOR- TUNITY, by which a sum of £ 20,000 can be obtained on the small outlay of £1 only, by a bona- fide Money Transaction, established and guaranteed by Government. For Prospectus containing full particulars (which will be sent gratis), apply by letter, address J. A. RINOK, 14, Duke Street. Adelphi, London, W.C. [1149 IMPORTANT. IF you want to BORROW MONEY at a cheap rate, go to Mr. W. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock-street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and he will guarantee that, with approved personal security, you can have any sum from £ 50 to X2,000, for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, repayable by fixed l half-yearly or quarterly instalments. Office hours: 10 to 6. [174 VELINNEWYDD FARM, In the Parish of Llanthetty, Breconshire, 2 miles from the Talybont Station on the Brecon and Merthyr Railway. Sale of 300 Mountain SHEEP, 10 Head of CATTLE, and 5 HORSES, IMPLEMENTS, &c. MR. JAS. HALL has been instructed by GEORGE OVERTON, Esq. (who is giving up the Farm), to SELL by AUCTION, On Wednesday, the 2nd day of December, 1868, The whole of the STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c., comprising 60 mountain ewes, 60 lambs, 30 fat wethers, nice weights, and 150 two and three-years- old store wethers; 4 pure-bred Hereford cows, to calve in good season; 1 barren cow, 1 cross-bred in- calf heifer, very promising; 2 yearling steers, 2 heifer calves, 2 cart mares in foal, 1 cob pony, 13t hands, four-years-old, very handsome, and a rare mover; 2 chestnut mare ponies. IMPLEMENTS Gambo, narrow-wheel cart, ploughs, &c. Three Months' credit on approved Bills, and a Discount at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum on all sums above £ 10. The days being short, Luncheon will be on the table at 11 o'clock, and the Sale will commence at 12. The Auctioneer earnestly solicits a punctual atten- dance. Cae Prior, Brecon, November 16, 1868. [1174 YNISMARDY, NEAR BRITON FERRY. LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES FOR SALE. MR. P. DAVIES has been instructed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, On Monday, the 30th day of November, 1868, At the OAK INN, Neath, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to conditions of sale), the following valuable Leasehold PROPERTY:- LOT I.-One superior-built DWELLING-HOUSE, with the Garden belonging thereto, situate at Ynismardy, near Briton Ferry, in the occupation of the proprietor, Mt". Henry Corker. LOT 2.-Five bubstamially-built DWELLING- HOUSES, adjoining Lot 1, with separate Gardens attached to each, and now in the occupation of respectable tenants at rents amounting in the whole to X45 10s. Od. per annum. The House forming Lot 1 contains eight commo- dious and convenient Rooms, and is well adapted for the residence of a large family. The Buildings are of superior kind and in excel- lent roadition, having been erected with the best materials in the year 1863, and they are well worthy the attention of capitalists. The Property is held for the term of 80 years, from the 24th June, 1863, subject to the yearly Ground Rent of X9 10s. Od. Further particulars may be had of Mr. H. CORKER, or of the AUCTIONEER, Neath. Neath, Nov. 13th, 1868 [1176 TOWN OF NEATH, GLAMORGANSHIRE. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR PHILIP DAVIES will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, On Monday, the 30th day of November, 1868, At the OAK INN, NEATH, at 4 for 5 o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to Conditions of Sale to be then produced), the following valuable FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PROPERTY:— LOT 1.—All those Four recently-erected LEASE. HOLD COTTAGES or DWELLING HOUSES, together with the GARDENS to the same, belonging and situate in Rosser-street, Neath. These Premises are now let to respectable tenants, and produce a yearly rental of £31 4s.—The Pro- perty is held under Lease for the term of 99 years from 25th March, 1866, at a Ground Rent of L6 8s. per annum. LOT 2.-All that FREEHOLD SHOP, together with the Five FREEHOLD COTTAGES adjoining thereto, situate in High-street (Butter-street), Neath. These Premises have only recently been erected, and are now let at a rental of zC44 10s. per annum. LOT 3.-All that FREEHOLD HOUSE and COTTAGE adjoining thereto, situate in Cattle- street, Neath, and attached to the property of Mr. Thomas Thomas, Lotg Acre, London. These Premises are now in the occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins and Mr. David Butterfield, and produce a rental of B16 18s. per annum. For further particulars and to view, apply to the AUCTIONEER, at his Offices, Old Market-street, Neath. Neath, 20th November, 1868. [1183 IMPORTANT TO FARMERS AND CATTLE DEALERS. GRAZING to LET at TREGUNTER, Breconshire, from 30th NOVEMBER till 5th APRIL next. LOT I.-South Park, about 49 Acres. LOT 2.- Left of Drive, North Park, about 30 Acres. LOT 3.-Right of Drive, ditto, about 30 Acres. LOT 4.-Lodge Field, about 5 Acres. Tenders for the above to be sent, on or before SATURDAY, the 14th instant, to MR. EVAN JONES, BANK, BRECON. Brecon, November 4th, 1868. [1151 TO be LET.—A WHARF, on Canal Bank, with STABLES, GRANARY, and SHEDS, in CHARLES-STREET, WATTON.—Apply to Mr. JOHN PROTHERO. [987 O INNKEEPERS.—TO be LET, with immediate possession, an old-established DOUBLE LICENSED HOUSE, with convenient Stables, situate in Llanvaes, in the Town of Brecon, known by the name of the "NEW GREYHOUND," with a large Garden, and about an Acre of Meadow Land. The Household Furniture, Fixtures, Brewing Utensils, Stock-in-Trade, &c., may be taken by valuation. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN PROBERT, Auctioneer, Watton, Brecon, or to the Landlord, on the premises. [1098 JUST PUBLISHED, THE Second Edition of GWLADYS JL WILLIAMS,an ENGLISH DRAMA bearing upon Wales. London T. T. LEMARE, 1, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row. It deals with Characters in the County of Car- marthen, and with scenes recently enacted there. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. The reader need not be told that throughout this little Drama there is no false feeling—no base hero dragging his slow length through scores of pages-provoking' what next ?' and 'what next?' till the patient reader loses himself by a fortunate hiatus, or a 'skip' of some forty or fifty pages. No, this is neither novel high life, or low life, improbable or com- mon place, but it is a combination of those characters and qualities, and one that needs but be seen to be enjoyed by 'the forward child-understanding.' "—-Nottingham, Review. It is the most interesting little book we have taken up for some time.Leicester Journal. Y mae yr awdwr yn ysgrifenydd esmwyth a rhwydd, ae yn ymddangos yn gyfarwydd a theithi anhebgor nofel beblogaidd."—Y Tyst Cymreig. [902