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BRECON POLICE INTELLIGENCE. COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY, before the Rev. REES PRIOE. A FARMER SUMMONED FOR TRESPASSING ON HIS OWN LAND.-Richard White, of Tregare, was sum- moned for unlawfully being in the day-time upon a close of land, called Tregare Wood, Llanfrynach, in search of game, on the 9th November. Mr. Games defended.—Before the case was proceeded with, Mr. Games said this was an extraordinary case, the action being brought against the occupier of land for trespassing on his own land. He was the tenant of Tregare, and had been so for seven years. He was now for the first time summoned for beino- on his own land trespassing in pursuit of game. "I By law all the game Upon the land rented by the tenant was the property of the tenant farmer, unless the landlord reserved the right to go upon the land and destroy the game. The first thing, therefore, that the complainant had to do was to show that he had reserved the right of shooting over the land.- Mr. Evans, the magistrates' clerk, said the case bad better proceed, and Mr. Games could take his objection hereafter.—Mr. Dance, gamekeeper to Major Conway Lloyd and Mr. Hnry de Winton, stated that on Monday, the 9th November, he was in Tregare Wood, and heard the report of a gun he went in the direction of the report, and when he got some little distance in the wood he saw Mr. White's dog following a hare, and then saw Mr.. White standing with his gun in his hand; witness went towards him, and defendant came towards witness witness said Good morning, Mr. White, it is you shooting, is it?" he replied Yes; my dog started a hare, and I let loose at him; I did not kill him, I believe;" in a short time afterwards witness's bitch found a hare, with a broken leg, and brought it to him witness then went with the defendant to Mr. Henry de Winton did not hear the whole of the conversation, but heard Mr. de Winton tell the defendant that he would make him pay for it; Mr. de Winton afterwards told him to take out a summons against Mr. White Mr. Henry de Winton had the exclusive right of shooting there; bad been with Mr. de Winton over three years; had never seen Mr. White shooting there before.—In cross-exami- nation by Mr. Games, witness said the wood was not enclosed, and defendant's sheep pastured there sometimes.—Mr. Henry de Winton not being present, the case was adjourned for a fortnight, upon the complainants paying the costs of the day. DOG CASEs-Elijah Trew, Llanfrynach; Howell Powell, Middleswood; Cadogan Edwards, Pontar- ysker Morris Smith, Aberyskir Thomas Prosser, Noyadd and John Lloyd, Llanthetty hali, were summoned for keeping dogs without a license.- In consequence of the attendance of only one magi- strate, the cases were adjourned.