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ON DITS OF THE COUNCIL CHAMBER.—That the vacancy caused in the Council by the election of Mr. J. H. Rowland to the Alderman's seat, vacant by the withdrawal of Mr. Howell Morgan, is likely to be strongly contested. Several names are already before the public, many of them of most extreme views. Nothing official has yet been made known, but Thursday week is spoken of as the day when "Greek will meet Greek" for the "tug of war," should a vacancy be declared. Mr. Boone, a member of the Society of Friends, lias issued an address soliciting the suffrages of the burgesses. Mr. George J. May has also announced his intention of coming forward again, and contesting the vacancy, on "independent principles." Under the circumstances his return is considered certain. Mr. Bevan, of Cadoxton, ia also Dominated. Mr. Gibbins and Mr. Sutton will not come forward. Other gentlemen have been named, but the "coming man," so long threatened, has not yet announced himself, although heralded by the gossip of the town. CODBSING AT LLETTY RAFEL.—On Tuesday last, by the kind permission of H. H. Vivian, Esq., M.P., Messrs. Hughes Brothers, of Swansea, and a select party, enjoyed a day's excellent coursing at the above grounds. The coursing took place with a first-rate team of dogs, some of which have been winners of the first prize stakes in the Principality. Hares were found to be abundant, ten having been killed out of thirteen courses. The sports closed only with the dusk of evening. THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBFR.-Less tom-foolery and firework excitement took place in the neighbourhood on the 5th than usual in former years, the custom, "more honoured in the breach than the observance," gradually dying out with the advance of education. SHOCKING ACCIDENT AT BRITON FERRY IRON- WORKS.—On Monday a boy Darned Patrick Kinahan, employed at the Briton Ferry Ironworks, met with a serious accident while engaged at his usual duty. It appears that he was passing by the circular saw, when his foot slipped on the iron plates near it, and in order to save his head from coming in contact with the teeth of the machine, he threw out his arm, three fingers of his hand falling on the edge of the revolving saw and being instantly cut off, and the hand other- wise seriously injured. Medical aid was at once procured, and the wound dressed, but the shock to the system, as well as the severe nature of the accident, render his sufferings not only acute, but his condition in many respects critical and dangerous. BRILLIANT METEOR.—On Sunday night, at a few minutes before ten o'clock, a large and brilliant meteor was observed making a south-westerly course in the heavens. The sky was perfectly cloudless, and the light from the meteor was of a blueish pink, sufficiently strong to render small print quite distinctly visible while it was in motion. It dis- appeared behind the Drymma mountain, or probably its passage and duration might have been more definitely marked. EQUESTRIAN ENTERTAINMENT. An equestrian troupe of performers visited Neath -in Saturday, and gave two entertainments, which were very fairly patronised. A report that the company were the French artistes about to give a winter season of entertainments at the new Amphitheatre, Swansea, attracted many persons to the entertainment. Several very narrow escapes from serious personal injury took place during the customary parade of the town, the streets being crowded with visitors on business. MARKET ITEMS.—A decided advance in the price of nearly every article offered in the general market was observable on Wednesday last, notwithstand- ing that the supplies were large and abundant. Vegetables were offered at the same figures, but from the severity of the weather few purchases in large quantities took place. Apples were plentiful, and a few boxes of foreign fruit, especially grapes, were offered at an advance. Fish was scarce and dear; poultry also. The cattle market was fairly attended, and fat stock met with a ready sale. Buyers were scarce, and dealers anxious to get rid of stock for keeping. The show of sheep was not equal to last week's, and the number of store pigs also showed a falling off. ORDER OF SERVICES AT ST. DAVID'S CHURCH.— Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity, November 15th. Morning: Voluntary, "Here shall sofe charity;" Venite and Gloria, No. 15 Te Deum, No. 10A and 11A Jubilate, No. 15A; Kyrie, No. 4 in E flat Hymn, 167 (Emmanuel) Psalm, 100; Voluntary, Marcia, from" Athalie." Evening: Voluntary, Selection from Dr. Fowle; Gloria, Jones in D; Cantate, Winter; Nunc Dimittis, "Salvium;" Hymns, 270 (St. Peter's), 239, 190; Concluding Voluntary, Credo," Haydn. THE HARMONIC SOCIFTY.-The society continues to hold its meetings, and increase the number of its members, as usual every Friday evening, 240 per- forming subscribers being present at the last prac- tice, under the talented conductor Mons. Allard. We are glad to learn that an elementary class, for theoretical practice only, is about to be formed, under the management of the same gentlemen—a step as necessary as it is desirable. The strongest support has already been guaranteed to the move- ment. POPULAR READINGS.—The first of the above enter- tainments since the opening night took place on Thursday. The attendance proved that the move- ment was popular" in every sense of the word, and the programme, of which we subjoin the published copy, was admirably gone through :— March—" Costa" Band of the 15th G.R.V. Readings-" The burial of Sir John Moore" and The bridge of sighs" Eev. D. R. Jones. Glee—"Hark, the lark" (Dr. Cooke) Glee Party Reading-" The Ramsgate lifeboat" Mr. Rowland Duet-" The minute gun at sea" .Revs. D. W. Jones and D. R. Jones. Reading—"The waters of Lodore" (Southey) .Rev. D. W. Jones. Four-part Song-" The open air" (Mendelssohn) .Glee Party Reading-" No. 186" .Mr. P. H. Rowland Polka-" Our sailor Prince" .The Band God save the Queen" .Glee Party. The next readings were announced for the 26th inst., when we are glad to say that Mr. Robinson, whose high musical talent is so much appreciated in Neath, and Mr. Middleton, a gentleman of acknowledged musical proficiency, will give their valuable assis- tance. BRITON FERRY ARTILLERY.—A carbine shooting match by the efficient members of the above com- pany took place on Monday last, when the following was the result of the competition Private E. Newman, 27 points, 1st prize, value 20s. „ S. Nurse, 24 2nd „ „ 188. „ T. Raymond, 24 „ 3rd „ „ 17s. „ T. Timothy, 23 „ 4th „ „ 16s. „ R. Thomas, 22 „ 5th „ 15s. „ W. Lloyd, 19 „ 6th 14s. „ M. Harries, 18 7th 13s. „ J. Ball, 18 „ 8th „ 12s. J.Maedonald,17 9th n 118. F. Norman, 15 „ 10th" „ ios. H. Lewis 15 11th" 5s. B. Cole, 14 12th 5s. „ J. Parry, 14 „ 13th" 5s. „ Thos. Davies, 14 14th 5s. W. Williams, 14 „ 15th 5s. (2)D. Williams, 13 16th 5s. J. Auckland, 13 17th „ 5s. R. Barratt 13 18th 5s. „ (1)D. Williams, 13 19th „ 5s. „ W. Thomas 20th u 5s. The total amount of prizes was XU lbs,, and the average points made 18. The shooting was carried out with considerable spirit, and a first-rate banquet wound up the day's proceedings, a like edition of which was tendered at Christmas to the corps by Sergeant Davies.