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(Epitome of fjUtos. .


(Epitome of fjUtos. Miss NEILSON has been performing at Birming- ham, where she has met with great success. MRS. SIDNEY BANCROFT (Miss Marie Wilton) has given birth to a son. MR. BARRY SULLIVAN is sufficiently recovered from his accident to fulfil his engagement at Bristol. MR. H. CLUTTON has been requested to submit plans for the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Westminster. THE THAMES EMB ANKMENT on the south side of the river is to be paved at once. THE FIELD ARTILLERY in India are about to be armed with bronze muzzle-loading rifled guns. They are to be cast in India. IT IS ANNOUNCED that the Marquis of Hastings expired at 12.45 on Tuesday, at his town residence, Grosvenor-square. THE PROSPECTS of the Australian harvest are favourable. BRIGHAM YOUNG, it is said, is going to ratire to private life with the prophets, 3,000,000 dols. THE PRESERVATION of meat for the London market is now going on at Melbourne on a large scale. LORD NAPIER OF MAGDALA arrived on Sunday at the Hotel Mirabeau, and was to leave next day by the Lyons Railway for Marseilles. THE LAST NUMBER of the Berlin Kladdera- datsch, or Punth, has been seized for the publication of a caricature against the deficit in the Prussian budget. THERE IS A TALK of erecting a grand monu- ment in Washington, commemorative of the chief actors in the late war. THE ELECTRIC LIGHT is to be used for a new lighthouse at Brindisi in the Adriatic. This is the first experiment of the kind made in Italy. ON SATURDAY night a fire took place at the Old Hop Pole Brewery, Penge. The premises were completely burnt down, and nearly seven tons of hops destroyed. THIRTY-ONE PIKE HANDLES were found last week at Goulding's Glen, Cork, by some men who were cleaning a mill which formerly belonged to a man who has emigrated. MR. FRANCIS LYNE, chairman of the Tribunals of Commerce Association, has issued an address to the electors of the City of London, in which he brings before them the merits of the association. THE BODY OF A MAN,with the forehead shot away, has been discovered in the canal near Duaham Massey, under mysterious circumstances. A pistol and a portion of human brains were found on the canal bank. LORD LOUTH left Havre in dreadful weather, in his yacht, having on board the corpse of poor Lady Louth, and sailed for Ireland but he was, after fifteen hours, driven into Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. THE SECRETARY of the Scottish Reformation Society has called the attention of the Secretary of State to an illegal Popish procession at Ross, Hereford- shire, but as yet nothing has been done. AT THE HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the Trust and Agency Company of Australasia, Limited, an interim dividend at the rate of 10 per cent. per annum was declared. A HULL PAPER states that a woman 72 years of age, the wife of a German named Plorge, residing in that town, has within the last two years cut seven new teeth. THERE IS A QUESTION of changing the Spanish flag. Instead of a stripe of yellow between two of red, there would be one each of yellow, red, and violet. Those were the former colours of Castillo. THE FAILURE of Mr. F. W. Hancock, trading under the firm of F. H. Hancock and Co., underwriter" and insurance brokers, has been announced, but the lia- bilities are not expected to be large. MR. BRETT, the county surveyor, says a tele- gram from Limerick, has been fired at near Rathkele. The shot did not strike him. No motive is assigned for the outrage. No arrests were made. AT THE SOUTHWARK POLICE-COURT, on Saturday, there were two more government prosecutions under the provisions of the Smoke Nuisance Act, and a penalty of 20s. and costs was inflicted in each case. CAPTAIN SPRYE has had an interview with the Earl of Mayo, at the India-office, on the question of opening up trade with the west of China by railway direct from Rangoon to Kiunghung, on the Upper Cam- bodia river. ON THURSDAY EVENING a fire broke out on the premises of the Religious Tract Society, Paternoster- row. A plentiful supply of water was at hand, and poured upon the flames. The fire was confined to the basement and ground floor. A FEW DAYS AGO, at a baby christening which took place at the parish church of Hartley, one of tho godfathers was the child's great grandfather, who is 86 years of age, and has living at the present time 6 children, 42 grandchildren, and 34 great grandchildren, making a total of 82. THE EXPLORING PARTY have succeeded in recovering all the bodies from the Nut Grove Colliery, which is still on fire. The last body was brought out of the pit at three on Wednesday morning. It is evident, from the appearance of the bodies, that the men had all been suffocated. AT A RECENT MEETING of the general purposes committee of the Salford corporation, it was resolved to apply to Parliament for powers to execute works for obviating in future the flooding of lands in Salford, and to improve the water way of the river in its course through the borough. ON THURSDAY NIGHT an explosion of fireworks and gunpowder took place at a small shop in James- street, Crossfield, Halifax, kept by a Mrs. Bates. The shop windows were blown out, and Mrs. Bates was much burnt, her clothes having taken fire. MR. BROOKS, as proctor for Mr. Sedgwick, has lodged an appeal to the Archbishop of York against the Bishop of Manchester's order revoking the license of Mr. Sedgwick for using lighted candles and for receiving confessions. THE United Service Gazette mentions a rumour afloat in professional circles that some difficulty has arisen at the Treasury respecting the X5,000 said to have been awarded to the Constructor of the Navy by the Admiralty, as a reward for past services. THE DEATH IS ANNOUNCED of Mr. J. E. Cole- man, the well-known accountant. Mr. Coleman was for many years the head of the arm of Coleman, Tur- quand, Youngs, and Co., from which he retired only a few months ago. IN LONDON, on Thursday, Ada Richardson, who was said by a policeman to be rather tight'' was sent to prison for a month for assaulting and beam- ing a man named Dillon in a public-house. Dillon described himself as a retired pugilist. A RAMSGATE CORRESPONDENT writes that at the church of St. Mary, in that town, the congregation were told last Sunday evening by the officiating minister, over and over again," to pray for the soul of the late Archbishop of Canterbury. ON FRIDAY EVENING the Archbishop of York opened the winter session of the Philosophical Institu- tion, Edinburgh, with an address on "Philosophical Inquiry." On Sunday his grace preached in St. John's Episcopal Church, Edinburgh. THE SINKING and fixing of the last lift, or set of Pumps, at the Mosley Common collieries, belonging to the Bridgewater Trust, has been completed. The depth is 1,020 feet, an(i the weryng 0f the collieries will give employment to a large number of persons, as there are four or five seams of coal, which will last for many years. A RAKISH-LOOKING CRAt-T arrived at Queens- town the other day from Labrador, with the unusual appellation of the Demand having for a figure-head a full- sized representation of his Satanic Majestv When entering the harbour an exciting contest took'nla™ bp- tweea her and the Cunard Mail tender Jackal Lnu:„ jn the defeat the Devil. ° DON CARLOS of Bourbon says in his manifesto that, should God and circumstances call him to the Throne of Spain he will be a model of Constitutional monarclis. That reminds me of an inscription in the cathedral at Granada, which sets forth that whoever 18 found flirting with ladies in these aisles will be fined two douros and excoTnmtini(,,ated. Vctitity Fair. AMERICAN INGENUITY.—A stereotyping ma- chine has been invented in America, in which each type is made successively to leave its intended impress upon a plastic surface, and when type metal is poured over this surface a stereotype plate is obtained. The motive power required to work this machine is supplied by electricity; but the hand of the operator must deter- mine which letter is successively selected for the impress which may be done by playing upon keys like those oi a piano. THE DEANERY OF LICHFIEED, which has been accepted by Gansn Champneys, has the living of Taten- hill annexed to it; but steps will be taken as soon as possible to obtain power to apply a large proportion of the income of Tatenhill towards making provision for the spiritual wants of the parish. STEPS HAVE ALREADY BEEN TAKEN to bring the case of Mr. Bennett before the Arches Court. The two cases now pending, Martin v. Mackonochie," on ceremonies, and "Sheppard v. Bennett," on doctrines, will decide the great questions rife in the Church of England. THE EAST INDIA IRRIGATION AND CANAL COMPANY have transferred their Orissa undertaking to the government in consideration of a sum ia cash equal to the whole paid-up capital, and five per cent. thereon, with such further sum as shall be sufficient to cover compensation to the managing body and the omcers. THE Broad Arrow understands that it is in contemplation to institute a series of experiments at Shoeburyness bearing upon the strengthening of the Plymouth Breakwater Fort, by means of the introduc- tion of various elastic substances between the layers of iron armour-plates. ON SATURDAY, the churchwardens of St. Mary le Strand lodged at the Consistory Court twelve @bjec- tions to the application of Dr. Evans, the rector, for a faculty to make certain alterations in the interior of the church, and the matter will now come before the Con- sistory Court. IN CONNECTION with Mr. Bright's visit to Edinburgh it may be interesting to state that he has almost entirely recovered from the hoarseness which to some extent marred his utterance at Birmingham in the previous week, and that his voice is now in very good condition. A BOY attempting to crawl through a hole in which an iron shaft was revolving at the rate of 150 times a minute, at Providence, R. I., recently, it caught his clothes and stripped them from his body. He clung to the shaft until the engine was stopped, and escaped unhurt. MISS TRISSY MARSTON expired on the 4th insc., at the residence of her parents, Wells-street, G-ray's-inn- road, in the 17th year of her age, from an attack of gastric fever, upon which typhus supervened. Beatrice is the fifth of the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Marston whom they have lost in a similar melancholy manner. THE SCOTCH LAW COMMISSION.—At a meeting of the Society of Solicitors before the Supreme Courts held in Edinburgh on Tuesday, resolutions were adopted condemnatory of the composition of the Scotch Law Commission and it was agreed to send a representative to Government calling on them to reconstitute the Com- mission on a more satisfactory basis. THE BODY OF A FEMALE, named Lucy White- head, was found in the lobby of the Officers' Quarters, Royal Artillery Barracks, at six o'clock on Saturday morning. Nothing is known as to how she came there or by what means she met her death. She lived with her parents in Upper Market-street, Woolwich. DURING THE LAST FEW DAYS a large number of conger eels have made their appearance in the Thames. One caught at Woolwich Dockyard weighed 481bs., and another caught at the Arsenal weighed 361bs.; while a third, caught by a gentleman off North Wool- wich, weighed 281bs. lOoz. THE NORTH-GERMAN emigrant ship Palmer- ston, with 437 passengers, bound from Hamburg to New York, has been towed into Plymouth Sound in a leaky condition. For six days she had been in jeopardy, the persons on board, both men and women, having been compelled to work at the pumps. THE" ESMONDE WILL CASE is again to be heard in the Irish Court of Probate. On the occasion of the first trial the jury disagreed, after a nine days' in- vestigation. The application for another trial is made on the part of the heads of Trinity College, who seek to establish the wilL THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY have issued their report. They say that their negotiations with her Majesty's Government for the surrender of their rights and privileges is still pending," and they there- fore decline to enter into details. The report recom- mends a dividend of 6s. per share. THE MARKETS IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE have definitely fixed the 24th day of November for the opening of the new meat and poultry market. In the unavoidable absence of the Prince of Wales, the ceremony will be performed by the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor. EDINBURGH is about to rival Glasgow in the attainment of perfection in water supply. The town council have decided upon taking measures for the con- struction of works for conveying water to the city from St. Mary's Loch, a source believed to equal in some respects the famed Loch-Katrine. FATAL ACCIDENT BY FIRE.—An inquest has been held at Penton-place, Walworth, on the body of Mr. Hallam, aged 40 years, an army lieutenant on half- pay. On Tuesday night week deceased was crossing the room when his night-shirt was set on fire by a rushlight. He was removed to the hospital, where he died on Monday. SUDDEN DEATH OF A GRAVEDICGEE.—A few days ago, while the gravediggers usually employed in the Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh, were engaged in fillin- in a grave, the company around the tomb were stalled by one of the labourers dropping into the half-iillei grave. Immediate assistance was rendered, but life was found to be extinct. A PRUDENT MAN.—A gentleman of wealth and position, and one who is well known in Manchester, was recently asked by a Conservative deputation to offer himself as a candidate for that city, and to pay the expenses of the contest. I think," he replied, zfter a moment's reflection, "I think, gentlemen, I can be beaten somewhere else for less money." A MONUMENT to the memory of the late Sir Charles Napier, which fills one of the niches near the north entrance to St. Paul's Cathedral has been un- veiled. The expense of the monument, which is ef white marble, has been borne by a few friends and companions in arms of the late admiral. The work has been designed and executed by Mr. G. G. Adams. CHARGE OF CONSPIRACY.—At Manchester Police-court the charge against Messrs. Kirk and Lockett, of conspiring to defraud the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, by preferring a claim of upwards of X2,000 for goods destroyed by fire, was further investigated. The prisoners were committed for trial. EMBEZZLEMENT BY A MERCHANT'S CLERK.— At the Police-court, Liverpool, George Wilson, a young man respectably connected, was charged with embezzling money belonging to Messrs. P. R. M'Quie and Son, commission merchants, Brunswick-buildings, Brunswick- street, in that town. He was employed by the firm as clerk and collector, and his total defalcations amount to £450. He was sent for trial. A DIPLOMATIC DISTINCTION.—A stroke of apoplexy has carried off M. Kolb, the Roman banker, and charge-d'affaires of Wurtemburg, who was the only diplomatist entitled to enter the court of the Vatican in a one-horsed carriage, until Count Bismarck, on the complaint of Baron d'Arnim, claimed the same privilege for the Prussian Minister, when the Pope conceded it to the representatives of all the Powers. THE ROOF has been placed upon the new Gaiety Theatre, in the Strand, and there is little question that the house will be opened on the 21st of December. The opening programme will be composed of a drama, the name of which has not yet been settled, a burlesque, by Mr. W. s. Gilbert, on the subject Robert le DioMe, and a version bv Mr, A Preckett, of the comic operetta, Lea Deux -Arlequins. IRISH CHURCH CONVOCATION Some time ago a petition signed by the bishops of the Irish Protestant Church, was presented to her Majesty praying for the revival of Convocation in Ireland. it u now stated that the document has been referred to Dr. Ball the new So- licitor-General for Ireland, who is vicar-general of the province of Armagh, and Dr. Dodd, the vicar-general of Derry, for their joint opinion. MR. REVERDY JOHNSox.-On Friday after- noon it the Freedmen's Aid Union presented an address to the American ambassador, congratulating him upon the abolition of slavery in his country. Mr. Chambers, M.P. introduced the deputation, and Dr. Hodgson, Mr. fDnnaird M.P., and Mr. Briscoe, M.P., also addressed his excellency. The last-named gentleman was a fellow- worker with Wilberforce and Clarkson. Mr. Reverdy Johnson made a suitable reply. ACORNS AT MARK-LANE.—Acorns have been introduced into the London corn market at Mark-lane, and have been sold within the past fortnight at £ i per ton in the warehouse a ton is about 5 qrs., equal to 40 bushels, at the estimated weight of 68ibs. per bushel. In another ease they were sold at 12s. per qr., to be de- livered at the Great Western Railway terminus in London. Some kiln-dried acorns have been offered at £7 per ton, but this is not considered a paying price, as i he waste in drying is so great,—Medical Times and MADAME RISTORI is expected at the Niccolini J Theatre, at Florence, where she is to perform in a new [ drama, written expressly for ht r, and entitled Marie Antoinette, and being, as it were, a companion piece to Marie Stuart. MMA BAKER, the servant girl who stole Lady Sherson's clothes, and gave parties in her ladyship's house, of which she was left in charge during the absence of the owner, and personated Britannia at a music-hall, has been sentenced to five years' penal servitude for the robberies. A man named Cross, who had received some of the property, was sentenced to imprisonment for nine months. THE ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY held their first meeting for the autumnal season on Monday evening. The inaugural address was delivered by Sir Roderick Murchison, who warmly congratulated his hearers on the intelligence which lately reached this country respecting the progres3 made by Dr. Living- stone. The Queen of Holland was present at the gathering. SUICIDE AT WINCHESTER BARRACKS.—David Tague, a private of the Rifle Brigade, and mess servant at Winchester Barracks, committed suicide by shooting himself with a rifle. Deceased was up very early in the morning and asked for the key of the mess kitchen. He went there, and about seven o'clock he was found dead, one side of his face being completely blown off. The deceased, who had been about twelve years in the army, was much addicted to drinking. DEAD IN LAW."—Efforts have been made in the Municipal Revision Court in Dublin, on the part of the Conservatives, to deprive Mr. A. M. Sullivan, editor of the Nation, and Mr. Pigott, of the Irishman, of their municipal franchise, on the ground that they were dead in law whilst in prison for seditious libel, and therefore could not make good their claim to residence. Judgment has not yet been given on the point. THE PRESS IN AUSTRIA.—M. Greuter, an ultramontane member of the Reichsrath, produced great sensation in the Chamber by a speech which he delivered against the abuse of the liberty of the press. He spoke vehemently against the newspapers calling the Queen of Spain Madame Isabella," and added, I suppose we shall soon have them saying, I Mr. Francis-Joseph.' The members of the Centre and Left retired from the Chamber, after giving expression to their dissatisfaction. SIR W. MANSFIELD.—A rumour is current in military circles in Dublin that Lord Strathnairn will, in all probability, when his lordship's period of staff service shall expire, be succeeded in the command of the forces in "Ireland by Sir William Mansfield, Commander-in- Chief in India. Sir William Mansfield was Assistant Adjutant-General in Dublin in the early part of the year 1855, and went from Dublin to join the army in the Crimea. THE MURDER OF MR. FETHERSTONE-HAUGH. —The Dublin Gazette contains a notice offering a Go- vernment reward of £ 300 to any person or persons who shall, within six months, give such information as shall lead to the arrest of the person or persons who com- mitted the murder and a further reward of C50 to any person who, within the same period, shall give such private information as shall lead to the arrest of the perpetrator or perpetrators of the said outrage. A WOMAN THRASHING A CLERGYMAN.—At the Police-court, Liverpool, a woman named Ann Troy was fined 5s. and costs for assaulting the Rev. John Noble, curate of St. Titus's Church, in that town. The rev. gentleman was visiting in the district where the defendant lived, and inquired what place of worship she attended. She replied by giving him several blows on the side of the head, finishing by "flooring" him, much to his chagrin and annoyance. A POACHING AFFRAY.—Six men were brought before the magistrates at Derby on Saturday charged With a serious assault on gamekeepers. The prisoners had been attacked while poaching with several others by the keepers of Sir J. H. Crewe, and a contest ensued which resulted in several of the combatants on both sides being left insensible on the ground. Six of the poachers were arrested either at the time or subse- quently, and have been committed for trial at the assizes. One of the keepers was seriously hurt. THE SMITHFIELD CLUB CATTLE SHOW is to commence at the Agricultural-hall, Islington, on Monday, Dec. 7th, and will continue open during the four follow- ing days. The Earl of Hardwicke is President for the year, and amongst the prominent members of the club are the Dukes of Marlborough and Richmond, Earls Leicester, Powis, and Spencer, Viscount Bridport, and Lords Berners,Tredegar, and Walsingham. The aggregate amount of the prizes is £ 2,300. A LESSON IN THEOLOGY.—At Rochester, New York, a woman named Mary Swingler has just been sentenced to six months' imprisonment for cruelty to her adopted daughter, seven years of age. The woman had burnt the child's hands by forcibly holding them over a cooking stove until neighbours interfered. The woman's reason was that the child had stolen a piece of candy, and she intended to give her an idea of what hell is." FENIANISM IN CORK.—A Fenian demonstra- tion took place in the city of Cork on Sunday. The occasion was the funeral of one James Mountain, who was tried in 1848 for a political offence, again five years ago for having participated in some riots at the celebra- tion of the Prince of Wales's marriage, and a third time in 1865 on a charge of Fenianism. A procession, num- bering 4,000 person, marched to the cemetery, but the peace of the city was not broken. SYSTEMATIC EMBEZZLEMENT.—A man named Reuben Arundel was employed by Mr. Rees, a draper, in Covent-garden, to collect weekly instalments from customers, and it was proved that for four years he had been in the habit of keeping back small sums received in this way, and no fawer than 70 cases had been already traced out. He had escaped detection so long by falsifying the books. He has been committed for trial. THE PASHA OF EGYPT is having a theatre built in the principal square in Cairo. No less than 7,500 workmen are labouring at it day and night. The architect bus received orders to have it finished in two months. This enormous work has been undertaken simply in hopes of inducing Madame Schneider to accept an engagement on its boards. In brief, the offer made the fair enslaver is the munificent one of 50,000fr. for ten performances, without reckoning perquisites. INCUMBENT OR VICAR. -Archdeacon Utterton, at the visitation he has recently held, before commencing his charge, said whether one who had been an incumbent was entitled now to be designated vicar depended upon two things—whether he could perform all offices in the church, and marriage in particular, not by license of the bishop, which might be withdrawn, but as an independent act, and whether all fees received went to himself instead of to the mother church, as was sometimes the case during the first incumbency. SUICIDE OF A MARRIED WOMAN.-The other morning, a woman, named Sarah Ann Morley, the wife of a quartermaster on board the Crocodile, troop ship, which is now daily expected at Portsmouth, was dis- covered dead in the privy at the back of the house in which she lived in Stone-street, Southsea. The un- fortunate woman was weltering in her bleod, which was found to have proceeded frem the left arm, the main artery having been cut with a shoemaker's knife, which was lying near. Medical assistance was called in, but the unfortunate woman, who was 47 years of age, had been dead for some time. SUICIDE IN DUMFRIES.—A shoemaker of dissi- pated habits committed suicide in Dumfries last week. About four o'clock in the morning he asked to have a pipe of tobacco, and his wife having supplied him, he said, Good bye, I like you," and he appeared to fall asleep. Two hours later she was awakened by a gurg- ling sound. She spoke to her husband, but received no answer, and afterwards discovered that he had cut his throat. Before medical assistance could be had he expired. He had used a razor in inflicting the fatal wound-it was found at the back of the bed. A QUICK PASSAGE.—The sailing ship Tantallon Castle, Captain Howson, of Messrs. Donald Currie and Ce.'s Castle line of packets between England and Cal- cutta, has just arrived at London from Calcutta Sand Beads in 78 days. The passage out was made in 80 days, and the whole voyage has been completed in six months 18 days, including 42 days' detention in the Hooghly—the fastest voyage yet made. The Tantallon Castle is now three years and a half old, and has just completed her fifth voyage between England and Calcutta. „ MR. ELLTSSEN, a City wine merchant, was again before the Lord Mayor, on Friday, to answer the charge ef having written and published in certain letters to Lord Stanley, a false and defamatory libel concerning Sir R. M. Stephenson, the chairman, and the directors of the Ottoman Railway Company. The case for the prosecution was concluded by the evi- dence of Sir Roland. The defendant utterly denied the charge, and said that what he had done was by order of those who employed him. The Lord Mayor said he had made up his mind to send the case for trial; but the examination was further adjourned,













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