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IMPORTANT SALE AT ABERAVON OF LIVE STOCK, HAY, &c. ME. THOMAS JONES begs to inform the public that he has received instructions from Mr. B. M. DAVIES, of Wellfield Villa, to SELL by AUCTION, On Thursday, the 19th day of November, 1868, At the WELLFIELD FARM, the undermentioned valu- able and well-bred LIVE STOCK, consisting of fat Cows and Heifers, Horses, Cobs, and Ponies, Sheep and Pigs also several Ricks (about 150 tons) of prime gathered and good quality HAY, of 1867 and 1868. The Lots are comprised as follaws :— Lot 1.—Two very handsame Pole Heifers, three years old, one with calf, the other to calve in April. Lots 2 to 9.-Eight valuable Cows with Calves, of the Shorthorn, Hereford, and Castlemartin breeds, of the second, third, and fourth calving. Lots 10 to 18.-Four Fat Cows and three Fat Heifers, of the Shorthorn, Hereford, and Castlemar- tin breeds, and one Fat Castlemartin Bull, three years old, in lots. Lots 19.-0ne Milk Cow, in full profit, forty fat Southdown Wethers, one and two years old, in lots. Lot 20.-Twenty-one Southdown Ewe Lambs, in lots. Lot 21.-Twenty-five very prime Fat Mountain Wethers, from two to three years old, averaging 12 to 14 lbs. per quarter, in lots. Lot 22.-Twenty prime Berkshire Porkers, in lots. Lot 23.-Six Bacon Pigs, in lots. Lot 24.—One light bay Cob, three years old, very promising, 14 hands, broke in for Saddle, good stepper. Lot 25,-One dark bay Pony, three years old, well broken for riding and driving. Lot 26.—One Cardigan Chestnut Cob Pony, two years old, with silver mane and tail, a perfect model. Lot 27. Two remarkably handsome cream- colored Filly Ponies, two years old, well matched. Lot 28.—Two two-year old iron grey Colt Ponies, well matched, and very much admired. Lot 29.—One thorough-bred Mountain Pcny, six years old, with a silver-eyed foal, and in foal. Lot 30.- One light bay Mountain Pony, four years old, in foal. Lot 31.—One remarkably well-bred cream-colored Sucking Colt, with black legs, mane, and tail, and black mark from shoulder to tail. Lot 32.-0ne very valuable light roan Sucker Colt, black mane and tail, by Sportsman. Lot 33—One four-year old iron-grey Cardigan Draught Mare. Lot 34.—Five aged good Working Horses, in lots. Lot 35.—Eight very superior Ricks of well ended Hay, in capital condition and quality. Lot 36.-Four Cocks of Thatched Fern. Lot 37, and following Lots.—One Scotch Car, one Cart, one strong-springed Pony Cart and Harness three Chaff Cutters, one Sheep Rack on wheels, &c. Part of the Hay lies within a quarter of a mile of Port Talbot Station, where every train stops, and one Rick (about 15 tons), at Ty Canol, equal distance between the Port Talbot and Briton Ferry Railway Stations, samples of which and measure- ment will be submitted. The Sale will take place on a Croft near the Church. Six Months' Credit will be given on approved se- curity, or a discount at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum allowed for cash. The Auctioneer begs to inform his friends that the Luncheon Rooms opposite the Bank will be open at 12 o'clock and close punctually at 2, when the sale will commence. N.B —This being a legitimate Sale, no other Stock will be allowed to be introduced. Office, High-street, Aberavon, Nov. 4, 1868. [1170 VALUABLE OAK TIMBER. TALGARTH, BRECONSHIRE. Messrs. thomas thomas and SON have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the ASHBURNHAM ARMS, Talgartb, on the Hereford, Hay, and Brecon Railway, (in Friday, the 20th day of November, 1868, At Two o'clock in the afternoon, the following very valuable OAK TIMBER TREES, subject to con- ditions then and there to be produced LOT 1.—5 Oak Trees, marked 1 to 5 inclusive 2.—11 ditto, „ 6 to 16 „ 3.—3 ditto, „ 17 to 19 „ 4.-15 ditto, „ 20 to 34 5.—9 ditto, „ 35 to 43 „ 6.—24 ditto, „ 44 to 67 „ 7.-7 ditto, „ 68 to 74 8.—46 ditto, „ 75 to 120 9—25 ditto, „ 121 to 145 10.-4 ditto, „ 146 to 149 All these Lots are marked in figures with White Paint. Lot 1 to 9 are lying on the Pentywall Hall Estate, about two miles from the Talgarth Station, and Lot 10 is lying in the Talgarth Station Yard. Further particulars may he obtained of the Auc- tioneer, or to view the Timber apply to Mrs. MORGAN, Ashburnham Arms, Talgartk. Three Months' Credit will be given on approved security. Abersenny, near Devynock, Brecon, Nov. 4, 1868. [1154 NEATH UNION. TO CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. NOTICE is hereby given that the Guar- dians of the Neath Union are prepared to receive TENDERS from persons desirous of CON- TRACTING for the following WORKS, viz. :— CONTRACT No. I.-For the ERECTION of NEW WASH-HOUSE, LAUNDRY, &c., including pulling down the present Wash-house, Coalhouse, and other Buildings. CONTRACT No. 2.—For carrying out certain Works in the ERECTION of STAIRCASES, &c., in the alteration of the different Wards. CONTRACT No. 3.-For LAYING DOWN PIPE DRAINS and the construction of other Works required in the .drainage of the Workhouse. Plans and Specifications of the proposed Works may be seen, and further particulars obtained, at the Office of Mr. ALFRED BRYANT CAMPION, Neath, the Surveyor to the Board, any day between the hours of Ten and Four, on and after Wednesday, the 4th November, 1868. Sealed Tenders must be sent to me for one or more of the said Contracts, endorsed "Tender for 1868. on or before the 16th November, 1868. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By order of the Board, HOWEL CUTHBERTSON, Clerk. Union Office, Water-street, Neath, 23rd October, 1868. [1140




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