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m. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF BRECON AND TOWN OF LLYWEL. GENTLEMEN, AS it is certain that a Dissolution of Parliament will soon take place, I avail my- self of this opportunity of informing you that it is my intention to solicit a renewal of that trust which you have for the last two years so kindly reposed in me. I have, as you are aware, supported a Govern- ment which is admitted, even by opponents, to have displayed great talent and ability in the administra- tion of the various departments of the State. The Foreign Affairs of this Kingdom have been conducted with judgment and discretion by Lord Stanley, and British influence in foreign countries much augmented. The Home Secretary, by firmness and determina- tion, has been the means of most effectually sup. pressing that evil spirit of Fenianism, which during the past winter so seriously threatened the peace and happiness of the country. The people of this Kingdom are likewise indebted to Her Majesty's Government, not only for their judicious selection of Lord Napier as Commander- in-Chief of the Abyssinian Expedition, but for all the foresight and care with which the arrangements for the supply of the Army, so necessary to secure success, were made by the Secretary of State for India. The Government also, with the assistance of Par- liament, has affected, as you are well aware, a large extension of the Elective Franchise, from which I have no doubt that the best results will ensue, and I am also satisfied that the important trust confided to you will be made use of in accordance with that just character for probity and manliness which dis- tinguishes the industrial classes of this great country. One of the first subjects that must occupy the attention of the new Parliament will no doubt be the question of the Irish Church. To its Dis- establishment and Disendowment I shall give as hitherto my conscientious opposition, being con- vinced that it will tend to the serious danger of Protestantism, and to the rights of all property, and will by no means conduce to the peace and prosperity of Ireland, which is an object so much desired by us all. I am well aware that there are anomalies in that Church which require to be redressed, and when the report of the Commission that has been sitting on the subject is published, I shall be disposed to support any well considered scheme that may be recommended by it for the removal of those anomalies. I have only to add, that should you do me the honor of again electing me as your Member-which from the very hearty promises of support I have met with during my canvass, and especially so from my new Constituents, I am sanguine enough will be the case-I will in return do, as I have hitherto done, all in my power to promote your public and private interests. I have the honour to remain, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obliged Servant, HOWEL GWYN. Duffryn, 24th August, 1868. [1021 TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF BRECON AND TOWN OF LLYWEL. GENTLEMEN, HAVING now completed a Canvass of the Electors of the Borough, and of the Town of Llywel, I am able, with the liveliest satis- faction, to announce a success surpassing even my expectations, sanguine as they were. I have now only, in warmly thanking my friends, to urge them to a continuance of those exertions hitherto so conspicuously successful, and, with that continued assistance, I am persuaded that the con- test will be brought to a triumphant issue. There are some Electors whom I have been unable personally to see, but I trust that they will not attribute that inability on my part either to deficient energy or want of courtesy. I am, Gentlemen, Your faithful servant, HUGH POWEL PRICE. Castle Madoc, Sept. 17, 1868. [1066 BRECON BOROUGH ELECTION. To the Editor of the BRECON COUNTY TIMES. SIR,—A report being in circulation that I am indifferent to Mr Gwyn's success in the forthcoming contest, I lose no time in giving it the most unqualified and emphatic contradiction; though had the report been confined to the gentlemen more immediately interested, and those who know me, I should not have thought it necessary to address you. Political consistency is, and always with me has been, a sort of political pole-star, and for many reasons has produced satisfaction and pleasure — not, however, equal to the essential pleasure I felt when Mr. Gwyn entrusted to me his decision on so momentous an occasion—one where similar interests of an esteemed relative were in the opposite scale for a higher compliment than this, in the annals'of Parliamentary contests, was never conferred by one man upon another and I can only, in my opinion, properly discharge so deep an obligation by the most zealous and indefatigable exertion in his favour. I never hesitated, having no doubt as to my own part, and entertaining little as to the result of a canvass, upon an appeal to the electors; and I can now, after many weeks' canvass, declare that I most implicitly believe Mr. Gwyn will be returned as our future representative by a far larger proportionate majority than he was in 1866. I am, Sir, Yours obediently. DAVID THOMAS. Brecon, 1st October, 1868. [1091 TO THE FREEHOLDERS AND ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF BRECON. GENTLEMEN, THE present Parliament will shortly be JL dissolved, and I once more venture to solicit at your hands a renewal of that confidence which you have generously reposed in me during the past ten years, and, if re-elected, you may rest assured that I shall continue to give an independent support to a Conservative Government. The great question at present before the Country is the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Irish Church, and as it is my firm belief that such a measure, if carried into effect, will not lessen, but rather increase religious animosity and discord in Ireland, I shall give it my conscientious opposition, and especially as I also consider it the first step towards the severance of Church from State in this Realm. I am of opinion that the Administration of the Public Service might be carried on with greater regard to economy, and therefore any measure, which may be with safety introduced into the next Parliament for the reduction of the Expenditure of the Country, and consequently of taxation, shall have my earnest and best support. I am fully alive to the necessity of an extended system of Education, but am opposed to any com- pulsory rate for that purpose. I regret that the "Metropolitan Foreign Cattle Market Bill," introduced during the last Session, was withdrawn, as I believe it would have operated as a safeguard against the danger of Cattle Plague in this Country, and at the same time have guar- anteed a supply of animal food to the consumer. I trust, however, that a similar measure will be introduced into the next Parliament. I consider the Tax upon Malt an unjust tax, and shall continue to vote for its abolition. The present Government has successfully carried a Reform Bill, by which the County and Borough Franchise has been liberally extended to classes in whose attachment to the institutions under which so much happiness and freedom are enjoyed I have the utmost confidence. Should you confer upon me the much valued pri- vilege of again representing you in Parliament, I shall endeavour, by the closest attention to your local as well as general interests, to merit a contin- uance of that confidence which you have hitherto so kindly placed in me, and which I assure you I most sincerely and highly appreciate. I have the honor to subscribe myself, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant, GODFREY CHARLES MORGAN. Mansion House, Brecon, 25th September, 1868. [1090 WELLINGTON HOTEL, BRECON. BRECON BOROUGH LEET. THE MAYOR (P. BRIGHT, ESQ.,) has appointed tKe ANNUAL BOROUGH LEET DINNER to be held at the WELLINGTON HOTEL, on MONDAY, the 9th NOVEMBER. Dinner on the Table at 4 o'clock. Tickets, (2s. 6d. each) to be obtained at the Bar of the Hotel. [1141 BRECONSHIRE CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE. THE First Meeting of the Members of the above Society will be held at the WELLING- TON HOTEL, on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7th, when a LECTURE will be delivered by PROFESSOR CHURCH, of the R. A. College, Cirencester, on the Growth of Root Crops, and the best Manures for them."— Chair to be taken at Three o'clock. H. DE WINTON, „ G REES WILLIAMS, J HoN' bECS* October 29th, 1868. [1145 BRECKNOCKSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. ALL Persons having CLAIMS on this Society are requested to forward the par- ticulars thereof, on or before SATURDAY, the 14th of NOVEMBER, to Mr. REES WILLIAMS, at this address. I also give NOTICE that the Society will not be answerable for any CLAIMS that may not be regularly made as above required and, further, that no person will have authority to make or pro- mise any payment on behalf of the Society until after the general meeting of Subscribers, which is appointed to be held on SATURDAY, the 21st inst. C. ALEXANDER WOOD, President for 1868. Swan Hotel, Brecon, 2nd Nov., 1868. [1148 THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. In the Court of Bankruptcy for the Bristol District. TAKE Notice that SEYMOUR SAFFERY JL SAYER, of Brecon, in the county of Brecon, Brewer, having been duly adjudged Bankrupt, a sitting for the said SEYMOUR SAFFER* SAYEB to pass his last examination, and apply for his Order of Dis- charge, will be held at the Bankruptcy Court, Guildhall, Bristol, on the 16th day of NOVEMBER, 1868, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. 5 A. J. ACRAMAN, Esq., of 19, St. Augustine Place is the Official Assignee, and Mr. HENRY PAGJJ: of Southampton, and Messrs. ABBOT and LEONARD' of Bristol are the Solictors acting in the Bankruptcy. 1146] IMPERIAL AUSTRIAN GUARAN- I TEED STATE LOANS. No LOTTERIES. Bona-fide chants to win for El the large pre- miums of X30,000, Y,25,000, 920,000, &c., &c. Public drawings on the First of every Month, under the superintendence of the Austrian Government, and official public functionaries. OFFICIAL LISTS SENT GRATIS TO SUBSCRIBERS.—Apply for Xl chances, issued upon forms supplied by the Austrian Govern- ment and bearing the Imperial half a florin stamp, and for prospectuses to VOELCKER & CO., Bankers, VIENNA. [990 BENJAMIN THE GRO C E R, HIGH STREET, BRECON -#* 4- <<• 'V"J A & v FIRST-CLASS THRASHING MACHINES, WINNOWING MACHINES, CHAFF CUTTERS, AND PULPERS, With every description of AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, adapted for Steam, Horse, or Manual Labour. AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. N.B.—Carriage paid, by Rail, Twenty Miles from Work3 of Makers. H ODGES & W RIGHT, BRECON. T1062 BRISTOL PACKET COMPANY. JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the town of Brecon and neighbourhood that he has just taken to the old-established and well-conducted CARRYING BUSINESS of the late Mr. W. THOMAS, and that all goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by PROTHERO'S Boi-rs-from London, per Great Western and South Wales Railway, Newport,"—from Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and the North of England, per London and North Western Railway" to Newport,—thence "per PROTHERO'S BOATS "-and all goods from Bristol, 'per Burton's Bristol Packet." GOODS CARRIED and DELIVERED WITE CARE and at MODERATE CHARGES. No more complaints of delay in delivering goods!—PROTHERO'S BOATS will await the arrival of the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. [17 TREDEGAR AGRICULTURAL SHOW, DECEMBER 15TH AND 16TH, 1868. OPEN PRIZES for CATTLE (including Two Champion 20 Guinea Prizes) for HORSES (including Hunters, Thoroughbred Stallions, &c.), for SHEEP, PIGS, POULTRY, and AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. Prize Lists and all particulars on application to Mr. J. G. PALLING, Tredegar Estate Office, Newport, Mon. N.B.-Entries Close November 11, 1868. [1127 THE B R E C 0 N COUNTY TIMES, NEATH GAZETTE, And Advertiser for the Counties of BRECON, GLAMORGAN, RADNOR, CARMARTHEN, CARDIGAN, MONTGOMERY, HEREFORD, and MONMOUTH. Published on Friday afternoons, for Saturdays price (unstamped), 2d. This Paper, which comprises Eight Pages—Forty-eight Colnmlis-lias not only established itself as the COUNTY PAPER FOR BRECONSHIRE, But has acquired also such an extensive sale in the adjoining Counties, that (with two exceptions) it now enjoys the LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN SOUTH WALES In the important town of Neath its circulation exceeds by six times that of ALL OTHER LOCAL WEEKLY PAPERS COMBINED; From these facts it will readily be seen that it commends itself to the Public as one of the BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS IN THE PRINCIPALITY. Advertisements are charged according to a very moderate uniform scale, copies of which may be obtained, free by post, on application. Copies of the Paper are supplied to Subscribers from the Chief Office, or any of the numerous Agencies, on the following terms :— If paid in advance. Credit. Delivered by Messenger, per quarter 2s. 2d 2s. 6d. By Post 3s. 3d. 3s. 6d. GENERAL PRINTING Is executed at the office of this Paper, NEATLY, EXPEDITIOUSLY, and CORRECTLY, the possession of NEW and MODERN TYPE and IMPROVED MACHINERY (driven by Hydraulic Power), enabling the Proprietors to offer the Public advantages in these respects, as well as in regard to price, such as have hitherto been unattainable in this district. FINE and COLOR PRINTING executed in the best style of Typographic Art. Proofs by return of post when required. Carriage of Parcels prepaid to any Station on the Main Lines running from Brecon. Estimates furnished for any class of work, upon application, by post or otherwise PRINTING OFFICES,—CHURCH STREET, BRECON. [1068 WILLIAM FARR, PRINTER, AND PUBLISHER OF THE "BRECON JOURNAL," BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public generally that he has disposed JD of his NEWSPAPER and GENERAL PRINTING BUSINESS to the" BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, in whose favour he respectfully solicits a continuance of the support so kindly extended to him during the past 17 years. THE "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, IN referring to the above announcement, beg to solicit, on their own behalf, the H support of the inhabitants generally of the extensive district over which their business operations extend. The incorporation of Mr. Farr's Paper with their own renders the "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" THE ONLY NEWSPAPER NOW PUBLISHED IN THE COUNTY OF BRECON, whilst, with regard to General Printing, they feel assured that but few Country Offices can give to their Customers the advantages they are enabled to offer, in style, expedition, correctness, and moderate charges. BRECON COUNTY TIMES" Printing Offices, Church Street, Brecon. [1067 "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE, BRECON. BOOKBINDING AT LONDON PRICES. NEWSPAPERS, &c. The Illustrated News," Illustrated Times," "Punch," Tomahawk," Fun," Cottage Gardener," &c., bound in London Cloth Covers, or strongly Half-bound in Roan at the same price or Half-bound in Calf at a small additional charge. PERIODICALS. "Cornhill Magazine," Temple Bar," "London Society," "St. Paul' "Belgravia," Tinslev's Magazine," Chambers's Journal," Sunday Magazine," Good Words," Cassell's numerous publications, and all other periodicals, neatly and appropriately bound at very Moderate Charges. MUSIC Neatly Half-bound in Roan or Calf. PORTFOLIOS For holding Music, Prints, Drawings, Maps, &c., made to order. FAMILY BIBLES, And other Devotional Works, handsomely bound in Morocco, with Gilt Edges, Tooled Sides, and Backs. LAW BINDING. The "Law Journal Reports" arranged and bound in Volumes, as per Publishers' instructions, or in any other method which may be preferred. Circuit and Law Binding of every description. ACCOUNT BOOKS Of every kind ruled to pattern, and bound in the most durable manner. N.B.—The Materials for Binding, especially the Roan, Calf, Morocco, Cloth, and Marble Papers, have been selected with care from the large Stock of an eminent London Firm, and are of the choicest manufacture. The work being executed entirely on the premises one profit only is charged at the "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE. [1069 THE "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" RAILWAY TIME TABLE. THIS convenient TIME TABLE for the Pocket (with alterations for Nov. 1868,) may be obtained at the Agencies of the BRECON COUNTY TIMES, and at the various Railway Stations in the district. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY. [1070 HIGH STREET, BRECON. H HUGHES, BOOKSELLER, STATION-EK, and NEWS AGENT, begs respectfully to announce that he has now added the BOOKBIND- ING BRANCH to his Business, and is prepared to bind books in every variety of Style or Pattern on the premises. Periodicals placed in publishers' covers. School Books and Libraries neatly repaired. All orders will be promptly attended to. [897 ESTABLISHED UPWARDS OF 30 YEARS. DENTAL SURGERY. ME. EDWARD KING attends Monthly— BUILTH: The last Monday, at LION HOTEL. LLANDOVERY: On Saturday after the secon Wednesday, at HEAD HOTEL, from 11 to 2. Artificial Teeth fixed, from one to a complete set. Teeth stopped. Loose Teeth fastened, and Children's Teeth regulated. Residence—BULWARK, BRECON. [897 WHEATLEY KIKK, & EDWARD HOARE, CIVIL and MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, ENGINEERING VALUERS, AUCTIONEERS, ARBITRATORS, and SURVEYORS. Plant and Machinery of every description for Sale. MANCHESTER, and 1, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. [1097 MICHAELMAS QUARTER, 1868. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE INSURANCE CO. JLJ INSURANCE CO. Fire risks of every description undertaken. IYERPOOIT& LONDON~&~GLOBE INSURANCE CO. Farming Stock insured at moderate rates. IVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE _j INSURANCE CO. Persons about to insure their lives as a family provision should consult table 2 in the Company's annual prospectus. IYERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE INSURANCE CO. Persons desirous of providing comfort in old age will End satisfactory information in tables No. 6 and 7 in the Company's annual prospectus. IYERPOOL ^LONDON & GLOBE INSURANCE CO. Parents may make provision for their children on arriving at the ages of 14,18, or 21 years, by consult- ing table No. 13 in the Company's annual prospectus. IYERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE INSURANCE CO. Any jxrson wishing to create a present annuity on advantageous terms should refer to table No. 11 in the Company's annual prospectus. IYEEP INSURANCE CO. The Company's Annual for 1868 supplies every information on the subjsct of Insurance in all its branches, and may be had, gratis, on application to the undersigned, EVAN JONES, 1046] BANK, BRECON. THE STANDARD LIEE ASSURANCE COMPANY. CONSTITUTED BY SPECIAL ACTS OF PARLIAMENT. ESTABLISHED 1825. DIVISION OF PROFITS. The EIGHTH DIVISION of the COMPANY'S PROFITS is appointed to be made at 15th November, 1870, and all Policies now effected will participate. The FUND to be DIVIDED will be the Profits which have arisen since the 15th November, 1865. The COMPANY'S BUSINESS YEAR will Close on 15th November, 1868, and in order to secure the advantage of this year's entry to the Profit Scheme, Proposals should be lodged as soon as possible. THE STANDARD is one of the oldest and most extensive insti- tutions in the United Kingdom for the Assurance of Lives. It was established in 1825, and its progress has been most successful. Its Accumulated Funds, invested chiefly in Mortgages on the security of Land, now amount to Four Millions Sterling, and its Income exceeds £ 700,000 per annum. FURTHER INFORMATION can be obtained by application to the Secretaries of the Company in London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, or at any of the Agencies which have been established in every town of importance throughout the kingdom. COLONIAL AND FOREIGN ASSURANCES granted on the Lives of Persons proceeding Abroad. Branch Offices and Agencies in India and all the British Colonies, where Pre- miums can be received and Claims settled. 7 ( 82, KING WILLIAM STREET, E.C., AND LONDON { 3) PALL MALL EAST, S.W. EDINBURGH.. 3 & 5, GEORGE STREET, HEAD OFFICE. DUBLIN 66, UPPER SACKVILLE STREET. AGENTS :— BRECON. JOHN EVANS, Post-Office. NEATH & BRITONFERBY.G. OLD, Provincial Banking Corporation. [1152 IMPORTANT NOTICE. A MOST FAVOURABLE OPPOR- TUNITY, by which a sum of £ 20,000 can be obtained on the small outlay of £1 only, by a bona- fide Money Transaction, established and guaranteed by Government. For Prospectus containing full particulars (which will be sent gratis), apply by letter, address J. A. RINCK, 14, Duke Street, Adelphi, London, W.C. [1149 I M P O 11 T ANT. IF vou want to BORROW MONEY at a cheap rate, go to Mr. W. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock-street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and he will guarantee that, with approved personal security, you can have any sum from 450 to X2,000, for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, repayable by fixed half-yearly or quarterly instalments. Office hours: 10 to 5. [174 LONDON NEWSPAPERS POSTED BY Morning and Evening Mails with undeviating regularity. A liberal Discount allowed for payment in advance, or a reference to a London Banker or Agent. Magazines and Stationery forwarded Carriage Free for a 20s. order.—Apply to W. ALEXANDER (late BKOOKS), 24, Old Cavendish St., London, W. Established 1700. A List of Newspapers forwarded :or one stamp. [1126 FOR SALE, FIFTY TONS of well-barvested HAY. Apply to J. A. F. SNEAD, Esq., Bank, Brecon. [1114 TO be SOLD, in Lots to suit purchasers, some CASTLE of BRECON HOTEL SHARES.—For price, &c., apply to H. St. G. CAULFIELD, Ely Place, Brecon. [1153 TO BATHSTONE MASONS. WANTED immediately, TWO GOOD WORKMEN.—Apply to WM. PKITCHARD, Builder, Talgarth. [1155 LLWYNTEW, BRECONSHIRE, In the hamlet of Maescar, in the parish of Defyneck, within one mile of Defynock Station, and half-a- mile from Nantygwreiddyn, on the Llan- dovery road. Important and unreserved Sale of FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, DAIRY and BREWING UTENSILS, CROPS, &c., &c. MR. JOHN PROBERT lias received instructions from the Executors of the lata THOMAS THOMAS, Esq., deceased, to offer for SALE by AUCTION, On Tuesday, the 10th day of November, 1868, On the above-named premises, the following STOCK, comprising 7 cows in calf, 1 fat ditto, 4 yearling cattle, and 4 calves; 3 cart mares, with their gearing; 1 cart filly; 40 cross-bred fat ewes, 4 rams, and S fat pigs. IMPLEMENTS-Carts, gambos, ploughs, har- rows, rollers, turnip drill, rollers, and scuffler, sheep rack, iron hurdles, chaff-cutter, wheelbarrows, cross- cut saw, sneads and scythes, chaff-bin, pikes, rakes, dungforks, spades, shovels, pig troughs, hedging tools, chains, side and other Saddles; with the usual assort- ment of Dairy and Brewing Utensils. y 11 CROPS—About 3 acres of wheat, 3 ditto of barley, 7 ditto of oats, 1 rick of oats, 1 rick of hay, and about 3 acres of swedes. The hay and straw to be consumed on the premises. Five months' credit on approved bills for all sums above 23, or discount for cash at the rate of 5 per cent. Refreshments on the table at 11 o'clock, and the Sale to commence at 12 for half-past precisely. The Auctioneer, in soliciting an early attendance, in consequence of the days being short, begs to call the attention of his friends and agriculturalists gene- rally to the above Stock, which is descended from some of the best bulls in the district, and will be found worthy of inspection. The Watton, Brecon, Oct. 22, 1868. [1131 VALUABLE OAK TIMBER. TALGARTH, BRECONSHIRE. MESSRS. THOMAS THOMAS and SON have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the ASRBURNHAM ARMS, Talgarth, ou the Hereford, Hay, and Brecon Railway, On Friday, the 20tlt day of November, 1868, At Two o'clock in the afternoon, the following very valuable OAK TIMBER TREES, subject to con- ditions then and there to be produced LOT 1.-5 Oak Trees, marked I to 5 inclusive 2.—11 ditto, „ 6 to 16 „ „ 3.—3 ditto, 17 to 19 4.—15 ditto, „ 20 to 34 71 5—9 ditto, ,,35 to 43 21 6.—24 ditto, 44 to 67 11 7.—7 ditto, 68 to 74 10 8.—46 ditto, 75 to 120 „ 9 —25 ditto, 121 to 145 „ „ 10.—4 ditto, 146 to 149 „ All these Lots are marked in figures with White Paint. Lot I to 9 are lying on the PontvwaU Hall Estate, about two miles from the Talgarth Station, and Lot 10 is lying in the Talgarth Station Yard. Further particulars may he obtained of the Auc- tioneer, or to view the Timber apply to Mrs. MORGAN, Ashburnham Arms, Talgarth. Three Months' Credit;will be given on approved security. Abersenny, near Devynock, Brecon, Nov. 4, 1868. [1154 BRECONSHIRE TURNPIKE ROADS. THE TOLLS arising during the Year 1869, at Twenty-four Gates, will be LET by AUCTION, at the SHIRE HALL, in Brecon, on WEDNESDAY, the 11th day of NOVEMBER, 1868, at One o'clock, in the usual Lots, and on the usual Conditions. Particulars can be obtained on application to J R. COBB, Clerk to the County Roads Board, 1123J Brecon. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS AND CATTLE DEALERS. GRAZING to LET at TREGUNTER, Breconshire, from 30th NOVEMBER till 5th. APRIL next. LOT 1—South Park, about 49 Acres. LOT 2.— Left of Drive, North Park, about 30 Acres. LOT 3.-Right of Drive, ditto, about 30 Acres. LOT 4.-Lodge Field, about 5 Acres. Tenders for the above to be sent, on or before SATURDAY, the 14th instant, to MB. EVAN JONES, BANK, BRECON. Brecon, November 4th, 1868. [1151 TOWN OF BRECON. TO be LET (with immediate possession) _t_ an excellent Three-stalled STABLE, situate in Aloulat- street. -Apply to Mr. EVAN JONES, Bank, Brecon. [956 TO be LET.—A WHARE, on Canal Bank, with STABLES, GRANARY, and SHEDS, in CHARLES-STREET, WATTON.—Apply to Mr, JOHN PROTHERO. [987 TO LET, an old-established INN, with spacious premises, known as THE RAILWAY INN," James-street, Neath-the nearest Inn in Neath to the Great Western and Vale of Neath Railway Stations. To be Let on Lease (being just put in thorough repair) for 21 years. The form of the Lease can be seen at Mr. THOMAS WALTERS', The Parade, Neath. Proposals for the same (stating the annual rent offered) will be received by Messrs. DOD & LONGSTAFF, 16, Berner's-street, London,W., down to the 20th November next. [1129 TO INNKEEPEHS.—TO be LET. with immediate possession, an old-established DOUBLE LICENSED HOUSE, with convenient Stables, situate in Llanvaes, in the Town of Brecon, known by the name of the "NEW GREYHOUND," with a large Garden, and about an Acre of Meadow Land. The Household Furniture, Fixtures, Brewing Utensils, Stock-in-Trade, &c., may be taken by valuation. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN PROBERT, Auctioneer, Watton, Brecon, or to the Landlord, on the premises. [1098 TO be LET, with immediate possession if desired, a first-class INN, situated in the most eligible part of the important town of Neath, and having a large steady paying business. In- coming at a valuation. References exchanged, and highly satisfactory reasons given for the present tenant retiring from the business. Address "M. J." Post Office, Neath. [1120