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BOROUGH OF BRECON. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT for this Borough, in the Year ending 31st AUGUST, 1867, pursuant to ft & 7 William the Fourth, s Cap. 104, and 1 Victoria, Cap. 78. The Treasurer of the said Borough in Account with the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses thereof, for the above period. 1867. zg s. d. 1867. Aug. 51-To balance in the Treasurer's Sept. 7.—Henry Lee, month's pay of police to 3rd September 15 0 0 hands 18 I 6 „ 24.—Josiah Evans, advertising in Cambria Daily Leader 0 15 4 Cash received on^ account of 28.—Henry Lee, quarter's disbursements, &c., to 24th July 16 6 11 borough rate, viz.:— Oct. 5.—Henry Lee, month's pay of police to 1st October 15 0 0 From St. Mary's 4100 0 0 17.-Miss Sarah Lloyd, year's interest due 27th May 39 6 8 „ St. John's 145 0 0 24.-Dobinson and Geare, in respect of law expenses and disbursements 200 0 0 „ St. David's 78 3 10 „ 31.-Henry Lee, month's pay of police to 29th October 15 0 o 323 3 10 Nov.23.—James Hall, burgess list for St. Mary's, 1867-68 2 0 0 Sept. 7-Amount received from Markets' 26.-Henry Lee, quarter's disbursements, &c., to 9th November 18 5 7 Company ill respect of rent- 26.-Thomas L. Watkins, painter, work at police station 1 17 9 charge, less income tax ..206 10 0 „ 26.—John Morgan, printing 10 9 0 Cash received for use of assembly I, 27.-Henry Lee, month's pay of police to 26th November 15 0 0 rooms in Town-hall 16 14 3 27.-William Farr, advertising in Brecon Journal 1 16 6 1868. 27.-Rees Owen Jones, ball-keeper, salary and fuel Ill 3 Aug. 81—Balance due to Treasurer ..139 4 2 29.-wiiiiam Evans, Local Board of Health rate 3 14 6 » William Farr, advertising in Brecon Journal 3 15 0 29.-Aneurin George, work done at police station 1 13 0 „ 29.—James Howells, posting notices, &c. 0 14 0 29.-John Wood, painting new railing at Captain's Walks 4 13 4 Dec.24.—Henry Lee, month's pay of police, to 24th December. 15 0 0 28.-John Jones, income tax on Town-hall. 0 6 8 1868. Jan. 2.—Hibbert and Co., London, police clothing 17 12 6 „ 22.—Henry Lee, month's pay of police to 21st January 15 0 0 Feb.10.—John Morgan, printing 4 5 0 „ 11.—Hodges and Wright, ironmongers, labour and materials 6 16 6 ll.-Brecon New Gas Company, Limited, gas in Town-hall 4 0 8 11.—Henry Lee, quarter's disbursements, &c., to 6th February 14 12 9 » 13.—James Howells, posting notices, &c. 0 7 0 Feb. 13.-Rees Owen Jones, hall-keeper, quarter's salary and fuel 1 16 3 18.-Henry Lee, month's pay of police to this date 15 0 0 19.-Henry Davies, rugs for police station 1 10 0 Mar. 5.—John Jones, boots supplied to police 10 4 6 „ 18.—Henry Lee, month's pay of police 15 0 0 „ 21.-Town Clerk, year's salary and contribution to town charity 31 1 0 „ 21.—John Griffiths, builder, work at Town-ball 4 17 6 Apl.15.—Henry Lee, month's pay of police to 14th instant 15 0 0 May 1.—Brecon New Gas Company, limited, gas at Town-hall .359 v „ 4.-Provincial Insurance Company, fire insurance, two years 4 10 0 „ 13.—Henry Lee, month's pay of police to 12th May 15 0 0 13.—Henry Lee, quarter's disbursements, &c., to 7th May 18 4 10 15.—John Jones, hall-keeper's uniform .1080 21.-Richard Hargest, advertising, and cattle plague expenses 3 2 0 June 2.-Morgan Jones, matting at Town-hall 8 10 5 1, 11.—Henry Lee, month's pay of police to 9th June 15 0 0 July 8.-Henry Lee, ditto to 7th July 15 0 0 Aug. 5.-Henry Lee, ditto to 4th August .1527 8.-Miss Sarah Lloyd, year's interest,, due 27th May 39 0 0 „ 20.—Rees Owen Jones, hallkeeper's salary and fuel. 1 11 3 „ 22.-Henry Lee, quarter's disbursements, &c., to 6th August 15 9 9 X703 13 9 Y,703 13 9 The above Account, with all Papers and Vouchers relative thereto, were submitted by the Treasurer of the said Borough to us for the purpose of being examined and audited, in pursuance of the Provisions of 5 & 6 William the Fourth, Cap. 70; and we hereby certify that we examined and audited such Account, and find the same correct. Dated this Twenty-ninth day of October, 1868. DAVID JONES; ) 1143J JOSEPH JONES, Aud"°rs. BOROUGH OF BRECON. A REPORT forming an Abstract of a Statement of the Receipts and Expenditure of the BRECON LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH, from tho 1st day of JANUARY, 1867, to the 31st day of DECEMBER, 1867 (both inclusive). SEVENTEENTH GENERAL DISTRICT RATE ACCOUNT. 1867 RECEIPTS. £ s. d. EXPENDITURE. £ s. d. Jan. 1.—To Balance in hand. 62 17 9 Debts incurred in 1866 332 9 11 Amount received from General Repairs of Highways 77 15 7 District Rate made 19th Feb., « Scavenging and Watering 100 7 10 1867, and arrears of Rate made Pitching Streets 94 11 7 9th Feb., 1866. 1298 1 11 Team Labour 107 18 0 County Roads Board, for Scaven- Repairing Old Paving 10 18 4 ging in 1867 8 0 0 Gas for Public Lights 325 5 0 County ofBrecon, for Scavenging Repairing Watton Pitch. 10 12 11 Bridges in 1866 5 0 0 Cuiverts, Drains, and Grates 11 14 2 Manure sold in 1866 21 3 6 New Pavements 50 2 7 Sale of old Brooms in 1867 0 9 3 Salaries 73 0 0 Governors of Christ's College- Printing, Stationery, and Adver- balance of proportion of Llan- tising 15 0 7 faes Drainage Expenses 20 0 0 Incidental Expenses. 6 5 0 Free Street Improvement 35 1 2 Scavenging Cart I 23 5 0 Water Account — Interest on £ 2,000 Debentures 100 0 0 1374 7 8 Deduct Debts incurred in 1867 to be paid in 1868 279 8 9 1094 18 11 Dec. 31-Balance 320 13 6 JB1415 12 Õ 21415 12 5 WATER ACCOUNT. 1867. £ s. d. £ s. d. Jan. I-Balance in Treasurer's hands Waterman's wages. 23 0 3 brought forward 289 16 11 Repairing pumps, pipes, and en- Amount received frolD. Water gine-house 4 7 10 rate made in 1865 7 16 9 Cleansing reservoir, watercourse, Ditto made 31st December, 1866 121 13 8 rent, &c 117 4 Ditto made in 1867 74 g 7 Interest on debentures 183 13 9 Received from General District Salary of Rate Collector 6 0 0 Rate: Interest for two years.. 200 0 0 218 19 2 1866. DeC. 31-Balance in Treasurer's hands.. 474 14 9 i693 13 11 P,693 13 11 The above Accounts, with all papers and vouchers relative thereto, were submitted to us for the pu rposeof being examined and audited, in pursuance of the provisions of the Public Health Act (11 and 12 Vict., cap. 63), and we hereby certify that we have examined and audited such account, and find the same correct. DAVID JONES, ? AUDITORS Dated the Twenty-ninth day of October, 1868. OSEPH JONES, 5 [nM CRICKHOWELL UNION. SCHOOLMISTRESS WANTED. TH.? Grr.dian.s~?Tth« Union will, at X their Meeting to be holden on MONDAY, the 9th day of NOVEMBER next, proceed to tbe aopoint- °< » SCHOOLMISTRESS ,OR' ft. PEn Workhouse. The person appointed must be a Single Woman or Widow, a member of the Church of England and will be required to perform the duties of the office Is set forth in the General Consolidated Order of the Poor Law Commissioners. Salary, JE20 per annum or such higher sum as may be awarded by the Poor Law Board on the report of the School Inspector, with Board, Washing, and Lodging in the Workhouse. Applications, stating age, present and past oceupa- tion, accompanied by recent Testimonials, to be addressed to the Clerk to the G uardians, Crickhowell Union, to be sent in on or before Saturday, the 7th day of November next. No travelling or other expenses will be allowed. By Order of the Board, E. J. C. DAVIES, Crickhowell, October 26,1868. Clerk. 1138] BOROUGH OF BRECON. ALL Persons h^g C]aims on the Town Council or the Local Board of Health ot tnis Borough, are hereby required to forward the full particulars thereof to the Town Clerk's Office at or before 12 o'clock at noon of TUESDAY the 3rd day of NOVEMBER next, in order that the same way be examined by the Finance Committee previously to the next quarterly meeting, and be thereafter if allowed, discharged. By Order, STEPHEN BOWEN EVANS, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, Lion-street, Brecon, 28th October, 1868. [1142 WELLINGTON HOTEL, BRECON. BRECON" BOROUGH LEET. THE MAYOR (P. BRIGHT, ESQ.,) HAS aPP°inted the ANNUAL BOROUGH LEET DINNER to be held at the WELLINGTON HOTEL, on MONDAY, the 9th NOVEMBER. Dinner on the Table at 4 o'clock. Tickets, (2s. 6d. each) to be obtained at the Bar of the Hotel. [1142 NEATH UNION. TO CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. NOTICE is hereby given that the Guar- dians of the Neath Union are prepared to receive TENDERS from persons desirous of CON- TRACTING for the following WORKS, viz. CONTRACT No. I.-For the ERECTION of NEW WASH-HOUSE, LAUNDRY, &c., including pulling down the present Wash-house, Coalhouse, and other Buildings. CONTRACT No. 2.—For carrying out certain Works in the ERECTION of STAIRCASES, &c., in the alteration of the different Wards. CONTRACT No. 3.—For LAYING DOWN PIPE DRAINS and the construction of other Works required in the drainage of the Workhouse. Plans and Specifications of the proposed Works may be seen, and further particulars obtained, at the Office of Mr. ALFRED BRYANT CAMPION, Neath, the Surveyor to the Board, any day between the hours of Ten and Four, on and after Wednesday, the 4th November, 1868. Sealed Tenders must be sent to me for one or more of the said Contracts, endorsed" Tender for 1868. -P on or before the 16th November, 1868. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By order of the Board, HOWEL CUTHBERTSON, Clerk. Union Office, Water-street, Neath, 23rd October, 1868. [1140 NEATH NEW GAS COMPANY. NOTICE is hereby given that the -&- HALF-YEARLY ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of the SHAREHOLDERS of the NEATH NEW GAS COMPANY will be held at the TOWN HALL, NEATH, on THURSDAY, the 26th day of NOVEMBER inst., at Three o'clock in the afternoon, to transact such business as is, by the Company's Special Act, and the Acts incorporated therewith, authorised to be transacted at such meeting. WILLIAM DORE, Secretary. Dated this 31st day of October, 1868. [1139 BRECONSHIRE TURNPIKE ROADS. THE TOLLS arising during the Year JL 1869, at Twenty-four Gates, will be LET by AUCTION, at the SHIRE HALL, in Brecon, on WEDNESDAY, the 11th day of NOVEMBER, 1868, at One o'clock, in the usual Lots, and on the usual Conditions. Particulars can be obtained on application to J. R. COBB, Clerk to the County Roads Board, 1123] Brecon. TOWN HALL, NEATH. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY,—MONDAY, NOT. 2, 1868. MISS EMMA STANLEY has the honor to announce her celebrated Entertain- ment, entitled the SEVEN AGES OF WOMAN written expressly for her by E. L. Blanchard, Esq., in which she will personate Thirty-six entirely Original and Distinct Characters, with Performances on the Pianoforte, Harp, Guitar, and German Zither; and Songs in French, Italian, German, Dutch, and English. First Class 2s.; Second Class, Is.; Third Class, 6d. Children under 12 Half-price to First Seats only. Doors open at 7i; commence at 8. Carriages at 10. Tickets may be bad at Mr. W. WHITTINGTON'S. Route-BRIDGEND, Nov. 3; CARDIFF, Nov. 4,5, 6, and 7; BRECON, Nov. 16 and 17. [1136 FOR SALE, T^IFTY TONS of well-harvested HAY. JL Apply to J. A. F. SNEAD, Esq., Bank, Brecon. [1114 BENJAMIN THE GROCEE, -JLP HIGH STREET, BRECON &>'1 '14.> c+ ;<9i FIRST-CLASS THRASHING MACHINES, WINNOWING MACHINES, CHAFF CUTTERS, AND PULPERS, With every description of AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, adapted for Steam, Horse, or Manual Labour. AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. N.B.—Carriage paid, by Rail, Twenty Miles from Works of Makers. HODGES & WRIGHT, BRECON. [1062 BRISTOL PACKET COMPANY. JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the town of Brecon and neighbourhood that he has just taken to the old-established and well-conducted CARRYING BUSINESS of the late Mr. W. THOMAS, and that all goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by PROTHERO'S BOATs-from London, per Great Western and South Wales Railway, Newport,"—from Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and the North of England, per London and North Western Railway to Newport,-thence per PROTHERO'S BOATS "-and all goeds from Bristol, 'per Burton's Bristol Packet." GOODS CARRIED and DELIVERED WITH CARE and at MODERATE CHARGES. No more complaints of delay in delivering goods!—PROTHERO'S BOATS will await the arrival of the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. [17 TREDEGAR AGRICULTURAL SHOW, DECEMBER 15TH AND 16TH, 1868. OPEN PRIZES for CATTLE (including Two Champion 20 Guinea Prizes) for HORSES (including Huuters, Thoroughbred Stallions, &c.), for SHEEP, PIGS, POULTRY, and AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. Prize Lists and all particulars on application to Mr. J. G. PALLING, Tredegar Estate Office, Newport, Mon. N.B.—Entries Close November 11, 1868. [1127 rrHE BRECON COUNTY TIMES, NEATH GAZETTE, And Advertiser for the Counties of BRECON, GLAMORGAN, RADNOR, CARMARTHEN, CARDIGAN, MONTGOMERY, HEREFORD, and MONMOUTH. Published on Friday afternoons, for Saturdays; price (unstamped), 2d. This Paper, which comprises Eight Pages—Forty-eight Columns—has not only established itself as the COUNTY PAPER FOR BRECONSHIRE, But has acquired also such an extensive sale in the adjoining Counties, that (with two exceptions) it now enjoys the LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN SOUTH WALES! In the important town of Neath its circulation exceeds by six times that of ALL OTHER LOCAL WEEKLY PAPERS COMBINED; From these facts it will readily be seen that it commends itself to the Public as one of the BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS IN THE PRINCIPALITY. Advertisements are charged according to a very moderate uniform scale, copies of which may be obtained, free by post, on application. Copies of the Paper are supplied to Subscribers from the Chief Office, or any of the numerous Agencies, on the following terms :— If paid in advance. Credit. Delivered by Messenger, per quarter 2s. 2d 2s. 6d. By Post 3s. 3d. 3s. 6d. GENERAL PRINTING Is executed at the office of this Paper, NEATLY, EXPEDITIOUSLY, and CORRECTLY, the possession of NEW and MODERN TYPE and IMPROVED MACHINERY (driven by Hydraulic Power), enabling the Proprietors to offer the Public advantages in these respects, as well as in regard to price, such as have hitherto been unattainable in this district. FINE and COLOR PRINTING executed in the best style of Typographic Art. Proofs by return of post when required. Carriage of Parcels prepaid to any Station on the Main Lines running from Brecon. Estimates furnished for any class of work, upon application, by post or otherwise PRINTING OFFICES,—CHURCH STREET, BRECON. [1068 WILLIAM FARR, PRINTER, AND PUBLISHER OF THE "BRECON JOURNAL," BEGS to inform his iriends and the Public generally that he has disposed of his NEWSPAPER and GENERAL PRINTING BUSINESS to the BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, in whose favour he respectfully solicits a continuance of the support so kindly extended to him during the past 17 years. THE" BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, IN referring to the above announcement, beg to solicit, on their own behalf, the support of the inhabitants generally of the extensive district over which their business operations extend. The incorporation of Mr. Farr's Paper with their own renders the "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" THE ONLY NEWSPAPER NOW PUBLISHED III THE COUNTY OF BRECON, whilst, with regard to General Printing, they feel assured that but few Country Offices can give to their Customers the advantages they are enabled to offer, in style, expedition, correctness, and moderate charges. "BRECON COUNTY Turns" Printing Offices, Church Street, Brecon. [1067 "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE, BRECON. BOOKBINDING AT LONDON PRICES. NEWSPAPERS, &c. The "Illustrated News," Illustrated Times," "Punch," Tomahawk," Fun," Cottage Gardener &c., bound in London Cloth Covers, or strongly Half-bound in Roan at the same price or Half-bound In Calf at a small additional charge. PERIODICALS. «Cornhill Magazine," Temple Bar," London Society," "St. Paul' Belgravia" "TinoW's Magazine, « Chambers's Journal," Sunday Magazine," "Good Words," Cassell's numerous' publications and all other periodicals, neatly and appropriately bound at very Moderate Charges. MUSIC Neatly Half-bound in Roan or Calf. PORTFOLIOS For holding Music, Prints, Drawings, Maps, &c., made to order. FAMILY BIBLES, And other Devotional Works, handsomely bound in Morocco, with Gilt Edges, Tooled Sides, and Backs. LAW BINDING. The "Law Journal Reports" arranged and bound in Volumes, as per Publishers' instructions, or in any other method which may be preferred. Circuit and Law Binding of every description. ACCOUNT BOOKS Of every kind ruled to pattern, and bound in the most durable manner. u N.B.—The Materials for Binding, especially the Roan, Calf, Morocco, Cloth, and Marble Papers have been selected with care from the large Stock of an eminent London Firm, and are of the choicest manufacture. The work being executed entirely on the premises one profit only is charged at the "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE. [1069 THE "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" RAILWAY TIME TABLE. THIS convenient TIME TABLE for the Pocket (with alterations for Nov. 3).may. be obtained at the Agencies of the BRECON COUNTY TIMES, and at the various itauway Stations w the district. 1 PRICE ONE HALFPENNY. [1070 DEVYNOCK, BRECONSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE. MR. JOHN PROBERT will SELL by AUCTION, at the CASTLE HOTEL, in the town of Brecon, On Tuesday, the 3rd day of November, 1868, At Two o'clock in the afternoon, all that very desirable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, TENE- MENT, FARM, and LANDS called LLWYNTKW, situate in the hamlet of Maescar, in the parish of Devynock, in the county of Brecon, and containing 78a. lr. 38p., or thereabouts, of fertile Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land. The property is within one mile of the Devynock Station on the Neath and Brecon Railway, and seven miles of the town of Brecon; adjoins the turnpike road on the east, and the highway leading to Devy- nock and Senny Bridge on the west, and is within a quarter of a mile of the River Usk, so celebrated for its trout and salmon fishing. The House and Buildings are in good repair, and the Lands, which lie within a ring fence, are in excellent condition, and have been for upwards of thirty years, and up to the time of his death, in September last, in the occupation of the late pro- prietor, JOHN THOMAS, Esq. The Premises may be viewed at any time, on application, and full particulars, with acreage, &c., and plans, may shortly be obtained on application to the Auctioneer; or, to Mr. W. POWELL PJUCB, Solicitor, Brecon. [1108 LLWYNTEW, BRECONSHIRE, In the hamlet of Maescar, in the parish of Defynock, within one mile of Defynock Station, and half-a- mile from Nantygwreiddyn, on the Llan- dovery road. Important and unreserved Sale of FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, DAIRY and BREWING UTENSILS, CROPS, &c., &c. ME. JOHN PROBERT has received instructions from the Executors of the late THOMAS THOMAS, Esq., deceased, to offer for SALE by AUCTION, On Tuesday, tke 10th day of November, 1868, On the above-named premises, the following STOCK, comprising 7 cows in calf, 1 fat ditto, 4 yearling cattte, and 4 calves; 3 cart mares, with their gearing; 1 cart filly; 40 cross-bred fat ewes, 4 rams, and 3 fat pigs. IMPLEMENTS Carts, gambos, ploughs, har- rows, rollers, turnip drill, rollers, and scumer, sheep rack, iron hurdles, chaff-cutter, wheelbarrows, cross- cut saw, sneads and scythes, chaff-bin, pikes, rakes, dungforks, spades, shovels, pig troughs, hedging tools, chains, side and other Saddles; with the usual assort- ment of Dairy and Brewing Utensils. CROPS-About 3 acres of wheat, 3 ditto of barley, 7 ditto of oats, 1 rick of oats, 1 rick of hay, and about 3 acres of swedes. The hay and straw to be consumed on the premises. Five months' credit on approved bills for all sums above £ 3, or discount for cash at the rate of 5 per cent. Refreshments on the table at 11 o'clock, and the Sale to commence at 12 for half-past precisely. The Auctioneer, in soliciting an early attendance, in consequence of the days being short, begs to call the attention of his friends and agriculturalists gene- rally to the above Stock, which is descended from some of the best bulls in the district, and will be found worthy of inspection. The Watton, Brecon, Oct. 22, 1868. [1131 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. TALGARTH, BRECONSHIRE. MESSRS. THOMAS THOMAS and SON have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, J On Friday, the 20th day of November, 1868, A large quantity of OAK TIMBER TREES, some of very large dimensions and very superior quality, now lying on the Pontywall Estate, about two miles from the Talgarth station on the Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway. They will be sold in lots, a de- tailed list of which will appear in posters, and in this paper for next week. Devynock, October 28th, 1868. [1137 WATTON, BRECON. NOTICE TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. SALE OF BUILDING MATERIALS, CARPEN. TERS' TOOLS, WORK BENCHES, CRATE OF GLASS, &c. MR. JAMES HALL will SELL bv AUCTION, 3 On Wednesday, the 4th day of November, 1868, On the Premises in the Watton, a portion of the remainder of the STOCK-IN-TRADE belonging to the Estate of Mr. JOHN GRIFFITHS, consisting of two first-class chests of Carpenters' Tools, four Work Benches, Hand Screws, Cramps, Window Sashes, Doors and Door Frames, Crate of Glass, a quantity of well-seasoned Deal Boards, and various other Effects. Sale to commence at Two o'clock. Cae Prior, Brecon, October 29th, 1868. [1147 TO WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS AND CAPITALISTS. TO BE SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT the whole of the MACHINERY and FACTORY' together with the LEASE of about half an acre of Land, on part of which the Factory is built, subject to the annual ground rent of five pounds. The Machinery comprises steam-engine and boiler complete, hot well and 4 iron pillars, double 36-inch Carding engine and condenser complete, Tucker ditto, 144 spindle-power Billy, with gearing; ditto 2 shafts, with driving pullies; a quantity of bobbins, 2 pairs of scales and weights, large iron pulley, steam guage, skemer with spindle complete, a quantity of cards and machinery straps, a quantity of galvanized iron pipes, &c., &c. The above Factory is situate on the Carmarthen road, about 2 miles from Swansea, and is now in full work; and may be viewed on application to Mr. EDWARD ROBERTS, Auctioneer and Valuer, 3, Bruns- wick Street, Swansea, or to Mr. T. W. WILLIAMS, Wellington Foundry, Swansea. TH33 HIGH STREET, BRECON. H HUGHES, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, • and NEWS AGENT, begs respectfully to announce that he has now added the BOOKBIND- ING BRANCH to his Business, and is prepared to bind books in every variety of Style or Pattern on the premises. Periodicals placed in publishers' covers. School Books and Libraries neatly repaired. All orders will be promptly attended to. [897